Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year ?

By Odessa

We can only wonder what the future holds.

Will the citizenry get more vigilant In
standing up for our rights ? Or will
we continue the path toward
total Zionist NWO Corporate Fascism ?

Will the police state continue to
grow unchecked ? Will citizens
get fed up with the police
raids (of the wrong house) that
murder Innocents ? And the murder
of citizens at will for "Resisting" ?

Will Israel get It's wish for WW III
with a U.S. attack on Iran ? Will
the Zionist lobby finally push through
their "Hate Speech" censorship
law, that seeks to silence
the opposition ?

Will the border situation ever get
fixed ? Or Is It just part of
the North American Union scheme
of the Elites ? Are the Mexicans
to keep coming to be the NAU
slave class ?

How much poorer will our
Poor and Middle Classes
get this year ? How bad will
the housing collapse be ? Does
the government even care ?

Will Washington play the emotions
of the people to try and ban our
firearms In 2008 ? Especially
If corporate clown Hillary gets
elected ? Will the people defy
the gov't and remain armed or
surrender like "Sheeple" ?

We'll have to see.

George Carlin on America's true owners

Video-George Carlin On The REAL Owners Of America

More Insanity- Sex Lessons to Begin At 5 Years !

By Odessa

Just how Is this going to lead to a decrease In
teen pregnancy and sex diseases ? More like
It encourages Teen and adolescent sex. And
why can't kids be kids anymore ? Why does
Western (Zionist) society have to rush them
Into adulthood.

DARPA’s iXo Artificial Intelligence Control Grid

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Still think bio-chipping humanity is fantasy ?

By Odessa

Forced bio-chips will be the mark of the
Beast, Revelation Is upon us !

“If anyone worships the beast and his image and receives his mark
the forehead or on the hand, he, too, will drink of the wine of
fury, which has been poured full strength into the cup of his
wrath.” Revelation 14:9,10

“He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and

slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their
foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who
has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of
his name.” Revelation 13:16-17

What will you do when these baby's become mandatory ?

"Digital Angel Corporation GPS and RFID products are utilized
around the world to save lives, ensure the safety of our food supply,
reunite loved ones and improve the quality of life. We are a leading
developer of technologies that enable the rapid and accurate
identification, location tracking, and condition monitoring
of what is important to people. Applications of our products include
identification and monitoring of pets and fish with our implantable
RFID microchips, identification of livestock with our ear tags, GPS
based search and rescue beacons for aircraft, ships, boats, and

Digital Angel Corporation

Will you resist ? Or will you be one of the sheeple they sell
Idea to ? Draconian measure are always Introduced as
a way
to make us safer. Look no further than The Patriot Act.

Please also see:
They Want Your Soul

Would God Bless America ?

Would God Bless America

With 80% of Americans claiming to be Christians, the majority of
these same Christians send their children off, day after day, to be
brainwashed in the government schools teaching the
state-established and state-recognized religion of humanism. In
1939, Hitler stated,

“When an opponent declares ‘I will not come over
to your side’, I calmly say ‘Your child belongs to
us already. What are you? You will pass on. Your
descendants, however, now stand in the new
camp. In a short time they will know nothing else
but this new community.’”

Lynn Stuter

Last days of American (perceived) freedom ?

The Clock is Ticking on America's Last Year of Freedom

America’s last days of freedom are upon us

Former Kansas State Trooper, Greg Evensen, Ret.

British citizens are also losing out due to Immigration

Big business must be enjoying the profits In Britain too. Replace
high paying jobs, by flooding the market with Immigrants. Who
come and work for far less than native citizens.

500,000 fewer Brits in workforce after immigration
Unprecedented influx of Eastern Europeans leading to displacement, critics charge
--London Daily Mail

Mexican Cops Assist Drug Smugglers

Immigrations negative affect on Germany

Hesse prime minister Roland Koch says Germany must get tough on "criminal young foreigners."
Hesse prime minister Roland Koch says Germany must get
tough on "criminal young foreigners."

