Friday, March 28, 2008

The Infamous Vogue Cover

Some academics, analysts and bloggers say that James' bared
teeth and hulking pose, one arm slung around Bundchen's
waist, reinforces the stereotypes of black athletes as savage
animals. And such images "reinforce the criminalization of black
men," a University of Maryland kinesiology professor tells
the Associated Press.

It appears that the Bloggers &University of Maryland professor are
the ones with the racial stereotype problem. For your typical Liberal
Bolshevik Professor, these Individuals seem to be revealing their
true feelings of the Black race. I don't see a savage animal, I just
see another Liberal rag pandering to Blacks. Pandering by
Insinuating White women seek out Black men In droves. There Is
no satisfaction amongst White Bolsheviks or American Blacks, even
when the mainstream media bends over to appease both.

Another case of Blacks and White Bolsheviks needing something to
Bitch about. But then these are the same people that said Jeremiah
Wrights comments were nothing to be concerned about. The
hypocrisy of the Left as usual Is expected.

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