Saturday, December 22, 2007

NOLA will not be a "Chocolate city" according to Zionist plans.

By Odessa

"This city will be chocolate at the end
of the day." - Mayor Ray Nagin
Art by Tony Perone
Sorry Ray, It just Isn't gonna happen. And you cannot blame
"Whitey" for this one. Bush and his Zionist pals want Blacks
out of New Orleans. But to the Blacks I say welcome to
the club. The Zionist Is now trying to displace you from
your historical roots, the same way they have been assaulting
White America's. We have alot more In common with each
other than you think ! The Zionist's hate both of us and want
to destroy both of our peoples. Why do you think they pit us
at each others throat ? We fight and they screw us both over.

See the links below

Zionists have plans for a second Las
Vegas and blacks aren't part of them

Katrina Levees

Who controls New Orleans


Loss of 4700 apartments in New Orleans - The new Las Vegas

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Where Is this guy ?
Or this guy ?

I guess Al and Jesse know better than to bite the hand that
feeds them- Zionists. They never hesitate to blame White
America , for every Ill the Black community suffers. Meanwhile
Blacks are being pushed out of New Orleans by Zionists, and
they're mute ! Hey Al maybe you should stop protesting for
bogus ADL causes like "Hate Crime Laws". Your people need you
In NOLA and you are missing In action. I'm sure Jesse Is out
shaking down some big business In a bogus racism law suit
right now.These guys will not lift a finger. They know If
they ever get uppity, the Zionists that built them, will
tear them down. Other Black leaders In New Orleans still
blame "Whitey", Can't you people ever see how much the
Zionist uses you ? Who do you think wants you to hate
Whites, while at the same time exploiting you ?

Sorry Kanye, It Is much more complex than Bush not liking
Blacks. But you are close ! Someone hates Blacks, and
they're Zionist Jews ! Although Bush likely does too.

The planned future of New Orleans after the Zionist kicks out all
Blacks . Upscale homes for the Zionist New Orleans Elites In former
historical Black neighborhoods.

But I'm sure they'll also have homes for their new underclass. The
Illegal aliens who are the Zionist elites new slave laborers. These
are the people who were hired to rebuild New Orleans. Isn't
diversity wonderful how It displaces us all ?! Blacks out and
Mexicans In ! The Elites really love to ethnically cleanse
all areas of racial history and unity.

Barbara Bush's opinion on
the people of New Orleans suffering .

Zionists receive special justice !

Comments by Odessa

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If Jews who commit crimes are
prosecuted ,the Zionist ADL will
shriek Anti-Semitism !

Where Is Abe Foxman's leadership In
the Jewish community In regards to the events
below ? Where Is his condemnation of the Jews who
do evil ? Why Is It that when White's or any other
ethnic group who are not Jewish, harm a Jew . Abe expects a
personal apology from the that ethnic group !Foxman Is a
Zionist Bigot who believes Jews are superior, and
are above "Goyim"(Non-Jews). Abe believes
the bigoted Zionist view that Jews are
“God’s chosen people”, and not subject to
the rule of "Goyim" law.

Please click on the links below.

The Epstein Affair

This ape, and his partner, shot a small
town grandmother with a 357 and got probation

Blood in the Hamptons

The Spector Trial

NY Princess Is Above The Law

Zionists get away with murder
and corruption. Meanwhile a
"Nazi" dog and his owner ,must receive
punishment to the full extent of the
law. How much more Insane does
this get ??!!

Nazi dog to be gassed?

Dog's Nazi Salute Jails Owner For 5 Months

Only In Zionist controlled Nations do
we see such Insanity !

The Intelligent and Articulate potrait of a WN the media keeps censored.

By Odessa

The media portray those who have pride In the
White race as mindless bigots. Here Is a video
by a White Nationalist that shatters that Image.

The media will always portray this:

Zionists- good for the Jewish race. Even though reality
proves they are a cancer to all of mankind, Including
non-Zionist Jews ! Yet Is Zionism condemned ? No.

Brown Pride - completely fine, Insult Whites as "Gabachos"
and"Gringos" and Blacks as "Negritos" and It's okay ! You
are Brown and had the southwest "Taken" from you. The
Mexicans or Latin Americans who spew this hate In
the name of Brown pride, may not be the whole of the
race. Yet are they condemned ? Is Hispanic Pride
portrayed as evil and racist across the board ? No.

