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The Israeli Demolition Co.- Funded By U.S. Tax Dollars.

House Demolitions



September 24, 2007

On June 10th 1967, the Israeli government demolished the Moroccan
Quarter in the Old City of East Jerusalem to make easier public access
to the Western Wall. After the Israeli army called on the inhabitants
of the quarter to vacate their homes only a couple of hours before
the demolitions took place, a call which was not heard by everybody
in the quarter, 135 houses were demolished along with two
mosques and other sites. 650 inhabitants were left homeless and
several others dead under the rubble of their homes. This demolition
was not the first of its kind in the Occupied Palestinian Territories
but definitely the starting point to a lifetime struggle with
illegal house demolitions by the Israel Occupying forces.

Since 1967, almost 18,000 homes have been demolished in the
occupied Palestinian territories for three main reasons: collective
punishment and for so-called operational and administrative reasons.

House demolitions started before 1967 by the British Mandate as a
means to expel the Palestinians from their homes. Below is a brief
history of house demolitions in Palestine:

  • 1930s: British administration in Palestine uses house demolitions as
  • a means of quelling the indigenous uprising against British rule.

  • 1936-1939: British authorities demolish more than 5,000
  • Palestinian homes.

  • 1948: the newly established state of Israel begins demolishing
  • the homes of Palestinian refugees to prevent their return. More than
  • 125,000 homes, some of which were damaged during the war,
  • were systematically destroyed in a process referred to as "cleaning
  • up the national views".

  • 1950s: Israel expels Palestinians from border areas and
  • from villages where part of the Palestinian population remained
  • after the war and demolishes Palestinian homes.

  • 1967: Destruction of housing stock during the war included
  • 375 homes in Imwas, 535 homes in Yalu, 550 homes in Beit
  • Nuba, an estimated 135 homes in the Moroccan quarter of the
  • Old City of Jerusalem, 1,000 homes in Qalqilya, in addition to
  • thousands of homes of Beit Marsam, Beit Awa, Jiftlik, and
  • al-Burj as well as refugee camps in the Jericho area and
  • the Gaza Strip.

  • 1970s and 1980s: Israel demolishes more than 10,000 refugee
  • shelters in the Gaza Strip to create a so-called security corridor
  • between the southern Gaza Strip and the Sinai and to widen
  • roads in the camps for Israeli military patrols. Demolitions
  • were also part of a campaign to forcibly resettle refugees
  • outside camps.

  • 1993-2000: Israel demolished more than 1,000 homes
  • across the occupied Palestinian territories

  • 2003: Israel continues to demolish Palestinian homes inside
  • Israel. Demolitions of Bedouin homes in the Naqab (Negev)
  • increased by eight times. More than 100 homes were
  • demolished. An additional 280 homes were destroyed in the
  • Galilee and the Triangle. In total more than 500 homes
  • were destroyed. There are an estimated 12,000 outstanding
  • demolition orders in the Galilee and some 30,000 in the
  • Negev to date.

  • House demolitions continue.

Pretexts under which house demolitions are carried out:

Collective Punishment:
The Israeli government uses house demolitions as collective punishment
in response to attacks on Israel; families of attackers or of
people suspected of carrying out attacks as well as their
neighbors or in some cases whole neighborhoods are subject to this
illegal violation of human rights. Under the Fourth Geneva
Convention, Occupying Powers are prohibited from destroying
property or employing collective punishment. Article 53 reads:
"Any destruction by the Occupying Power of real or personal
property belonging individually or collectively to private
persons…is prohibited." According to the Israeli human rights
organization, B'Tselem, 47% of houses demolished as punitive
punishment were never the homes of attackers or suspected
attackers on Israel but were houses adjacent to these
homes. Additionally, only 3% of all occupants of demolished
houses were given prior notice that the Israeli army would
demolish their house or an adjacent one.

Before the policy of collective punishment by means of house
demolitions was renewed during the second (Al Aqsa) Intifada,
demolitions were only carried out after a military order was
issued. Under Israeli law the demolition order is delivered to
the family and the family is allowed to appeal to the military
commander within 48 hours. Even if the appeal is denied, the
family must be allowed to petition the High Court before
the house is demolished. In reality, however this is not the
case at all. During the current Intifada, Israel treated house
demolitions as an imperative military action whereby most
of the house demolitions took place at night, without any
prior notice or demolition order.

