Friday, March 28, 2008

A Suprising Jewish Website

Although I strongly disagree with JTF on Israel, their Anti-Arab
stance and their Zionist stance. I must admit I find their views
on America's current problems astounding. But one must ask , Is
this another Jewish ploy ? Switching positions from Leftist
Bolshevik to the Right. Especially as more White Americans have
had their fill with Immigration, forced Diversity and Liberalism. I
will allow them a platform for some positions I agree with. I
unlike the Ignorant Leftist can admit I agree with an opposing
side, even though we may not agree as a whole on matters.

But let's not forger that the Zionist Is responsible for these
problems that JTF speaks against.

Degenerate Rap Musics Effect On America's Youth

The Appreciation White Hippies Earned During The 1960's

When White Children Attend Black Schools

Multiculturalisms Future For America

The Illegal Alien Invasion

The Media Promotion Of Homosexuality

Illegal Alien Amnesty Is Death For America

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