(Bet he's accused of being a Nazi. Every European leader
who cares for their nations culture and people, Is accused
of being a xenophobic Nazi)

The Government Says It's Good For Us Though

By Odessa

Introduced Into the water supply to "help
children's teeth from decaying". Look at
what fluoride really does to teeth. Just
not only Is It In most cities water
supplies, but It Is also In toothpastes.

Moderate/Severe Fluorosis
Photo by David Kennedy, DDS

Mild Fluorosis
Photo by Hardy Limeback, DDS

Dentists also use fluoride to
clean teeth. I guess they do
need repeat customers though.

And the government says
fluoride Is good for you.

Second Thoughts About Fluoride

Critics raise red flag over fluoride in tap water

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Hungarian revolt !

Comments By Odessa

Hungary's Ordinary Citizens Are Fed Up

It seems the internet is putting a kink in old
line Zio-propaganda. The people are sick of the
Zionist government, sick of the Zionist controlled
counter revolution, and maybe even forming
their own parties. Now the Zionists are
flooding Hungary with East
immigrants to dilute the opposition. and
create a race war.

Sound familiar ? Kind of the same thing
they do to America with Immigrants. As
Americans are also getting fed up with the
Zionist dictatorship- portrayed as a Democracy.

Don't believe It ? Read what the Zionist
Earl Raab had to say-

"Earl Raab, former president of heavily Jewish
Brandeis University makes the diversity argument
in a slightly different way. Expressing his satisfaction
with the prediction that by the middle of the next
century whites will become a minority, he writes, "We
have tipped beyond the point where a Nazi-Aryan
will be able to prevail in this country." He
is apparently prepared to displace the people and culture
of the founding stock in order to prevent the theoretical rise
of an anti-Jewish regime. Prof. Raab appears to see
whites mainly as potential Nazis, and is willing to sacrifice
their culture and national continuity in order to defuse
an imagined threat to Jews. This passage takes for granted
the continued future existence of Jews as a distinct
community even as gentile whites decline in numbers and

"In the same passage, Prof. Raab continues by noting
that, "We [Jews] have been nourishing the American
climate of opposition to bigotry for about half a
century. That climate has not yet been perfected, but
heterogeneous nature of our population tends to
make it
irreversible..." - just as it tends to make the ultimate
displacement of European culture also irreversible."

See Zionists will destroy a nations culture ! They
will destroy a nations homogeneity and unity ! All
for their own nefarious benefits. But for one to
acknowledge this fact brings the classic charge
of being a "xenophobic Nazi". They do this to
silence and castigate, those who oppose the
destruction of their nations culture and ethnic
homogeneity. They know most European peoples
will dare not speak the truth, lest the fear of being
branded "Racist" or "Xenophobic". Their Zionist
owned medias are Instrumental In shaping this
way of thought upon the masses of the
people. And most people are Indoctrinated by
what the corporate Zionist owned media
conglomerates say.

It Is disgusting that Zionist and extremist
minority groups expect Europeans ,to act
passively . While they disrupt the nations
very core. It Is also Ironic that the Zionist
expects this from the people of European
nations. While the Zionist will stop at
nothing to further the Jewish agenda, and
minority groups their agendas.

How can the Zionist call Europeans
"Nazi's" for opposing this ? Zionists
have no moral authority to pass judgement,
on European peoples who oppose their
agenda. Israel Is a state that practices
apartheid, and hatred of Arabs and Muslims
and all non-Jews.

What chutzpah the Zionist has !To dare brand
Europeans who oppose multiculturalism, and
unlimited Immigration as "Nazi's".

How can radical minorities dare complain of
"Racism" over Immigration ? When In fact
they are antagonistic (Aztlan movement,
The annual May Day protests,the racial
epithets towards European peoples, The
Paris riots, etc).

How can the Zionist praise and encourage
minorities to work together for their races
benefit. Yet jeer European peoples and
Nations that do as "Racist"or "Xenophobic"?