Military Operations:
The second reason given by the Israeli government for house
demolition is an operational one which took place during
military operations called "clearing operations". Under
International Humanitarian Law (IHL), the destruction of
property during combat is not illegal as such. Destruction
is prohibited unless there is an absolute military necessity
to do so. It has been observed however that large-scale
demolition operations carried out on civilian homes in the
name of necessary military operations immediately after
an attack on Israelis suggest otherwise. Gaza more
than anywhere else in Palestine has become the
target of such actions and false justifications. Miloon
Kothari a UN Special Rapporteur speaking to Diakonia in
response to Israel's attack on Beit Hannoun on
November 8th, 2006 said: " Since 25 June 2006, the
most recent Israeli incursion into the Gaza Strip, I
continue to receive alarming reports about deliberate
attacks by Israeli forces resulting in the destruction of
homes, civilian property and infrastructures in the Gaza
Strip. Such acts have a devastating impact on civilians
particularly, women and children, and create insecurity
and psychological trauma. Thus, these forced evictions
and unjustifiable destruction constitute breaches of
international laws of human rights, war and humanitarian
norms. International law strictly prohibits the destruction
of private or public property when not absolutely
necessary by military operations". Since the beginning
of the uprising, 14,852 people have been made
homeless by Israeli actions up to 2004.

Administrative policies:
The most common defense used for demolishing houses in
east Jerusalem and Palestinian houses in Israel is for
administrative reasons. The Israeli government demolishes
houses in Area C (Palestine Areas under Israeli military and
civil control) because of lack of building licenses even
though attaining a building license in east Jerusalem
or inside Israel is nearly impossible for Palestinians. Israeli
army Legal Advisor Colonel Shlomo Politus told the Israeli
Parliament in July 2003 that: "...there are no more
construction permits for Palestinians," and the Israeli Army
spokesperson told Amnesty International delegates in
1999 that "Our policy is not to approve building in
Area C [of the West Bank]". Houses are demolished
because Israel wants to expand the Israeli settlements
in the West Bank as well as creating permanent
facts on the ground. According to B'Tselem
Palestinian houses under this justification are normally
demolished to meet the following needs:

  • Construction of bypass roads: Bypass roads are intended
  • to enable the movement of settlers and military forces
  • protecting the settlements. Houses lying alongside an existing
  • or planned bypass road are designated for demolition.

  • Removal of Palestinians from areas adjacent to Israeli
  • settlements: Israeli authorities consistently demolish
  • Palestinian structures that are perceived as hindrances
  • to the establishment and expansion of Israeli
  • settlements. The proximity of the houses to the
  • settlements obviously is not posed as an official
  • reason for the demolition in these cases.

  • To prevent transfer of land to Palestinians: Israel
  • demolishes houses in areas located on land that it
  • wants to keep for itself in the final-status
  • agreement. By pursuing this policy, Israel is
  • preventing the Palestinian Authority from
  • demanding the land on grounds that Palestinians
  • live there. Demolition of houses is a convenient
  • way to expel residents from the area.

Israeli forces are still demolishing houses in large numbers under
false pretenses and justifications to serve the overall purpose
of the Zionist state to uproot and drive as many Palestinians
out of their houses and lands as possible and to build more
illegal settlements. According to B'Tselem's recent statistics, in
the last two years (2006-2007) in the West Bank alone 165
houses were demolished leaving 724 people homeless, and
between 2004-2007 in east Jerusalem alone 300 houses
were demolished leaving 939 Palestinians homeless. House
demolitions have a severe impact on the Palestinian
people, affecting the economy and agriculture and
causing severe trauma to children, women and men
who fall victim to this war crime.

Amnesty International
Electronic Intifada - A history of destruction Report, BADIL, May 18 2004


The deviance of Zionist U.S.armed forces revisited.

The little sow, also known as Specialist (Of what ? sex abuse)
England. Where was an IED to blow this piece of
Zionist excrement to hell ?

Better an evil piece of swine like this, than some
naive sap who signed up to serve for college money.

Better her than some naive sap, die for Israel.

