Friday, March 28, 2008

The S.P.L.C . And "The Sleaze"

The S.P.L.C.'s Morris "The Sleaze"
Dees, brands any group who offends
him or disagrees a hate group.


By Lynn Stuter

March 25, 2008

A recent article appeared in the Sierra Vista Herald newspaper
of Sierra Vista, Arizona in which Glenn Spencer of American Border
became the target of the Southern Poverty Law Center
(SPLC). According to the SPLC, the American Border Patrol is a
“hate group.”

Going on the SPLC website, clicking on “hate map” and clicking
on Arizona, one discovers that, sure enough, there is American
Border Patrol listed as “anti-immigrant.”

There are several different definitions for the term ‘immigrant’
but generally they all agree that an immigrant is someone who
leaves his nation of birth to live in another nation permanently,
someone who is not a visitor or a tourist in the guest nation but
enters the nation legally, meeting the requirements of the
immigration laws of that nation, with the intention of becoming
a citizen of that nation, enjoying all the benefits thereof.

Going back to the SPLC website, American Border Patrol is listed
as “anti-immigrant.” Anti means against; anti-immigrant, then,
would mean an organization against allowing people to enter the
country, legally, to become citizens.

Is this a true representation of American Border Patrol? It becomes
very apparent, in a walk through of the American Border Patrol
website, that American Border Patrol has no problem with those
who enter this country legally with the intent of becoming citizens,
are legal immigrants; that the American Border Patrol only has a
problem with foreign nationals who enter the United States without
the proper papers and without the proper authorization; who are,
in fact, illegal aliens. Such entry into the United States is, by law, a
criminal act, a criminal offense. There is a great deal of difference
between a legal immigrant and an illegal immigrant or illegal alien.

But the SPLC does not list American Border Patrol as being
anti-legal-immigrant, only as anti-immigrant, leaving the reader
to believe, by omission, that the American Border Patrol is against
legal immigration. This is not true; this is, in fact, a lie. How does
SPLC respond to the obvious difference between a legal immigrant
and an illegal alien? By claiming the distinction is “hogwash.” That
the SPLC would claim this distinction is hogwash is telling, indeed.

Further search of the SPLC website lists incidents, per state, of
supposed “hate” incidents. Interestingly, not one of the incidents
listed in Arizona implicates the American Border Patrol in any way.

The SPLC claims a “commitment to racial equality.” But is that
really true?

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