Thursday, March 27, 2008

Refusing To Recant To Jewish Supremacists

I Will NOT Recant
By Curt Maynard

I received an interesting email a few months back ­ it was
from Andre Winkler,webmasterof and and outlined the contents of an email he
received last week from some unnamed moron that
had equated his website with being
sympathetic to the ideology of National
Socialism, Nazism for those that didn't know they
are one and the same. How typical!

Mr. Winkler used the email to address a very real
misconception that is far too prevalent today,
especially among certain Christian Evangelists
of the alleged "right-wing" variety and left leaning
materialists that long ago accepted the idea that
tolerating the intolerable is just "the right thing
to do," by noting the fact that often the ideas of
others, even those we may disagree with, might
have some merit. If you are one of those that
automatically, knee jerk fashion, rejects anything
and everything that Dr. David Duke has to
say, simply because you believe the Jewish medias
disinformation on the man, then you too are a
moron of the same caliber as the above named fools.

The topic of the cretins email, multiculturalism of
course! The unnamed moron felt that because
some of the material Winkler posts on his site, my
essays included, do not tout the so-called virtues of
multiculturalism and actually [gasp] critique some
of its more dubious tenets, that Winkler himself
must be a [gasp] Nazi! Winkler used the critical
email to point out something that "should be
obvious to anyone with the capacity to think," as
my friend Alfio Faro likes to say and that is that
criticism does not equate to hate. Personally I
don't like broccoli; but I don't hate it. I don't
want to deprive those that like broccoli from
obtaining it when they want it, I don't want to
gas and/or throw broccoli spears by the millions
into crematorium ­ I just don't like the flavor.

At the same time though, I don't think broccoli
or for that matter my dislike of it is important
enough to write an entire essay about. I do however
believe that other things are of great importance, and
it is those things I'll write about. In my mind
multiculturalism as we have come to understand
it anyway, is a disabling ideology [Theology might
be a more appropriate word] that enables a small
minority of people to apply the stratagem known
as Machiavellism on the public ­ it enables them to
divide and conquer ­ while we are busy condemning
one another for various perceived sleights, they
are busy accumulating more and more power ­
ultimately we'll all find that we're the niggers in
the end, white, black, brown and yellow alike.

Mr. Winkler is right. He stated that "Because we
don't agree with everything a particular person
has to say on all sorts of topics - that doesn't mean
we should dismiss everything they have to
say. Political view points are just that, view
points; they enable people to see things that
people with other view points are oblivious to. If
you are blind on one eye, you better listen to
someone who can see on the other."

Winkler is also right when he says the following:

"People like David Duke and Curt Maynard often
get vilified not so much for their views on
multiculturalism and ethnic diversity but because
of their outspoken feelings towards Jews. If we
weren't all as brainwashed as we are, we wouldn't
have any problems recognizing that there is plenty
to be critical about organized Jewry in general and
the Jews-only state in particular. I'm certainly not
going to play by the rules of the Jewish Mafia and
allow them to silence someone who exposes their
crimes only because he has some views that don't
comply with what's considered to be politically
correct. Not on my blog."
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