Zionist America needs anyone It can find to
fight It's never ending wars for Israel. No
matter how demented.

The Dominatrix of the Zionists sexual deviance
dungeon, also known as Abu Ghraib. Talk
about a way to win "hearts and minds ". But
Zionists wouldn't know the
first thing of honor or dignity.

Judging by "her" masculine
features, It Is a safe bet she Is
a man hating typical American

Lynndie England and Charles Graner posing with prisoners ordered to form human pyramid

This Is what America considers
a professional army ? One
that produces homo-erotic
photographs. This this was a
to attempt to humiliate
demoralize Iraqi's. The
arrogance backfired as
usual , It
just enraged Arabs and
the civilized
world! This encouraged
more resistance.

A firsthand account from a captive of the Zionist sodomites.

They said we will make you wish to die and it will not
happen [...] They stripped me naked. One of them told me he
would rape me. He drew a picture of a woman to my back and
makes me stand in shameful position holding my buttocks.
Ameen Saeed Al-Sheik, detainee No. 151362,

"there are tapes of American soldiers sodomizing Iraqi
boys, and these tapes are being held by the Bush
administration: "The boys were sodomized with the cameras
rolling, and the worst part is the soundtrack, of the
boys shrieking"


The Zionist occupiers love to humiliate and
torment Iraqi P.O.W's , physically and mentally.

IRAQI prisoners were forced to crawl through broken glass and wear
women's sanitary products, according to the female soldier at the
centre of the Baghdad jail abuse scandal.

Private Lynndie England, pictured pointing at a naked Iraqi prisoner
and holding another by a leash, also reportedly told investigators
inmates at the Abu Ghraib prison, near Baghdad, were beaten and
had wounds stitched by untrained guards with needle and thread.

Other former guards at the jail told how a hooded detainee died
after being taken to a shower room for interrogation by the CIA.

However, in a statement by investigators, obtained by the Los
Angeles Times, Private England, said "everyone in the company
from the commander down" knew what was going on. She said
guards forced detainees to crawl on their hands and knees on
broken glass, threw a heavy ball at handcuffed prisoners and
forced male detainees to wear women's "maxi pads".

Private England told investigators much of the abuse was "basically
us fooling around ... we thought it looked funny, so pictures were
taken," she said. However, she added: "Personnel from MI (military
intelligence) and OGA (other government agency) would tell us to
keep it up, that we were doing a good job."

They were encouraged and congratulated by
American government agencies. In her words
the physical and
mental torture was "basically us
fooling around ... we thought
it looked funny, so
pictures were taken." This Is the
Army of the nation
that presents Itself as the champion
of human
rights ! To these degenerates, the torture
Iraqi P.O.W's was a way to amuse themselves.

Is Abu Ghraib where Americas outed sexual
deviants and most Incompetent section 8's were
sent? Or Is the whole Army just a reflection of the

Fucking moronic
society America has become
for the most part ?

One of the previously unreleased images released in February 2006 by SBS in Australia, showing a man covered in excrement forced to pose for the camera

One of the previously unreleased images released in
February 2006 by SBS in Australia, showing a man covered
in excrement forced to pose for the camera.


A sadistic U.S. soldier bravely beating tied
up captives. This Is what the Zionist
American Army considers valor.

Satar Jabar standing on a box with wires connected to his body

Why was he forced to dress like
this ? What kind of Satanic symbolism
does this photo represent ? All black with
that hood, sickening and wicked.

Spc. Charles Graner poses over Manadel al-Jamadi's corpse.

A U.S. Zionist soldier proud a
Detainee has died. Respect
of the dead Is another
honor the Satanic Zionist lacks.

"Hearts and Minds" were not won with such
actions. The Zionists just encouraged more recruits
from the Arab and Islamic world to oppose them.

Iraqi's aren't too enthused by the
Zionist U.S. occupation.

Why weren't these War criminals tried In the Hague. Why
Is It that the Zionist Israel controlled United States, and
Israel It's controller state are above the law ?

How can they condemn any other people or
nation ? When they carry out such acts and
shield their soldiers from International
law. Just as their controller state Israel does.

This was a gross violation of the
Geneva conventions. And there will be
no war crimes charges.

