Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Website Full Of Jewish "Chutzpah"

A Website that brags of Jewish "superiority" In culture
and In arts and entertainment. And they also have links
to so they can make $$$. Talk about walking
right Into their own Ethnic "stereotype", as they call It.

Do they ever get sick of their shameless self promotion
and bragging ? About boasting of their so-called
superiority ?

A look at what they have to say -

The Jewish People represent just one fifth of one percent
(that's 1/500) of the human race. They are but one of many
small groups of people with their own culture, language and
homeland. One would expect that they should hardly be heard
of - except perhaps a brief mention in a small multi-cultural
footnote of a high school geography book.

This is obviously far from the case. Jews are at the center of
every creative, scientific, cultural, political, ideological movement
and endeavor. Jews are over-represented as Nobel Prize
recipients, winning at least 20% (that's 1/5) of all awards given
to date. Jews founded Hollywood, and are today the dominant
cultural influence in television, radio, cinema, journalism and
theater in America and elsewhere. Jews are over-represented
in all forms of medicine, in all the professions, in every sport, in
modeling and fashion, in law-enforcement and the military, in
political sex scandals, in new-age religion... In almost everything
that represents the free world and all of its trappings, Jews
are there.

In fact, should there ever be an antisemite who has the courage
and conviction to boycott everything Jewish, he would be
immediately knocked back to the dark ages. It must be difficult
to be an antisemite these days relying as they must on Jewish
technologies, Jewish doctors and accountants, their favorite
music, movies, books and clothes created with significant Jewish
involvement, and their very lives and health relying on Jewish
medical science. Antisemites are condemned from the start to
always being hypocrites. ( How Is this any different than
Racial supremacy Ideologies that Jews Bitch and
moan about ?)

Doesn't the arrogance make you sick ? At the same time though, It
will also lead to their downfall.

The Bullshit Of Diversity And Democrats

Democrats always push for diversity, yet the people they demonize
hold the cards In their party- White males. See White Liberals just
hustle for minority votes, think they really care ?. Besides a lot of
us are sick of this non-stop race Shit, there will never be unity as
long as ethnic differences are exploited and pointed out. Or any
hope of a truly free America, In which people have true Civil and
Economic rights. But that Is what they want, and that Is why they
pump out divisive diversity propaganda. to get each ethnic group
to fight for the Elites scraps, while they live In Ivory towers and
live It up. Laughing at the "Ignorant human cattle"!

See It Is easier to Fuck over the people, when they fight each
other, rather than the abusive and exploitive government. So
you see, division Is good business for the Elitist government. And
It Is good business for race hucksters as well. Who watches the
Elitist government, when everyone fights each other ?

Notice how the distracted American populace gets raped of It's
rights more and more ? Besides what have White liberals really
ever really done for minorities ? Besides make promise after
promise every four years, same thing for White America too. And
what have they ever really done for Whites beside preach hatred
towards and encourage strife. Whites are the Liberals favorite
bogeyman to blame government greed and corruption on. They
try to portray White racists as the ones holding minorities back,
when In fact It Is White Liberals doing so. So who Is the real
racists ? Your average White American who struggles too or
the rich limousine liberal vote hustler ? Notice how they only
visit the "ghetto" every two to four years, for Presidential
and Congressional elections . Not every minority Is as stupid
as these Liberal jerks think, some of us see through
this. Especially when we can view It through both points of
view, especially being of mixed heritage. And some of us resent
the White In us as being portrayed as a mark of evil, and the
Non-White In us as Incapable without a White Liberals help.

Phony lying pricks that preach for diversity and hatred of
Whites, while they live In segregated affluent gated White
neighborhoods. The only minorities they know are the ones
they meet for photo ops. Or their maids, gardeners and butlers.

White men hold superdelegate power balance

By: Josephine Hearn
Feb 15, 2008 06:05 AM EST

In an ironic twist to the historic Democratic nominating contest
between an African-American and a woman, the balance of power
may be held by a more familiar face: the white male.

According to a Politico analysis, close to half of the 700-plus
Democratic superdelegates who could end up determining the
party nominee are white men.

