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The Texas Raid And The Police State War On Family

Texas Body Snatchers

By Israel Shamir – May 8, 2008

The Bible would never have taken off if US law enforcement
agencies had been around. They would smother the sublime
quest of mankind in its infancy, sending the twelve sons of Israel
into foster care in Sodom, for their good old sire had four wives
and loved them all. On second thought, the Bible would not even
have come that far either, as their ancestor Abraham, this fountain
of our faith, would have been locked up for the same sin. That is, if
he had not been locked up earlier for teaching his children at home,
instead of sending them to the Pharaoh’s school, or for
giving birth at home. Every aspect of normal behaviour mankind
was used to, has become criminalised in the new American legality.

In beginning of April, hamfisted Texan police swooped on a remote
Mormon ranch, and arrested the men and carried away the women
and their children and babies, separating them from their mothers. A
judge allowed separating even nursing breastfed babies, giving them
to foster care.

This snatching case, where the police took away 437 children and
babies from their parents who preferred to live an alternative
communal family lifestyle, has advanced the US well beyond any
grim vision of totalitarianism ever envisaged by real-life
politicians. Americans have already entered the realm of extreme
social engineering trod by the LSD writer Aldous Huxley. In that
realm of the United Totalitarian States, happy families are
being broken up, and hundreds of babies and children are given
into adoption to single gender couples. People have lost their
children to the state for failing to expose them to the moronising
power of the TV[1], or refusing to send them to the state
schools. Some have lost their lives as well: in Utah, a John Singer
was shot dead for trying to keep his children out of school. The
holocaust of Waco with its dozens of parents and children
murdered for no sin but their sturdy independence was just
the first swallow of elimination of private life in America.

The Texas police had used a false claim in order to justify their
action. They claimed a member of the family, one Sarah Barlow,
had lodged a complaint. Soon it became clear that the complaint
was made by a delusionary outsider woman with a history of false
reports, and probably in cahoots with police. There never was a
Sarah Barlow. The good wives and daughters of the Texan
dissidents were placed under terrible pressure, amounting to
torture: they were not even allowed to nurse their babies,
unless they bear false witness against their husbands and
fathers. It is amazing that all of them withstood the torture and
remained faithful. What made the Texan police use such extreme
measures against people who peacefully carried on with their lives?

There is a good reason for this onslaught on privacy: The policy of
Total Spectrum Dominance promoted by the Neocons does not refer
to far away lands only, to unruly Afghanistan or disobedient
France. It refers to you. It is you, Americans, they want to dominate
totally; by controlling your lifestyle and punishing every free
thought andact. And in order to dominate, they need to smash all
compartments; first of all, Family. Nothing may stay between an
individual and the State. By way of projection, your ideologists
ascribe this attitude to your erstwhile enemies, Hitler and Stalin,
but as a matter of fact both arch-villains were strongest supporters
of family. Stalin terminated the free run of wild-eyed feminists he
inherited from the Revolution days; while even today, any reference
to family values is considered “pro-Nazi” in Zionist-occupied
Merkel’s Germany. It is to the third force of liberal totalitarianism
that we owe this last and definite attack on Family.

In a normal world, the Texas kidnapping would be condemned by
every voice until the children were free and back in the custody of
their parents,until the kidnappers were safely locked in jail. Instead,
the American papers and internet sites bother with Tibetan monks’
inalienable right to own serfs and the evil Chinamen’s interfering with
this right. They discuss whether the Japanese may eat whales (no,
they may not) and whether the US corporations may consume
millions of starving people by turning their food into fuel (yes,
they may). At the same time, they allow the oldest and most natural
freedom of forming family life to be eroded and undermined. Why
don’t presidential candidates Obama, Clinton and McCain demand
safe release of the Texas prisoners – before the Bush regime
rides into sunrise to impose his version of permissible intercourse
on the rest of mankind?