The America In Which Our Politicians Created

By Odessa

The image “http://us.altermedia.info/images/Israeliflagtortureword.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

I pledge allegiance to the Flag
of the Corporate Zionist States of America,
and to the Republic of greed for which it stands:
a multi-cultural Nation under atheism, divisible,
With Liberty and Justice for none but the elites.

Does Anybody else ever ask what the hell happened to
America ? It would seem not.Too many have become
too self absorbed into their own little world of creature
comforts. Does It not matter that we now have an out of
control Government that attempts to micromanage every
aspect of our lives?We earn less,work more and get taxed
more and all Is just hunky dory for those who have a
Minivan and a nice McMansion with a three car
garage. Nevermind the fact that your credit Is nearly
maxed out, your job may be outsourced to China or India
at a moments notice. Then what ? Try getting another high
paying Job with a market that Is depressed by the hordes of
Illegal Aliens and Immigrants brought here by
Corporations for cheap labor . And to think you sacrificed
having a family or neglected the one you have for an
unappreciative employer. One that will dispose of you
at the drop of a dime If It's cost effective.

What most Americans have become today.

Does It not bother you that we now have a growing police
state in the works ? We now have SWAT teams which act
like the Gestapo ready to smash Into your home At a
moments notice. Nothing to hide, nothing to fear you
say ? Well thanks to George W, they now do not need any
proof to violate your rights. All they need Is an accusation
from a neighbor or the fact that you are "Different" and
therefore suspicious. We have Cops arresting children In
kindergartens , cops using tasers over every little thing and
actually murdering citizens. But It's alright to the sheeple
that Americans have become. As long as they are protecting
them from Osama Bin Laden,who could also be known as
Americas Emmanuel Goldstein. How convenient his taped
messages pop up when the State needs a distraction from
It's failures.


Americans For the most part have gotten so afraid of
their own shadows, thank you Corporate media. You
Have now turned most of Americans Into a fear induced
population of chickens without heads. Most do not even
think anymore, just overreact and do whatever the
manipulative Government advises ! Do you really
think the Government Has your Interest In
mind ? They stand for the Global Zionist Elites. What
Nation that had It's peoples Interests at heart would
treat them as prisoners to board an Airplane, have
Police checkpoints on Highways, And encourage
neighbors to spy on neighbors ? Sound like Nazi
Germany or the Soviet Union ? No America today !

Do you think they would tell you the truth ?

And then most Americans have been blinded by the media
to believe the exact opposite. When will you people get
It ? The Media Is State owned via the Corporations that
own and have hijacked our Government. It Is no longer
that our politicians serve us, but their Zionist Corporate
masters who buy them through lobbyists. The media
means the opposite of all It says. It will tell you that
we are the most free people In the World, never mind
we cannot travel without Identification or being
searched. or the fact that we must deal with aggressive
police looking to arrest or cite anybody for anything. They
will tell you we are a strong united nation, Never mind
that we have evolved Into a Nation of squabbling ethnic
tribes, this was accomplished purposely through the 1965
Immigration act and unrestricted Illegal Mexican
Immigration. They will tell you we are strong
economically, yet our Industrial and Technology
jobs keep going overseas. Top that off
with Illegals taking every job for below minimum
wages, who will businesses hire ? Illegals and third
world Immigrants who will work for less as they are
accustomed to less. Kiss your standard of living and
the American dream goodbye. Do you really think your
Corporate Media masters would tell you this ? Do you
want to really leave your children a future worse than
what you had ? An Impoverished third world America.

Our Infrastructure Is collapsing, Yet we can fight a
never ending Middle East adventure for Israel. Iran
will undoubtedly be next as the mindless media rants
about the grave threat It poses to America. Never mind
America spends more on weaponry than all the world
Combined !!!

Top this off with the fact that Americans can no longer
have an Intelligent debate. We have become a Nation of
Name calling children, what passes as a debate Is now
an exchange of yelling and Insults. No wonder America
cannot see what Is happening when It has methodically
and purposely been dumbed down. A Nation of educated
fools from uneducated schools. But It's alright as long as
most Americans can catch American Idol tonight or
follow some superficial Hollywood sluts latest moronic
adventures though. Wake up people ! It Is the 11th hour
and most of you are still asleep.