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The Scam Of "Free" Trade

The Lies Behind 'Free Trade'
By Chalmers Johnson

Ha-Joon Chang is a Cambridge economist who specializes
in the abject poverty of the Third World and its people, groups,
nations, and empires, and their doctrines that are responsible
for this condition. He won the Gunnar Myrdal Prize for his book "Kicking Away
the Ladder: Development Strategy in Historical Perspective" (2002), and he
shared the 2005 Wassily Leontief
Prize for his contributions to "Rethinking Development in
the 21st Century". The title of his 2002 book comes from the
German political economist Friedrich List, who in 1841
criticized Britain for preaching free trade to other countries
while having achieved its own economic supremacy through
high tariffs and extensive subsidies. He accused the British
of "kicking away the ladder" that they had climbed to reach
the world's top economic position. Chang's other, more
technical books include "The Political Economy of
Industrial Policy" (1994) and "Reclaiming Development:
An Economic Policy Handbook for Activists and
Policymakers" (2004).

His new book is a discursive, well-written account of
what he calls the "Bad Samaritan", "people in the rich
countries who preach free markets and free trade to the
poor countries in order to capture larger shares of the
latter's markets and preempt the emergence of possible
competitors. They are saying 'do as we say, not as we did'
and act as Bad Samaritans, taking advantage of others who
are in trouble." Bad Samaritans is intended for a literate
audience of generalists and eschews the sort of exotica that
peppers most economic writing these days - there is not a
single simultaneous equation in the book and many of Chang's examples are taken from his own experiences as a South
Korean born in 1963.

Ha-Joon Chang, "Bad Samaritans: The Myth of Free
Trade and the Secret History of Capitalism" (Bloomsbury
Press, 2007)

Ha-Joon Chang's life is conterminous with his country's
advance from being one of the poorest on Earth - with a
1961 yearly income of $82 per person, less than half the
$179 per capital income in Ghana at that time - to the
manufacturing powerhouse of today, with a 2004 per
capita income of $13,980. South Korea did not get there
by following the advice of the Bad Samaritans. Chang's
prologue contains a wonderful account of how post-Korean
War trade restrictions and governmental supervision
fostered such projects as POSCO (Pohang Iron and Steel
Company), which began life as a state-owned enterprise
that was refused support from the World Bank in a country
without any iron ore or coking coal and with a prohibition
on trade with China. Now privatized, POSCO is the world's
third largest steel company. This was also the period in
which Samsung subsidized its infant electronics
subsidiaries for over a decade with money made in
textiles and sugar refining. Today Samsung dominates
flat-panel TVs and cell phones in much of East Asia and
the world.

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Why Dumb Americans Are The Best

By Walter E. Williams
Posted: March 14, 2001
1:00 am Eastern

© 2008

It's generally agreed that American primary, secondary and,
increasingly, undergraduate education is a failure. But that
assessment depends upon just what evaluation criteria is
chosen. By some criteria, American education might be
deemed a remarkable success. Let's look at it.

Pretend you're a politician or high-level bureaucrat seeking low
accountability standards, as well as more power and control over
American lives. Which would you prefer: ignorant and uninformed
constituents, or ones who are educated and informed? Would you
prefer constituents who evaluate public policy proposals in terms
of emotion, soundbites and speaker delivery styles, or would you
prefer constituents who could clearly think through and
dispassionately evaluate public policy?

I'm betting that on balance politicians and bureaucrats, seeking
power, control and lower accountability standards prefer
ignorant, uninformed and emotional clients and constituents.

You might be a politician wanting to keep more taxpayer earnings
in Washington. Your strategy for that goal might be to employ
demagoguery by claiming your opponent's across-the-board
tax proposals are simply "income tax cuts for the rich." You
might make a pretense of concern and compassion by demanding
that any income tax cuts should be for those "working
Americans" who are in the bottom half of income-earners.

Surely you wouldn't want Americans to be so informed as to know
that the lower half of income-earners pay only 4 percent of the
total income taxes. Informed Americans would see through your
scheme and quickly recognize that income tax cuts aimed at the
lower 50 percent of income-earners are no tax cuts at all.

Say you're a politician who wants to disarm Americans with
piecemeal encroachments on the Second Amendment. You'd
surely want Americans to believe that the framers gave us the
Second Amendment so that we can go deer and duck hunting. You
would not want Americans to know that James Madison said during
the constitutional debates, in Federalist Paper No. 46, "The
Constitution preserves the advantage of being armed which
Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation ...
(where) the governments are afraid to trust the people with arms."