The enemies of your freedom, the proprietors of your media, have
prepared for this onslaught for a long time. They spread malicious
rumours of frequent parental child abuse to undermine the natural
tie between children and parents. They constructed a fictitious
offence of flirting with a girl and called it “harassment”. They
invented a “plague of the 20th century”, AIDS, though this malady
occupies umpteenth place in the list of dangerous diseases, well
after obesity. They promoted and elevated homosexual activity on
their TV channels and in official propaganda – all that in order to
eliminate family and turn you into obedient tools in their hands.

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Remembering The Israeli Attack On The USS Liberty

The Anniversary That
Americans Do Not Celebrate
Jim Kirwan

June 8, 1967 will mark the 45th Anniversary of America's
Loss of the USS Liberty to the army, navy and air forces
of the State of Israel. This obscenity has never been
acknowledged for what it actually was, but has instead
been thoroughly covered-up by the governments of both
The United States and Israel.

?This horrific and treacherous act must finally be
acknowledged publicly. Will this finally happen this
time, when it has not happened in any of the previous
45 years of this government's treachery against the peoples
of the United States, as well as against the officers and crew
of the USS Liberty on that fateful day. The truth revealed in
this new film, must officially become part of the history of our
relations with the enemy that the State of Israel has been
throughout these past forty-five years. (1)

As a memorial to the fallen we need to sever all ties and
military support for Israel, and we must cut our treasonous
ties with these back-stabbing people whose true purposes
are not, and have not been, in the best interests of the
United States for almost the last five decades.

In addition Lyndon Banes Johnson's library, then the
president, should be amended to include this aspect of his
administration. His Defense Secretary Robert M. McNamara
should be formally charged with treason and murder, and
arrested and tried for his part in this travesty - and no warrant
of "National Security" should hinder these proceedings from
taking place!

If we fail to demand that the United States acknowledge this
attack upon the USS Liberty, as an act of treason against the
people of the United States, then we no longer deserve to call
ourselves a nation. This outrage has been further compounded
over the years by the trillions of dollars that we have lavished
on Israel, risking the welfare of the people and the institutions
of the USA in the process!

For nearly five decades we have been doing the bidding of the
rogue state of Israel, and we continue to put the lives of our
troops at risk every day, to accomplish the goals of the 'Greater
State of Israel,' over the national interests of the United States
of America.

Nothing can undo this vile treachery: but we can at the very
least demand that this nation honor the memory of these
deaths by prosecuting all those who were involved in this
attack, so that the truth can exist in world history as "a
thoroughly investigated and concluded part of the written
and recognized history."

In today's world a huge number of our elected and appointed
officials are currently serving in this government with dual
nationalities. Those with Israeli dual citizenships should be
removed immediately. All others that profess to seek "the
best interests of Israel" need to again publicly swear an oath
to preserve, protect, and defend the US Constitution, against
all enemies both foreign and domestic; being conscious of the
fact that Israel is a foreign nation-state, and not a part of the
United States of America!

If we are ever again to be 'Americans,' we must demand this
of what passes for our government!

1) The Loss of Liberty

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Words From Obama's Mentor

Obama's mentor Frank Marshall Davis

Obama mentor: 'Smash on, victory-eating Red Army'
Poetry also lambastes 'Sweet Jesus,' mocks 'Onward
Christian Soldiers'

Posted: May 02, 2008
11:25 pm Eastern

© 2008 WorldNetDaily

The man who heavily influenced U.S. Sen. Barack Obama during his
growing years wrote poetry praising the aggression of communism,
criticizing "Sweet Jesus" and mocking the traditional hymn "Onward
Christian Soldiers," according to an advocate for media accuracy.

WND reported earlier when Cliff Kincaid wrote at Accuracy in Media
about the link between Frank Marshall Davis, a member of the old
Moscow-controlled Communist Party USA, and Obama, who cited a
mysterious "Frank" in his book

Now Kincaid has uncovered poetry written by Davis that hails the
Soviet Union's Red Army, with a call to "Smash on, victory-eating
Red Army," and a wide range of attacks on or mockery of Christianity.