The Zionists thrive off of racial warfare
and hatred. They use It as a ploy to gain
control of European nations. And to achieve
Zionist agendas while paying the victim. They
are experts In racial warfare and hate, read
the Talmud or the Protocols of Zion (Which
they claim Is a forgery). Look at the hell
they've created In the middle east since
1948 ! Look at the ethnic cleansing of
occupied Palestine for example. Who
truly are the "Nazi's" ?

Israel Is obsessed with ethnic
purity. yet Zionists will condemn
White nations. That seek to
maintain their ethnic homelands
homogeneity and culture !

63 % of Israelis view Arabs as a demographic threat

80% of Israeli Jews say Israel must retain a Jewish Majority

They will destroy a nation of It's ethnic character
to destroy opposition to Zionism. And anyone
a Zionist who opposes them of European heritage
Is a "Nazi" or an 'Anti-Semite" ! It Is perfectly fine
to Zionists though to practice what whites are
condemned for. The desire to remain the ethnic
majority In our homelands.

Doesn't this comparing those who oppose you
Zionists to Nazi's ever get pathetically old ? He
who lives In a glass house, shouldn't throw stones.

The Columbine Massacre Revisited

Klebold Was A Time Bomb

He sung this as he killed kids ...."We hate niggers, spicks ...
and let's not forget you white P.O.S. [pieces of expletive]
also. We hate you."
(But according to the media, they were
Neo-Nazi's who idolized Hitler ??!!)

Klebold's Background

17-year-old Dylan Klebold's mother, Susan Yassenoff, was
synagogue-going and shul-trained. She attended Temple
Israel. Her father, Leo
Yassenoff, was a wealthy commercial
real-estate developer in Columbus, Ohio, and a prominent figure
in the Jewish community, and active at the Temple Israel.

Eric Harris's Background

Eric Harris was from New York, he transferred two yrs
before the massacre to Colorado. He was under the influence
of Luvox, an anti-depressant. His friend Seth Tenebaum, a 17
year old senior at Mayo High School in Rochester, Minn. and
Sapel Berg, an 18-year-old senior in Plattsburgh, each knew
Harris, and his mother, when his family lived in New York.

Harris was dating a Jewish girl, Sarah Davis - she said "Eric was
angry when his family moved from New York to Colorado" ...

Harris Jewish background.

They were both Jewish and one was dating
a Jewish girl. But the media claims that
they were Nazi's who idolized Hitler, and
had a hatred of minorities.

Harris Ran A Pro-Jewish Website

"If you recall your history, the Nazis came up with a 'final solution'
to the Jewish problem. Well, in case you haven't figured it out
yet, I say 'Kill mankind. No one should survive.'" Harris, who
raved on the Internet about wanting to "rip the arms off"
racists, and Neo Nazis, persecution of Jews "

Harris's diary said his mother is Jewish"

Why didn't our ever so accurate reporting corporate
media not tell us this ? They just said they did this
due to Nazi Influences !

The Trench Coat Mafia Was Formed To Protect Jewish Kids

Joe Stair, one of the original members of the Trench Coat
Mafia, said the “Trench Coat Mafia“ was organized because
a Gay Jewish kid was picked on by Jocks. Jonathan Greene,
Zach Heckler, Kristen Thiebault, Cory Friesen, Nickie Markham,
Sarah Marsh, Benjamin Sargeant and other members of the
Trench Coat Mafia, were mostly Jewish

As usual the corporate media didn't do It's
homework. But Nazi's are the medias default
scapegoat for all evil ! How could the Jewish
media let It out that Jewish kids did this !

Targets Weren't Random

In the library their targets were a black kid, and a group
called 'Christians for Young Life'. A few of the trench coat
mafia had younger siblings in the library, but they
were untouched.

One girl was shot because she was holding a bible. When
kids put 13 crosses on the Columbine lawn, local Jewish
had them removed.

They had a hatred of Christians.

The Zionist Media never reported this !