Wake Up Americans



By Andrew C. Wallace
February 13, 2008

Most people are just like those in Nazi Germany under Hitler, some
see the evil affecting others, but will ignore it until it's too late, but a
majority of Americans are as uninformed as a box of rocks because
they rely on the controlled media propaganda for information. Our
media is really amazing, run by Liberals who do not have a clue that
their liberal leaders are communists and their corporate employers
are Fascists, with no loyalty to any country. The constitutional right
of a free press was to insure Americans the information they must
have to remain free, but our media is nothing more than the
propaganda arms of owners in the “Chain of Command for
Treason” who are in the process of enslaving us and taking
our sovereignty. Two of our primary defenses against usurpation
are the Right to Keep and Bear Arms and the Right to Freedom of
Speech. Both of these rights are under serious attack right now and
could be instantly denied by traitors in government using existing
unconstitutional policy.

Your Enemy is the “Chain of Command for Treason”-CCT, consisting
of Elites and their Foundations, who control the Corporations and
Media, who in turn control our Government with the direction of
their think tank and shadow government, The Council on Foreign
Relations, CFR et al
. Elites are mostly the progeny of wealth, a few
have earned or stolen their own money, many of the forebears were
ruthless and very active supporters of Fascism and Communism as
are the leaders of both parties today. These statements are not
subject to question, there is just too much documented evidence to
support them. Today’s leaders of the CCT and their supporters have
been taught from birth that they are superior to average Americans
who are only ignorant and common people born to be their
slaves. No Question, we will be their slaves if they take away our
Sovereignty. The ultimate objective of the CCT leadership is
Power, Wealth and a One World Government with them as the
unelected despots.

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The Rothschild Files

"I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of
England to rule the Empire, ... The man that controls
Britain's money supply controls the British
Empire. And I control the money supply.''--

Baron Nathan Mayer Rothschild (1777-1836)
London financier, one of the founders of the
international Rothschild banking dynasty

Jewish Role In Debasing American Culture

This Is A 52 page read, maybe too long for the contemporary
American. But I highly recommend It, especially for the politically
correct morons who make accusations of anti-semitism on
everything that Isn't pro Jewish. Study the facts on the Jewish
new left and the 1960's counter-culture and see for yourself. The
Jewish left wants to destroy America. They view It as a racist
and an oppressive segregated society, all the while they live In
the most affluent White suburban neighborhoods.

-- Joe Wood, (African-American author),
in Berman, Paul. Blacks and Jews: Alliance and Arguments,
Delacorte Press, NY, 1994, p. 112

The Innocent Must Share Guilt In The Holocaust Industry

France was a country that had nothing to do with the Jewish
saga known as the Holocaust. But even the French must be
subjected to the guilt of the Holocaust Industry. Stop using the
death of your ancestors as a shield from criticism and political
leverage. It has become very shameless and disgusting ! -

French President Nicolas Sarkozy, facing a tide of criticism over
his call for schoolchildren to "adopt" Jewish child victims of the
Holocaust, hit back on Friday saying France had to raise children
"with open eyes".

In a speech praising faith that also drew fire from secularists, Sarkozy
told France's Jewish community on Wednesday that every 10-year-
old schoolchild should be "entrusted with the memory of a French
child victim of the Holocaust".

The proposal unleashed a storm of protest from teachers,
psychologists and his political foes who said it would unfairly burden
children with the guilt of previous generations and some could be
traumatized by identifying with a Holocaust victim.

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Monday, February 11, 2008

Video- The History Of Political Correctness

Americans Are Without A Nation

People Without A Country

Jim Kirwan

I'm an American; which means that I'm a dinosaur, a
person that has not sworn allegiance to any political
party, religion, or creed. I believe in the rights of all
people to live their lives free from political despots
from all sides; free from the kinds of political
correctness that brought us prohibitions of all types.

From zero tolerance, bigotry, officially sanctioned
hatreds, racism, and in general a National-Paternalism
that defines the current Police-State under the
Bushwhackers-a state that has killed the Constitutional
Republic-in which 'Americans' had begun to think of
themselves as 'a free people.'

Forty years ago during another phony war, in
1968, at the National- Democratic Convention in
Chicago the system for selecting presidents as well
as running this country was utterly destroyed. It was
replaced with a 'Party-loyalty' that supersedes all
national political affiliations to the Constitution-
especially during a time of war. It was there that the
term "American" became an endangered species. (1)

From then until now the extremes of this treachery
have not been used, thus allowing the truth about
'elections' to remain hidden from the voting
public. That is all about to CHANGE under the
terms of this conflicted election year. Under the
constitution national elections were supposed to
involve the national election of the president by
the citizens of the United States. That did not
involve delegates, or Super-Delegates, or the
political will of party conventions-all of that was
created by the two political parties. Incidentally
the 'two-party-system' is NOT part of the constitution.

