Friday, March 28, 2008

A Video Suggesting That The Parasite Will Control It's Host

A Politically Correct Production

This will be the day ! If It happened who would take care
of your charming little Illegal families ? Who would
supply your kids with food, and medical
attention. And who would guarantee the roof
over your head ? You ? How would you
survive without momma Government and
the White majorities taxes ?

People will probably say that they're just
making fun of the CEO's that exploit Illegals.

But the fact Is they salivate for the day when they
run America ( Into another 3rd world Mexico). So I
am not so naive to believe they are just making
fun of CEO's. And If that was the case, the CEO's
wouldn't be all White (Isn't that racial
stereotyping , Minorities are CEO's too) .

This was another drive by assault on White America.

Keep dreaming Bolshevik Whites and Illegal
Alien leeches.

You parasites are one of the causes of America's
sickness, and a case that will most
be terminal.

Oh my how you "enrich" our culture and
economy, let's take a look-

The Real Reason For Americas Recession
($ 338,300,000,000.00 In Expenses Due To Illegals !)

With the American economic decline and the
Invasion of the arrogant Illegal. A Yugoslavian
style war In America Is most certainly assured.

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