Columbine Massacre

Klebold's ADL connection

Some facts about Je$$e Jack$on

Jackson is not new to white-hating or race-baiting. His first openly form of
protest against whites occurred back in the 1960s. The magazine "Life" had
an interview with Jackson, who told about his actions when he was younger:

“Once [Jackson] told of his days as a waiter at the Jack Tar Hotel in his
hometown of Greenville, S.C. Just before leaving the kitchen, he would
spit in the food of white patrons he hated and then smilingly serve it to
them. He did this, he said, `because it gave me psychological gratification.'”

Jackson has always blamed “racism” for all his problems. For instance, he

claimed that he quit attending the University of Illinois in 1960 because the

school discriminated against blacks in sports. The now-defunct magazine

Quest/79 had an interview with Jackson in which Jackson told his interviewer

what allegedly happened at the University of Illinois:

“But at Illinois, [Jackson] quickly learned what Big Ten life was like for

aspiring black quarterbacks in the fall of 1959. He was advised to become

a receiver or a running back; blacks weren't wanted for positions of leadership

on the gridiron. The next year, Jackson enrolled at North Carolina Agricultural

and Technical State University, a predominantly black school, where he passed

for [sic] touchdowns. . . .”

That appears to be a blatant falsehood. In 1960, the University of Illinois's
quarterback was black. The book Profiles of Deception maintains that Jackson
left the University of Illinois because he did not have a choice. He was
allegedly caught in the act of plagiarism.

Jesse Jackson's background

Zionist control over the Ivy League

Why do Zionists hate this woman ?

By Odessa

Eva Herman- Proud of her German
heritage. A big no- no to
Zionists. Especially since Whites
aren't supposed to have pride.

Whites are supposed to feel eternally
guilty to the Zionists and the
"oppressed". If a
White person says what they
feel. Zionist are quickly there
demanding and apology !

Where Is freedom of speech ?

There Is none, you get
called a "Racist" or
an "Anti-Semite".

This Zionist tactic to hush
opposition Is pathetic
and old.

If you still do not believe
there Is a Zionist agenda.

Why Is It forbidden to
speak of It. Zionists have
alot to hide. Yet they continue
to play victim and seek
our sympathy.

Jonah B. Kerner's Talk Show

Eva, who was a German television host who was sacked
last month for praising Hitler's family values. Last night
she was kicked off a late night talk show when she refused
to apologize. Her flimsy excuse that she was the victim of
a Zionist media witch-hunt, fell on Jonah's deaf ears.

Heman's Attitude

"If we are not allowed to speak about Nazi
family values, we also can't talk about
highways that were built then and on which
we're still driving," she replied. (The
autobahn was
built under Hitlers

Eva Herman Kicked Off Show

After refusing to apologize to world Jewry, Ms
Herman was shown the door.(I'm sure Abe
Foxman Is pretty pissed, by this Insolence to
Zionist authority.)

Zionists want Arab school shut down !

Zionists say this school has to go !

Zionists Very Unhappy

A private Islamic school supported by the Saudi
government should be shut down for fostering radical
Islam, so sayeth the Zionist U.S. Commission on
International Religious Freedom.

The Commission's Report

The commission says they discuss the hatred and
mistrust of Jews. Discussing the Israeli slaughter of
the children of Gaza is done in an atmosphere of hate.

"Significant concerns remain about whether what is
being taught at the ISA promotes religious intolerance
and may adversely affect the interests of the(Zionist)
United States," the report states.

Please click the link for more Info-

Zionists want Arab school in Virginia shut down!!

Small Town Iowa

And they say unlimited Immigration doesn't hurt Americas culture.

The S.1959 assault on free speech

Bhutto was no saint

How sodomy was sold to America

Public school claims Christianity Is Immature !

Who the hell Is In charge of
this school ? Anton LaVey's
Church of Satan disciples ? No, your

Beverly Eakman

The other NWO that threatens Zionists

Why Is public education failing ?

American children are getting stupider and stupider. Our
children are falling behind the rest of the world
academically. Why ?