"One Davis poem, 'Christ is a Dixie Ni—er,' dismisses Christ as 'another
New White Hope' and declares: 'Remember this, you wise guys Your
tales about Jesus of Nazareth are no-go with Me I've got a dozen
Christs in Dixie all bloody and black…," Kincaid said.

He said the poems from Davis are in the book "Black Moods" which
was edited by John Tidwell, a University of Kansas professor and
expert on Davis' writings. He confirmed to Kincaid that Davis joined
the Communist Party but that he publicly tried to deny his affiliations.

"Davis' poem, 'To the Red Army,' says that 'rich industrialists' in
Washington and London wanted Hitler to win and 'wipe Communism
from the globe,'"Kincaid said, adding, "One Davis poem, 'Onward
Christian Soldiers,' mocks the Christian hymn by the same name. It
talks of Africans being killed with 'Christian gun' instead of a spear
by the missionaries following 'the religion of Sweet Jesus.'

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Will You Be A Guest In One Of George W's Detention Camps ?

by Ed Martin

George Bush is building detention camps. Their purpose is "to support
the rapid development of new programs," without specifying just what
those "new programs" might be. But, read on to see if programs Bush
already has in place are the ones he's planning on using to put you in
one of those camps.

The following contains quotations, information, and is based on material
used directly and paraphrased from an excellent article by Christopher
Ketcham on Information Clearing House and from Radar Magazine.

In the spring of 2007, a retired senior official in the U. S. Justice
department sat before Congress and told a story so odd and ominous,
it could have sprung from the pages of a pulp political thriller. It was
about a principled bureaucrat struggling to protect his country from a
highly classified program with sinister implications. Rife with high drama,
it included a car chase through the streets of Washington, D. C. and a
tense meeting at the White House, where the president's henchmen
made the bureaucrat so nervous that he demanded a neutral witness
be present.

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Johnny Boy McCain = Zionist War Pig And Illegal Alien Supporter
Another candidate that panders to Israel.

"John McCain is Bought by Jews"

As Nathanael Kapner, a knowledgeable Jew who—thank God!—is
also a Jesus believing Christian, writes in his website
(, "John McCain knows which side his
bread is buttered on. And that's the Jewish side of campaign

Brother Kapner noted that McCain was at the private Rothschild
fund-raiser in the posh London Spencer house. Kapner's sage
conclusion: "John McCain is bought by Jews via the Rothschilds!"

Kapner also reported that McCain recently was forced to apologize
to the Jews for having the audacity to say in a speech he had given
that, "America is a nation founded on Christian values." Immediately,
the Jewish organizations sprang into action, prompting the frightened
McCain to trot out before the news cameras and retract what he
had said.

Nuking Iran is McCain's Promise

John McCain and his insane, bloodlust, Zionist whack-job colleague,
Pastor John Hagee, promise to use nuclear bombs to destroy
Iran. That would mean thousands more U.S. fighting men and
women going to their graves and tens of thousands more coming
home minus legs, arms, and limbs. It would entail the entire world
viewing America as a heartless, savage beast nation. John McCain
is a monster, period. In a word, this man is a dangerous,
soul-less psychopath.

WASHINGTON – Sen. John McCain, the de facto Republican
presidential nominee, announced today he will attend the national
convention of La Raza, a radical Hispanic lobby tied to the movement
to reconquer the Southwestern U.S. that was part of Mexico before
the Mexican-American War that ended in 1848.

The convention will be held in San Diego July 14.

Though La Raza bills itself as a civil rights organization, the group's
name literally means "The Race."

La Raza was condemned in 2006 by Rep. Charles Norwood, R-Ga.,
as a radical "pro-illegal Immigration lobbying organization that
supports racist groups calling for the secession of the western
United States as a Hispanic-only homeland."

Jewish Media Corrupts Young Girls

Jewish media loves to pervert young girls. Below are photos
of one of their most brazen In your face perversions.

How many teen girls were corrupted by this ?