Black power - absolutely acceptable and to be
revered. You were In your mind the only people
to have ever endured the hardships of slavery. You
get to chant "Kill Whitey" ,or call him "Cracka" and
you get a pass. Not all Blacks are full of mindless
hate like this. Not all Blacks may be thinking this In
the name of Black pride, but Is Black pride as
a whole condemned ? No.

White pride - you are portrayed as a racist Nazi
pig who must be put to death ! You are portrayed
as Racist for being proud of your Race and
Culture ??!! Due to the actions of a few knuckleheads
all White's who have pride are condemned as
Nazi's !! Why are White's and White pride only
singled out due to this ? Due to the actions of a
few knuckleheads. And alot of these knuckleheads
turn out to be Zionist Jews playing KKK or Nazi.

Look Into things and form your own opinion. Don't
believe the corporate media, with their ridiculous
portrayals. If we aren't supposed to view all minority
peoples the same,because of a few bad apples. Why
do we only judge Whites as a whole ? Yet not Minorities
as a whole, due to the actions of the few ? How can
Whites be expected to be ashamed of having pride, while
Minorities get to flaunt It ? Does this not encourage the
hate and resentment of the Minority ?

And I don't want to hear the White oppression cop
out, from the Leftist. All people In history have
mistreated another people throughout history. This
Is just not exclusive to the White race. And I don't
want to hear the slavery cop out either, for Africa
still has slavery In some of It's nations present day !

Not all White Nationalist are the same. The ones
portrayed on TV and In Media are the creation
of the Zionist media. The repugnant ones who
act like this In real life are wannabes, who act out
what they see In media. Or Zionist agitators like
Bill White
Wolfgang Hawke - Another horrible Neo Nazi, who
turn out to be Jewish agents seeking to create racial
strife. And make White Pride look bad at the
same time. But the media will never show
the portrait of an Intelligent person proud of
being White.

Please click the link below:

The Masked WN Man Debates The Multi Cult

Please see this other link. These Is what the Zionist corporate
media leads you to believe proud Whites are. More Zionist
agitators playing Nazi attempting to discredit White Pride.

Nazi faker exposed as Israeli Front

Friday, December 21, 2007

The thought police at It again

A Croatian Rock Star must receive diversity training
to enter Australia. When does It Stop ? Forcing
people to modify or change opinions, to
satisfy extremist minority activists and
especially Zionists. Leads to resentment ,which
creates Racism and Anti-semitism.

Tolerance Counselling For 'Anti-Semitic' Rock Star

Photos from the Zionist Weimar Germany era. Looks like America today !

Warning ! Some photos are sexually graphic.

The Versailles Treaty Brought The Weimar
Age And Depression

German Jews, reinforced by Polish and Russian Jews, became
the dominant force in Weimar Germany. Their Communist's
elected officials were gaining seats, and they dominated the
professional class, especially in Berlin.

Next came their sexual revolution, and Berlin was
the center. It is considered the most decadent era in
modern times.

Finally the German people had their fill, and Chancellor
Hitler, and the socialist party, passed the Nuremberg laws.

1935 Laws For Protection Of German Women

It does look like the more things
change, The more they remain the same.

America today and Weimar Germany, eerily share
the same characteristics. A Zionist takeover and the
decadence that follows. The Zionist poisons the
People's Racial ,National and personal pride, while
profiting from the exploitation.

Please see the links below.

Zionist Jew "Nazi " frauds

American Nazis

wpeF6.jpg (2248 bytes)

The American Nazi Party

The German-American Bund was a pro-Nazi political movement
that started in 1935. Under the leadership of its "Führer," a
notorious anti-Semite named Fritz Kuhn, the Bund at its height
claimed about 15,000 members.

A 1939 rally in New York City's Madison Square Garden
attracted an audience of 20,000 (which oddly were
mostly Jewish). The Bund's fortunes experienced a
downturn in 1939, when Kuhn was sent to prison
for embezzling funds.

It turned out that the ADL was financing the whole thing.

wpeFE.jpg (4031 bytes)

George Lincoln Rockwell

Rockwell ran the American Nazi Party from 1959-1969 with
six part time troopers and 300 followers.

Oddly, the Jewish media lavished him with massive
publicity, which was totally odd for a mere "Army" of six
people. Even Hugh (Heim?) AKA Hefner put him in Playboy.

Rockwell's legend was 100 times bigger than his persona.

George grew up surrounded by Jewish entertainers such as
Fred Allen (Fischel Lebowitz), Rudy Vallee, Benny
Goodman, Groucho Marx and Walter Winchell (Jewish
Vaudeville dancer).