Immigration Is a lose-lose situation

Stupid Quote Of The Week

"My white skin disgusts me. My passport disgusts me. They are
the marks of an insufferable privilege bought at the price of others'
agony. If I could peel myself inside out I would be glad. If I could
become part of the oppressed I would be free."

(Robin Morgan (The Demon Lover: On the Sexuality of
Terrorism -- 1989, pg. 224)

The ultimate fate of America

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

The ultimate fate of this nation rests with the people
Former Sheriff Jim R. Schwiesow, Ret.

Totilitarian government's war on Christianity.
Americans are sick of the war on Christianity. And sick of
the ACLU that spearheads the assault.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Books battle teachings of liberalism

Claims ultra-liberal Teddy Kennedy.

Media and Censorship

"The video also documented how Jews in Germany had declared
war on the Germans, which made them viewed as insurgents, which
was also the reason for their detainment (similar as to why
Japanese were locked up in America). It is controversial
documentary, no doubt, but so is the truth when we pull away
years of propaganda, used to justify a senseless war and why
we sided with the communists who murdered more of their
own people in peace-time than died during all of WWII."

Please click the link below for full article:

Honest Media - The Kind Of People Who Censor TV

"Today, of course, Jewish supremacists are working quickly
to suppress anyone who doubts their propaganda. Take, for
example, Ernst Zundel, who was ripped away from his wife
Dr. Ingrid Zundel in the hills of Tennessee, when he was sent
to Germany for doubting the Holocaust (with a capital
"H"). Similarly, Germar Rudolf was taken from his wife
and children in Illinois and deported to Germany, where
he stood trial and had to go to prison for doubting the
Jewish version of history. "

Click Image below for more Information:

Bush- "Mission Accomplished" !

Bush after his triumphant aircraft landing.

The top ten list of our most corrupt politicians.

The top ten most corrupt In Washington list:

Washington's Ten Most Corrupt Politicians

American overpopulation Is unsustainable.

By Odessa

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
The future ? overcrowded shanty towns or
colonias. On the outskirts of our major
cities !

Do we really need to be adding millions
of people a year to America. Especially
when we as a Nation cannot
even take care of our
own people. How can we bring
In Immigrants to work, when
Americans are unemployed ?

The Black male unemployment
rate Is abysmal, yet employers
will hand Immigrants jobs
first, Same goes for all
Americans. We cannot even take
care of our veterans and
give them decent pensions
and medical care. Our people lack
health care benefits .yet we can
always take care of the rest
of the worlds people
first. What's the point of being an
American anymore ? You
get penalized for being born here, and
get the perks for migrating here
or by sneaking In.

It seems the U.S. gov't loves our
road to a third world banana
republic. They're not gonna
be the losers In the end.

The common American will be.

Please click the link below:

Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Illegal Alien movement's hatred of White America exposed.

By Odessa

Please click the links below to see the
video footage of these racists In action.

Mere hypocrites who practice hate, while
pleading for tolerance. I wonder If the
Elites are happy ? We are heading towards
the civil war that they desire.

The Nation Of Aztlan

Aztlan Rising

Aztlan The Cancer Of Racial Hatred

And also see the link below. This Is how
America "Benefits" from the Illegal Invasion.

LA Or Mexico? Third World Trashing America

The time has passed to expel these vile racist
pigs. But our government doesn't want to
do that. They like having cheap and exploitable
labor, that Is also

Antagonistic !

The Elites love Racial warfare, just like they love
class warfare. These people are obviously hostile
to Americans-and White Americans In particular.

How does bringing In antagonists help unify
and bring harmony to America ?

Just remember these videos when Illegals try
to get your sympathy. No you are not the bad
guy for refusing to give It. They make It quite
clear who they want dead. Thank you elites !

You have lead us down the road toward a
second civil war. But as usual you will be
arming and supplying both sides for $$$

Police thugs use tasers on a couple shopping at a mall.

Are you still naive enough to believe we
are still the land of the free ? Start
demanding more accountability from
Police departments.

