Monday, March 24, 2008

The Frauds Of FeMANism

Well known kosher FeMANist wenches Freidan and
Steinam. Their fraudulent Ideology has warped
a generation of Western Women's minds and
destroyed families.

Betty Friedan ( a.k.a the Baba Yaga)

"A Woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle " claimed
Steinam. And didn't you get married Gloria ? Guess
you really know your Ideology Is truly Bullshit !

How many Women didn't ? how many missed out
on having a family or a meaningful relationship ?

How many Women's lives , marriages and families
did you frauds destroy ?

Feminism: The Six Frauds

"A feminist is an evolutionary

anachronism, a Darwinian blind alley".

In "A Farewell to Arts" (Quadrant, May 1986) David Stove
expressed some trenchant criticisms of feminism, as did
D. M. Armstrong in "Commentary" (Quadrant, September
1986). Defenders of contemporary feminism have responded
in Letters, Quadrant, July-August 1986 and November
1986. However, the defence of the so-called "women’s
movement" is based on shifting sand because, in my
view (and the view of many other women) contemporary
feminism is an intellectual fraud.

The original meaning of "feminism" was "a belief in
theory and practice of equal rights for women" and a
"feminist" was an advocate for equal rights for women in
spheres conventionally reserved for men. The suffragettes
in Britain who agitated for the right to vote were the
prototypal feminists. However, since the ‘sixties, "feminism"
has come to mean a specific set of methods for achieving
equality between the sexes. The most significant belief
underlying contemporary feminism is that there are no
sex differences; therefore advocacy for equal rights must
be extended to advocacy for equal results or outcomes. This
article examines some of the impact this ideology has on
government policies in the areas of education, social security,
maternity, employment and defence.

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