He went to Hebron Academy, Brown University, and
New York Art College (all hotbeds of Judaism).

wpe166.jpg (4174 bytes)

Ben Klassen

Ben Klassen was born in 1918 in the Ukraine, to a
wonderful Jewish family
. When he was six, he and his
family fled the Ukraine to try to start life anew in
Saskatchewan, Canada. He was 22 when World War Two
started, and as with most Jewish men, he sat the war out
in college. He later joins the John Birch Society -- which is
now known as a "smokescreen for the Jews". Next, he
moves to Florida and participates in George Wallace's
1968 presidential campaign.

In 1973, Klassen formed the COTC with the publication
of a 511-page tome entitled "Nature's Eternal Religion".

wpeFE.jpg (5318 bytes) wpe100.jpg (5203 bytes)

wpeFB.jpg (4413 bytes)

Frank Collins (Cohen)

Frank Collins

Frank Collins, a modern Fuhrer, marched in Skokie, IL, which
has the largest population of Holocaust survivors.

In 1980, Collins was discovered to be a Jew named Frank
Cohen - he was convicted of hiring underage boys and
violating them – sent to a country club prison by a Jewish
Judge and released after three years.

wpeFC.jpg (3052 bytes)

The Kosher Nazi Party

Run by a monster called Wolfgang Hawke-- whose birth
name is Andrew Brita Greenbaum.

Another horrible Neo Nazi

More Hebrew Nazis

In this episode of 'Jewish fairy tales' we get to be frightened by
Commander Wolfgang Hawke aka Nathan Greenbaum. As
usual, the Zionists press plays this Kosher clown as the next Hitler.

Why do Zionist Jews finance and lead these
fake Nazi Movements ? Follow the link below.

How the Zionist thrives from and encourages Anti-Semitism.

Zionist Jew agent posing as a "White supremacist" attacks Ron Paul

Bill White- Zionist "Nazi"
agent and agitator

Is Bill White A Real Nazi, Or Just A Zionist Poodle?

It just seems that every time we get a dyed-in-the-wool
second coming of Adolf Hitler, the beast turns out to be
Jewish.. Bill White stands out because of the enormous
publicity he gets from the ADL, SPLC, NY Post,
Zionist-controlled newspapers, etc.

His connection to obvious Zionist schemes, such as
The Red Lake Massacre, and the Toledo race riot, also
makes one question Mr. White's real foundation.

White's History

Bill White was born 1977, attends predominately Jewish
schools, and became a columnist for Pravda. In 1999, he
becomes noticed for praising the Columbine killers. He
changes from a Communist to a Neo-Nazi, and
Oddly, his present occupation is that
of a slum landlord, a field reserved for Jews.

Bill White's Roots

White grew up in the exclusive Jewish neighborhood
of Horizon Hill, in Rockville, Maryland. This is an area
dotted with synagogues, Jewish restaurants, and
$2,000,000 homes.

White Is Always 'Johnny On The Spot'

White organizes an anti-black rally in Toledo, and
conveniently a number of Zionist left-wing groups
show up. He also has ancillary ties to the Red Lake
Massacre, Judge Lefkow killings,Matt Hale's group,
Columbine massacre, etc.

Zionist Organizations Salted The Field

These phony Nazis have been a mainstay of the Zionists
since 1932, when they first marched out Fritz Kuhn,
George Rockwell, Frank Collin (Cohen), and half of the
KKK leadership.

The North American Union


People need to wake up and stand up against evildoers
Former Sheriff Jim R. Schwiesow, Ret.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

The trojan horse assault on freedom of speech

Corporate Media guide on destroying Ron Paul

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Ron Paul presents a threat to the establishment. A
threat they
seek to discredit and neutralize.

Yet some more Police State Incompetance and bloodlust

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Police Invade the wrong house and fire twenty shots. After
a father mistakes them for burglars, and shoots warning
shots to defend his family.

America reaping what the Politicians sow

Comments by Odessa

We can see who the Illegal owes allegiance to.

A billboard In L.A., suggesting
that L.A. Is now part of
Mexico !

“We need to avoid a white backlash by using codes
understood by Latinos.” —

Professor Fernando Guerra, Loyola Marymount University

The same billboard after some unknown
Patriots correction ! It's
good to know the American people
still have balls, balls
our politicians lost.

And the corporate media says
that those opposed to Illegals are racist !

Interesting ! He supports the Mexican
borders before the Mexican - American war. yet
at the same time denouncing borders as economic
compacts set up by the global elite ??