This so-called two party system was created by the
Democrats and the Republicans to protect themselves
from any third party intrusion on their political
feast, which they discovered early-on, could be
very lucrative for those who controlled the money
and the largess of the world's richest nation.To
insure that their 'political-rein' would never be
interrupted, the parties took complete charge of national-presidential-elections.

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Tavistock , And The Plans For Humanity


By Dennis L. Cuddy, Ph.D.
February 11, 2008

[Note: Regarding my recent article mentioning Benazir Bhutto's
December 27, 2007 assassination, in a November 2, 2007 interview
with David Frost she mentioned that an earlier assassination
attempt by a former military officer connected with Omar Sheikh,
"the man who murdered Osama bin Laden." Have you heard the
power elite-controlled American press or media mention this?
Bhutto was the woman the U.S. State Department wanted to
become Prime Minister of Pakistan. Now why would the U.S. want
someone to head Pakistan who has and publicly uses very bad
information (Osama's murder) if she was wrong? Or, if she was
correct, why would the press and media censor such important
news from the American people? Could it be that the power elite
doesn't want the public to know Osama's dead because that would
decrease interest in the "war on terror"? And could Bhutto's
"spilling the beans" have played a role in her own assassination?
Concerning another of my recent articles, "The Power Elite's Use
of Wars and Crises" (January 28), someone may have gotten the
impression that the First World War was planned beginning around
1910. Actually wars are planned by the power elite far in advance,
and the First World War, followed by a world government, was
planned long before 1910. For example, in 1908 THE JOURNAL
OF AMERICAN HISTORY (Vol. 2, No. 4) begins with these
words: "'The most fearful war of the century is coming soon. After
the war, will come world-peace--the highest development of the
race in this cycle.' This is the prediction made a few days ago by a
distinguished political economist."]

I was listening to a discussion regarding the Middle East and
thought to myself "Don't they understand that what's happening
has been planned?" This is not only true in geopolitics (FDR said
nothing happened in politics by accident) but in all facets of life. In
music in the 1950s and 1960s, rock music didn't just happen by
accident. Theodor Adorno and others theorized years earlier how
it could change people. Similarly in art, Bertolt Brecht said, "Art is
not a mirror held up to reality, but a hammer with which to shape it."

Many people are familiar with the impact of the Leipzig and Frankfurt
Schools upon society, but relatively few understand the impact of
Tavistock. Therefore, this article will look at that organization and
how it has shaped/planned our lives and the course of the world.

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America's Sexually Degenerate Leaders

"Hold me Jeff !"

The great dictator has a feminine
side - literally !

Our 'Leaders' Are Sex Addicts
By Henry Makow PhD

The world is set to drop into the central bankers' outstretched
hand like a ripe peach from a tree. Illuminati bankers are
harvesting the fruit of their centuries-old plot to destroy
Christian Civilization and trap humanity on a treadmill
of greed, sex, violence, trivia and political correctness.

They have succeeded because we have no leaders. They
select obedient blackmailed perverts to execute their
design. I always marveled that Bill Clinton betrayed the
dignity of his office and the trust of 300 million
people /for a blow job./ But, in retrospect, a sex addict
is the rule rather than the exception when it comes to
our "leaders" (i.e. managers.)

"President Clinton has been very helpful to us," a banker
confided in 1998. "We knew of what character he was
before we placed him as president. Exposing him was
very helpful in adjusting the moral habits of the youth
downward. This is to our advantage. Even more agreeable
to us were the vain efforts of those who thought they
could remove him against our will. He is useful to us and
he will not be removed by anyone until we are ready to
have him removed."

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Politically Correct American Heroes

American high school students have become so politically
correct Indoctrinated, that they do not even know their
Nations true heroes. A look at a survey asking high school
students to rank the most famous American.

1. Martin Luther King Jr.: 67% - A Communist fraud, an

agent for Zionists. He was not a true Black leader like

Malcolm X or Marcus Garvey.

2. Rosa Parks: 60% - A Communist fraud, Her 15 minutes

of fame were pre-orchestrated .

3. Harriet Tubman: 44%

4. Susan B. Anthony: 34%

5. Benjamin Franklin: 29%

6. Amelia Earhart: 25%

7. Oprah Winfrey: 22% - For having a stupid talk show

for over sensitive Americans to cry on !

8. Marilyn Monroe: 19% - ? , A ditzy movie star Is one

of the most Important Americans ?!

9. Thomas Edison: 18%

10. Albert Einstein: 16%

Is It any wonder why America has become so second rate ? The
dumbing down with bogus history and academics marches on.