By Rev. Ted Pike
6 May 08

Christian/conservative watchdog groups are sounding the alarm
against unprecedented TV sex and profanity now luring girls aged
12-17. The CW television network’s Gossip Girls show, according
to Parents TV Council:

…glamorizes casual sex and drug use among teens…There
has been a prolonged, graphic sex scene between two
teenaged characters…drugs and drinking are presented as
glamorous, easy to obtain, and part of everyday life…
Storylines have featured…threesomes among teens and
teenage girls having sex with adults. Also included have
been multiple scenes of teens drinking, smoking pot and
having sex…Parents on this series are also portrayed as
distant, uncaring, and are depicted as using their children
for personal gain and not seeming concerned about their
welfare or happiness.

CW’s new ad campaign features print and web ads—one in which
a teen boy kisses an actress’s cleavage. These ads feature huge letters
across an erotic image; the letters read either OMG (“Oh, my God!”)
or OMFG—the translation of which is unprintable! CW uses such
messages to impact girls at least as young as 12.

But there’s something Christian “watchdog” groups will not tell
you. There’s a religious motivation behind this attack. CBS and
Warner Bros., partners in CWTV, are Jewish media giants. CBS,
founded by William S. Paley (Palinski) in 1928, has always been
under control of strongly pro-Zionist Jews, including present owner
Sumner Redstone (Murray Rothstein). The owner of CBS until
1995 was a devoutly Orthodox Jew, Laurence Tisch. He required
all top CBS Jewish executives to meet with him every Monday
morning in his executive suite to study the Babylonian Talmud. They
were spiritually invigorated by the Talmud’s exaltation of Jews and
venomous hatred of Jesus, Christians, and Gentiles. Such Talmudic
bias has encouraged even secular Jewish executives and producers
of CBS, Jewish-founded ABC and NBC, and Hollywood to mastermind
subversion of America ’s Christian values. (See, Jews Confirm Big
Media Is Jewish
and watch Zionism and Christianity: Unholy Alliance
on Google)

CW’s other Jewish partner, Warner Bros., in all its diversifications,
also pushes premarital sex, homosexuality, profanity, drugs,
violence and occultism on America ’s youth.

Anemic Protest from Christians

The brazen aggression of CW to corrupt what should be most
protected—the morals and virginity of precious teenage girls—is
astonishing. The opposite extreme holds another incredible reality:
Christian groups refuse to identify such corruptors as Jewish, for
fear of being labeled anti-Semitic. Yet, if Christians were to make
the Jewish origins of media anti-Christianity known, it would
pressure the Jewish community to restrain their brethren. further quotes Melissa Henson of Parents
Television Council: “It certainly seems as if they keep reaching
for the bottom of the barrel…I think it’s extremely disappointing
that they would resort to these tactics to lure young viewers.”

Disappointing? Melissa, did you really have any hope that the Jewish
media would not disappoint? The truth is, the Gossip Girls' agenda
of bringing sex to increasingly younger girls is just for starters. The
history of the Jewish media's moral manipulation of society over the
past 45 years is one of progressive degeneracy. Before Talmudic
media moguls like Laurence Tisch are done, will the Jewish media
be promoting sex with 3-year-old baby girls? That’s the age at
which, according to the Talmud (modern Judaism’s highest legal and
religious authority), sex between the local rabbi and little girls
can begin.

You don’t believe it? Below are some of the frequent Talmudic
passages which justify as Halacha, or binding Jewish law, the
right of rabbis to copulate with 3-year-old baby girls. In these
passages you’ll find pederasty sanctioned by Simeon ben Yohai
and Rabbi Meir, two of the four or five greatest sages of the
Talmud. No rabbinical synod in the last 1800 years has nullified
their authority. For observant Jews the authority of the earliest
sages far exceeds that of Moses and the prophets.
(See, Pedophilia: The Talmud's Dirty Secret)

The Jewish media monsters are just getting started in their depraving
of America . The bottom of their Talmudic barrel descends far lower
than you can imagine.