Confused and contradictory to say the least.

He appears to be the "Dumb Fuck".

Why they choose May 1st to march
and make demands.

They are led by Marxists.

Here's a Marxist agitator at work.

A moron White Leftist. White Supremacy has
nil to do with It. Illegals break Immigration
law and sneak In. That Is the Issue !

Study the facts "Useful Idiots". If America
was so racist, why does the quota for
legal Immigrants look like this ? If
anything It Is Anti-European, not White

Apparently Mr. Anti-White Supremacy
Isn't bothered by Mexican
supremacy. Leftist are some
of the biggest hypocrites.

“Go back to Boston! Go back to Plymouth Rock, Pilgrims!
Get out! We are the future. You are old and tired. Go
on. We have beaten you. Leave like beaten rats. You old white
people. It is your duty to die. Through love of having children, we
are going to take over.” — Augustin Cebada, Brown Berets

Celebrating Cultural and

National suicide !

“They’re afraid we’re going to take over the governmental
institutions and other institutions. They’re right. We will take
them over. We are here to stay.” —

Richard Alatorre, Los Angeles City Councilman

Look at the American flag upside down
under the Mexican flag.

Apparently these morons do not
realize that by their logic, they have
no claim on the southwest either.

Spain colonized Native lands In
the southwest and Incorporated
these Into New Spain. The
Illegal claims America stole
the southwest from their
Ancestors. False !

The Majority of these
Illegals are a majority
Spanish or Mixed with
Spanish blood and Aztec. They
are not the descendants of the
original Native tribes who occupied
these lands. They are not Comanche,
Apache , Pueblo, Navajo ,etc. They are
liars just seeking re-unification
with Mexico !

Mexican demographics -

Mestizos (those of European and Amerindian ancestry)
form the largest group, comprising up to 60%–75% of the
total population.

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Where the Mexicans Aztec ancestors homeland
was. It wasn't the southwest, but they
believe In the Aztlan myth.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
A map of Native American tribe homelands. Aztecs
were never In the southwest.

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The Aztlan myth that the Illegal believes
In. They just seek to Invade U.S. territory
and Join In a Union with Mexico. As
you have seen above, Where did the Aztec
reside In the southwest ? They didn't,
only other Native tribes under Spaniard
control did.

I guess we can do without burritos. If
It means our health care system
wouldn't be strained, social services
strained, and wages that aren't depressed.

Go back and take the burritos with you then.

More Marxist wannabes who have
nothing better to do than agitate.

But then again Leftists are the
best "Useful Idiots".
Need more proof of a Reconquista
movement corporate media ?It Is
real and proven, though you say It
Is a "Racist myth".

“The American Southwest seems to be slowly returning
to the jurisdiction of Mexico without firing a single shot.” —

Excelsior, the national newspaper of Mexico

rally rally.jpg

Another "Useful Idiot" Marxist. By the way
Mexico under Santa Ana ceded the southwest
to the U.S.A . Mexico was also paid for
these lands after the cessation
of the Mexican-American War. America
could have refused to pay one dime for
the Southwest ! Santa Ana agreed to
surrender the southwest. So no It wasn't
stolen from Mexico, more like given
to the United States.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Then stop coming here ! I mean you must need us If
you flock here. Go and build up your own country. Oh
but that's right, you don't get handouts from
weak Liberal Whites in your third world hellhole.

By flocking here, you admit you need
Mr. Gringo. You need his 4.25/hr slave wage you
readily work shitty jobs for, jobs we'd readily
take for If they paid a livable wage. And you need his
welfare so you can live like Kings here compared to hellhole
May-Heeco. A hellhole you recreate here. You call
Whites "Gringo" and "Gabacho" and Blacks
"Negritos", If you racist pricks
hate us that bad- Go Back !

Why flock here and live with us If you
hate us ? Oh yeah, because our
weak government panders to
you . And gives you
everything you desire.

Sounds like a good plan. But I'd elect to boycott
them forever. Wanna get uppity and Insult
American's, fine I won't buy anything that
Is related to Mexico. See who needs who more !

Mexico's Immigration Laws and Illegal Aliens
Open border advocates, special interest groups don't
want this information public
Former US Special Agent, John W. Slagle, Ret.

Former US Border Agent, David J. Stoddard, Ret.

Border Agents to Americans:
"You Have Been Invaded"
by Jim Kouri, CPP

Mass illegal immigration is
NOT inevitable