Thursday, March 27, 2008

The American Oligarchy

Republicans and Democrats, two sides
of the same coin.

Think It will change ? Only when hell freezes over or
until there Is a revolt by the people.

They're all a bunch of Fucking lunatics
running the asylum !

Both Political Parties
Have Failed America

By Frosty Wooldridge

Anyone thrilled with the mess in Washington, DC? Do
you find yourself grieving over unending incompetence,
dim-witted scandals, moronic rhetoric and hypocrisy
cascading out of our nation's capital daily?

Anyone excited about the activities of our U.S.
Senate? How about the House of Representatives? Do
you like Vice President Dick Cheney's actions for the
past seven years? Would you again vote for the
bungling, if not lawless leadership, of President Bush?

Would you again choose 4,000 of our kids sacrificed in
an endless, ludicrous and totally fabricated Iraq War? Is
the carnage we provoked in Iraq worth destroying our
national treasures: our youth, our moral standing in
the world, our financial balance or our military?

In six years, what have we accomplished in Iraq?
Answer: weekly killings, bombings, mayhem, chaos
and millions of refugees. Our military destroyed a
functioning society under one of dozens of similar
dictators in the world.

At what cost? Answer: $600 billion and counting! $12
billion a month with no end in sight!

Are we safer from Islamic radicals? You answer that
when our borders remain wide open to terrorism 24
hours a day! President Bush wouldn't know a terrorist
from an ice cream cone. Dick Cheney wouldn't know
an IED from a bag of popcorn.

What do the democrats and republicans deliver for the
money we pay them to maintain our country? What
proud accomplishments might they boast?

Do they pride themselves about their $700 billion trade
deficit that they facilitate annually by doing nothing to
stop it? Do they brag about the $9 trillion national debt
they bequeathed upon our citizens for decades to
come? Can they stand tall as they rebuild Iraq but watch
Katrina-ravaged New Orleans slog through the unending
rubble of devastated neighborhoods of our poorest
Americans? Such profound incongruence!

How about 14 million unemployed Americans while 20
million illegal aliens depress and wreak havoc on our
wages and jobs across America? How do they fabricate,
"Illegal aliens do the jobs that Americans won't do at
slave wages."

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