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The Joys Of Multiculturalism

Only to the makers of these stupid propaganda
posters, the diversity consultant
hustlers who
make big money off of It, and the Bolshevik

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Multiculturalism And Alligators

Better Than NASCAR

May 12, 2006

It is possible to derive an ashen satisfaction from watching
really stupid people dancing on a tight rope over a den of
alligators. At each resounding dental snap one yells
Yeeeeeeeee-ha! Told you so!” and reaches for another beer.

It makes a better Saturday night than a six pack and a
bug zapper.

From the Washington Post: “Nearly half of the nation's children
under 5 are racial or ethnic minorities, and the percentage is
increasing mainly because the Hispanic population is growing so
rapidly, according to a census report released today.”

Now in newspaper parlance, “minorities” means “permanently
underperforming and inassimilable minorities,” which is to say
blacks, Latinos and, when anybody remembers, American
Indians. It very seldom means successful minorities, such as
Chinese, Greeks, white men, Jews, or Anglo-Saxons.

As we look forward to a massive slewing away from the dominance
of European whites in America, what may we expect? What will
these huge minority populations do? It is instructive to look at
what they have done so far.

Some thirteen percent of the country is now black, and thirteen
percent Latino: over a quarter in all. Blacks remain intractably
far below the white population academically. An astounding
proportion can’t read, and of those who can, few do. The gap
hasn’t closed, despite Head Start, integrated schools, segregated
schools, more funding, welfare, black teachers, black school
boards, black mayors, remedial instruction, or anything else.

The gap appears on every known test of mental capacity or
scholarly achievement—SATs, GREs, ACT, LSATs, MedCats,
Stanford-Binet, Wechsler, Raven’s matrices. Nothing makes a
difference. Everything has been tried. Because of this, we got
affirmative action or, as kids once said, make believe.

Further, blacks are not assimilating. Despite pushing, shoving,
laws, legislation, regulation, and relentless indoctrination, the
races are not melding at a rate that will produce results any
time soon. The huge black necrotic regions of the cities, that
whites never see, are so big and isolated as to be impervious
to outside influence. If you have not spent time in police cars
in such places, you cannot imagine the hopelessness and hatred
that brood there. If you think that “hatred” is too hard a
word, go look. I have. Whether the hatred is justified doesn’t
matter. It exists.

Yes, I will be called a racist for saying these things. I hope
so. Today, “racist” means “one who says what everybody
else knows.” It is a badge of intellectual honor. Nonetheless, it
remains that if I could change any of these conditions, I
would. I don't enjoy seeing people in lousy circumstance. I
just don’t know what to do about it. Neither does anyone else.

Now, Latinos. Americans seem to think that the word denotes
one kind of people, namely Mexicans, conceived as sitting
torpidly under cactuses while wearing sombreros. Actually
the variety of Latinos is great, from Argentines who amount
to Europeans to Bolivians who are Indians. The Latinos
coming into America are heavily Indian and uneducated. Mexican
ophthalmologists do not swim the river. Mexicans who can
make a decent living do not want to live in the United States. Thus
the US gets the losers, the second-grade educations, people who
on average have neither the intellect nor the urge to
study. Yes, there are exceptions. But they are exceptions.

Everyone says, “But the Hispanics work hard.” They do
indeed, in the first generation. Many people in fields such
as construction have told me that the Latinos are the backbone
of their operations, that blacks don’t want to work, have
attitudes, show up if they feel like it and quit without warning. The
Latinos work, now. Their children do terribly in school, however,
drop out, and lose the desire to work. Then they join gangs.

Nice white people don’t know about gangs. Maybe they think
of West Side Story. I used to ride in Chicago, with the PD and
with the South Side Gang Initiative, a federally funded program
in the rotting satellite cities, Markham, Robbins, and Fort
Ord. I saw the gangs. There were the Black Gangster Disciples, the
Vice Lords, the Latin Kings, the Latin Cobras, the P Stones, the
El Ruykins who came out of the old Blackstone Rangers and,
earlier, Blackstone Raiders. They aren’t the Jets, people. They’re
killers. And they loathe white America.

I once interviewed a ranking Vice Lord in the Cook Country
Jail. Why, I asked, did blacks kill each other so much? “They’d
rather kill whites,” he answered, “but they know they’d
lose.” There's a lot of that. When I left Washington four years
ago, Mara Salvatrucha (look on the web) was appearing in
Arlington, Virginia, and now their graffiti are show up in
Springfield, Virginia.

Law enforcement in America relies on having a white population
that is mostly law-abiding. It has no good way of responding to
large numbers of violent criminals, especially when they are
backed by politically potent voting blocs. The crucial question,
or a crucial question, is what proportion of the new minorities
will fall into the permanent underclass? How much permanent
underclass can the nation stand?

Another crucial question is this: If half the children today are
of minorities, then in no more than eighteen years half the kids
of college age will be. Unless they show a sudden scholarly afflatus
which has not heretofore been in evidence, this means that soon
the US will have to compete with China with the brains of only
half the nation. This is not to mention secondary effects, such as
enstupidating all schools to hide the failures of the minorities. Do
you suppose that the Chinese are doing that?

Now, from the same story in the Washington Post, this: “William
H. Frey, a demographer with the Brookings Institution, predicted
that the United States will have 'a multicultural population that
will probably be more tolerant, accommodating to other races
and more able to succeed in a global economy.'"

How heart-warming. I suggest that William H. Frey is a thoroughgoing
fool, but this is common among academics.The whole touchy-feely
multy-culty idea that forcing people together will make them love
one another, kum bah yah, is simply wrong. Right now, there is a
tremendous repressed hostility between blacks and whites, the
lid being held on by federal power, tight control of the press, and
rigorous political correctness. Whites, huge numbers of them, detest
Latino immigrants and would love to expel them from the
country. Serious friction grows between blacks and Latinos as Latinos
push blacks out of regions they once controlled. We’re not moving
toward accommodation. We’re moving toward trouble.

What will happen as the economy declines and the minorities
continue growing in number? As they continue demanding through
political power what they cannot obtain on their merits? As
standards of living drop, and the pie isn’t creamy enough to give
everyone juicy freebies?

It will be nothing if not entertaining. Bring it on. Love them alligators.

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