Monday, March 24, 2008

Germany's Merkel Licks The Boots Of Zionist Israel

Germany Is still foreign occupied after all
these years !

Germans Enraged By
Merkel's Grovelling Goy Show

By Michael James in Germany
As Angela Merkel this week genuflected in an obscene
show of gratuitous and fawning grovelling before the
bandit state of Israel, a 'nation' born in a sea of blood
and built upon the corpses of murdered Palestinians
and desecrated centuries-old orange groves, the people
of Germany, privately, or after-hours in local cafes
and taverns among trusted friends and neighbours,
seethed with barely repressed rage.

"She said we only exist to enrich them, or words to
that effect," a usually reserved and mild-mannered
local restaurateur told me as I dropped by for
cigarettes. "Why doesn't she just move there? The
Israelis can keep her because we don't need her. She's
done nothing for us!"

The proprietor looked out across the empty tables
that, eight years ago, were all fully booked from Monday
through to Sunday. Despite an up tick during the World
Football Championship year of 2006, she's running
at a loss again. She wonders how much longer she
can keep her family business going. She wonders
why the German government has betrayed her by
attacking the middle class.
"All they care about is Israel. Nothing's too good for
them, especially my taxes."

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