Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Heroic Jewess Wins Hearts And Faces Young Nazi Threat !

Another Zionist Production

The commentary In brackets courtesy
of a

Dr. Eva Olsson ventured Into hostile
territory to tell her story !

Stirring Speech Changed Lives

After a recent presentation at an unnamed high
school, Dr. Olsson said a Grade 10 boy came up to
her and said, "I don't want to be a Nazi anymore." "His father
was a well-known Neo-Nazi in that community

(No kidding people her speech was just
that riveting !)

Saved From Junior Nazis

At another high school earlier this year, she learned that a
group of boys had planned to approach her after the
presentation, in full view of the audience, and
give her the Nazi salute.

A young girl overheard the boys' plans
and went to the principal.

"She refused to be a bystander," Dr. Olsson
said. "She heard what they were planning and
she did something about it."

(The horror ! call Abe Foxman and the
National Guard ! Where Is Homeland
Security when a real crisis occurs ?!)

Nazis Hung Priests

It wasn't just Jews she told the nine year-olds, the
Nazis hung Catholic priests.

(Do not question another revision to the
story ! Just support Zionism with $$$$ and
shut your mouth ! Do you want to be
branded an Anti-Semite for not
playing ball ?)

Audience Cries

But, she began to cry as she told her audience of the
last time she saw her mother, and her nieces.

"Why did she have to go left?" she asked her
audience, many of whom wept openly with her.

( Just support Israel and you'll
feel better ! Just ask no questions
about Israeli policies and keep

sending $$$$)

Recent Events Frighten Her

"Tombstones pushed over in cemeteries, swastikas
painted on buildings; and we see it today, again."

(Yes our Zionist hate hoaxes are
working..... Oh ! I meant
those bastard
Neo-Nazi's how dare they! This Is why we must
preach nonstop about Anti-Semitism. Keep
sending Abe Foxman and the ADL $$$$)

Soup Made From Dead Jews

She talked of the Nazis' unspeakable
practical jokes, forcing her to help serve
'surprise soup.' The soup itself often contained
only water and potato peels; the 'surprise'
was when it contained human hair and bones.

(Dare to discredit this story like the Jews made
Into soap story and you will be Imprisoned ! Your
cooperation Is mandatory )

People Go To Jail For Not Believing This Garbage?

Mengele sewed 4000 twins together, injected
blue die in their eyes, threw live Jews in
ovens, etc? Zundel, Irving, and Germar, are in
prison because they questioned this.

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