Sure to ruin Abe Foxman's morning !

We Are All Prisoners Now

"Freedom and democracy in America have been reduced
to no-fly lists, spying without warrants, arrests without
warrants or evidence, permanent detention despite the
constitutional protection of habeas corpus, torture
despite the prohibition against self-incrimination--the
list goes on and on."

"Elderly American citizens with walkers and young
mothers with children are meticulously searched
because US Homeland Security cannot tell the
difference between an American citizen and a terrorist."

"All Americans should note the ominous implications
of the inability of Homeland Security to distinguish
an American citizen from a terrorist. "

"When Airport Security cannot differentiate a US Marine
General recipient of the Medal of Honor from a
terrorist, Americans have all the information they
need to know. "

"Any and every American can be arrested by unaccountable
authority, held indefinitely without charges and tortured
until he or she can no longer stand the abuse and confesses. "

"This predicament, which can now befall any American, is
our reward for our stupidity, our indifference, our gullibility,
and our lack of compassion for anyone but ourselves."
Please click link for the full article:

We Are All Prisoners Now

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Let's take America back-Ron Paul 2008

Link to video:
Let's Take America BACK -Ron Paul 2008

Please also see:
Paul Trouncing Field In AOL National Straw Poll

The assault on Christianity targets 80 % of America.

By Odessa

America Is 80 % Christian. Yet Anti-Christian
activist, who are a minority never cease to
assault Christianity. These people never cease to
Insult 80 % of America, and attempt to force their
beliefs on the majority. Here Is what an American
Christian can expect to deal with. An obnoxious
and belligerent minority, who never cease to
repulse. These clowns claim Christianity Is
bigoted and Intolerant. Yet these "Enlightened
ones" never cease to Insult us or our
savior- Jesus Christ. And they never cease
to force their views on our society. Confused and
hypocritical to say the least.

80% Of Americans Identify As Christians

A bigoted Anti-Christ.

He must've found materialism. I'm
sure It makes him whole.

A religion that stands for peace and
love irritates them this bad ! Who Is
being the "Asshole" ? Not
the Christians you Insult.

How lovely and enlightened.

Another Insult to Christ.

Says some stupid poster.

Says Richard Dawkins who
writes blasphemy for $$$.

An Anti-Christian poster. The upside down
cross Is the give away to It being a
Satanic organization.

An Insult to Christ and his suffering on
the cross.

A homosexual Insult of the last supper.


More extremist homosexuals Insulting
Catholic nuns.

This Is rather tolerant !

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
Some more fanatical Intolerance.

Another Anti-Religious book. And
how has Atheism, materialism,and
self-worship, enlightened
anything ?

Now we can truly see who the Intolerant ones are. In
America today It Is In vogue to belittle religion. And
Christians In particular. These people bitch and moan
about Christmas and Nativity scenes, they bitch and
moan about God being In the public sphere. Yet as we
see how they conduct themselves In all of their hatred. To
quote the poster above, who truly Is " A narrow bigoted
minded Asshole". The Anti-Christian movement ! These
Anti-Christs are more "Useful Idiots" being used as pawns
by the elites. The NWO Elites seek to destroy the
concepts of Family,Race, Nation and Religion. So they
can usher In the age of a one world government,Under
a new Religion !

Please see the link below.

Global Religion for Global Governance

The Internet saves America from our "Leaders".

"As we look back on 2007, we thank our computers
hooked up
to the Internet that hooked us up to one
another. Without
this unlimited communication
device-Bush and Congress would
have destroyed
our constitutional republic. "

Please click the link below.

Zionist Influence over the United States.

"So how bad is the Zionist influence in America?"
"Well, consider this: the Jewish population of America
is about 5 million people, which is a little over one percent
of the total population, and keep in mind that not all Jews
are Zionists- many Jews are anti-Zionist- we end up with
a percentage of less than one who actually control the
government, the media, and the financial aspects
of America."

For full article, please click the link below.

More Police State nonsense, " it's meant to protect you ".