Monday, March 31, 2008

Mass Media Liars

(From International Men's Organization)

The majority of the UK and USA mass media are
devious liars with only a very few exceptions. That may not
come as a surprise to many people who are now aware,via
the internet ,of the lengths they will go to prop
up the establishment and its supportive aristocracy
ALL controlled by a satanic cult the FREEMASONS.

Seldom, if ever, do articles relating to that hidden
hand get published by a mass media founded on
the suppression and oppression of British and American
citizens. The long tentacles of masonry stretch right into
the upper echelons of EVERY national newspaper and even
more so ALL national TV stations.

NO ONE, before the internet was born, could believe the
massive EVIL SATANIC control mechanism
in place throughout the UK and USA to stealthily
monitor and control our good people .

We have some of the most powerful writers across
the planet ,many who would NEVER get a publishing
deal before the internet was born ,thanks to how most
major book and magazines publishers were operated
and controlled through masonry or the masonic bankers
and who fund virtually all major outlets for news.They are
now getting the platform to re-educate the world on this
sinister network of power. A massive masonic con trick
most of Britain's media have been implicated in for far to long.

There is a revolution going on presently .A freeing of the
minds of our people mesmerized by the massive propaganda
campaign waged against us all for so long and with such
intensity even today there are many thousands of minds
still not released from the MASONIC media's CONTROL.

The gulf between the internet and mass media is widening
and a war is going on to win back the minds of the people of
this world who have been brainwashed using the most subtle
and devious mind control emanating from virtually all TV
stations and the vast majority of newspapers.The destructive
power of the media magnates, most of them multi-millionaires
thanks to their masonic allegiances, now being matched by the
spiritual power of the minds of the good people fighting for
truth and justice and inspiring the world through their
insightful comment . In many cases brilliantly written articles
that openly attack the presence of an EVIL destructive media
industry that has been getting away with murder,or at least
the cover up of murder,for far to long.

GOOD always wins over EVIL .Let this message be a further
warning to those who presently yield the power over the
MASS media. THEY cannot win this battle.It may take time
and persistence to erase the mind games they have played
with the general public but our group have never had any doubt
,in time, technology will release the minds of our good people
from the hold these monsters have had over them since time
immemorial.We have no doubt that battle is being won by
those ,who previously were least capable to take on the BIG
BAD BOYS of the masonic controlled mass media and give
them a bloody good hiding .A media that by the day is
losing, not only the support of the general public but also the
advertisers stupid enough to believe this lie could go on ad
infinitum,that was NEVER going to be the case.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Zionist Multiculturalism

Multicultural propaganda

Multicultural propaganda






By Patrick Grimm

The carefully laid foundations of the egalitarian, multicultural,
multiracial, double-minded Jewish and Zionist society that
replaced our Euro-American one are slowly crumbling,
splintering from within. The very intelligentsia that the
supremacists believe they had sewn up is breaking open
and the truth is flooding forth. Every day and in every way
we may not be getting better and better, but in some ways
we are waxing more honest, or at least more forthright. The
lies that this country has been bewitched by for so long are
losing their shimmer and glow and are now being seen for
the damnable prevarications they really are.

Dr. James Watson, the lauded scientist who unlocked DNA,
has now spoken aloud what many people have known for
centuries. There are racial differences in IQ that explain the
African continent’s economic failure, social disintegration,
rampant disease, chaos and record-setting rape and murder
statistics. The black/white IQ gap has been laid on the table
for the first time in probably 50 years. Watson back-peddled
a mite, but his views were seconded by an African writer
named Idang Alibi, who lamented his race’s predicament,
which he believes is brought on by lower intelligence
and initiative.

Professor Richard Dawkins, the respected British evolutionary
scientist said in fairly de facto terms that Jews “more or less
monopolize American foreign policy.” He was called an
“anti-Semite” by the Foxman brigade, but has not
recanted, at least as far as I know.

And finally, who can forget the bulwark book of the new
America First foreign policy revival, Walt and Mearsheimer’s
The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy, confirming what
many of my fellow activists have been repeating ad nauseam
for years and years.

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Zionist Say It Is Racist To Marry White If You're White

Zionist approved unions as seen In "Politically
" media. It Is rammed down your
throat so you see It as racist to not go along.

Zionist approved relationship for a White man
Zionist approved relationship for a White woman

Zionists Say Europeans Must Intermarry

Jewish Hypocrisy on the Issue of Intermarriage

Judaism and Zionism are both based on extreme
ethnic supremacism. For those people not familiar
with the tenets of Judaism and its political wing
named Zionism, this is a reality that will become
clearer once one starts reading the statements,
books, articles and transcripts of lectures put
out by mostly Zionist Jews, whether they be
religious or non-religious. What makes the
ethnocentrism of Jews so unique is how adamant
it has proven to be when compared to the
attitudes of other ethnicities. Jews, at least the
politically and religiously aware ones,
the marriage of a Jew with a
(Gentile or Goy) in the most
strident language
possible. In fact, the
religion of Judaism
contains powerful
prohibitions in its texts (the
Torah and
Talmud) against Jews mingling their

blood with those who don’t share their
Jewish heritage.

The People Behind The Civil rights Movement

What makes these attitudes on the part of Jews odd is the fact that Jews have been the main supporters of and provided much of the funding for the civil rights movement in the United States. They were the prime movers in both the marches and the eventual legislation which saw the integration of white neighborhoods, restaurants and businesses. Those of European descent were forced by the weight of law and government power to allow blacks into all spheres of white America. By the 1960s, Hollywood films, all of them written and directed by Jews, were extolling the virtues of interracial relationships and even intermarriage between blacks and whites. By the 1970s, Jewish and liberal activists, with the help of a compliant media and court system had succeeded in getting miscegenation laws (laws prohibiting interracial unions) overturned in nearly every state.

The Media Pushes Multiculturalism

Even an individual who is only marginally politically observant cannot help but notice that the media daily lauds the virtues of a multicultural, multiracial, integrated and diverse society. This media is overwhelmingly run by those of Jewish descent. Yet this same media also gives almost uniformly favorable press coverage to Israel, the only Jewish state in the entire world. Jews run the Israeli government and its schools and push legislation and educational curriculum that promotes Jewish solidarity, teaches Jewish history and pride in Jewish accomplishments. Israel is also a country that is strictly segregated, with Jews-only apartment buildings, settlements and businesses. In fact, there are laws on the books in Israel specifically prohibiting non-Jews from owning any media outlets.

Jewish Controlled Media

While the Jewish-owned
press in the United States
continually lectures whites
on the necessity of bringing
more blacks into their
neighborhoods, on the
“immorality”of not renting
to black tenets, while also
telling our people that
we should encourage our
daughters to mate with and
wed African-American
men, they are silent
about the realities
of Jewish life in
Israel. They are
silent about
the fact
that Israel is the most

rigidly segregated
country on earth.

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