Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Sign Of Things To Come

L.A. Mexicans and Blacks displaying
exemplary civic values !

Just wait until the economy gets even worse. Watch this video of
Mexicans (Illegal ?) And Blacks destroying a Korean store. The
Korean merchants are fed up and engage In a gun battle attempting
to defend their store. A car of Black thugs fires at them, A reporter
tells Mexicans that what they are doing Is wrong, and they
tell her that they don't care. Oh ,the joys of Multiculturalism !

And Bolsheviks say It Is our strength ? They say It enriches
our culture ? Only to those suffering from delusion, and have
never walked through our ruinous cities that are 3rd world
ghettos. Multiculturalism Is wonderful for those who
live In gated communities, they don't have to deal with It's
corrosive effects.

Thank the Zionist Hart-Cellar Immigration Act of 1965 for
flooding America with 3rd worlders that despise
America. And the "Civil Rights" movement that excused
Blacks of civil behavior.

Here Is The Result Of the Zionist's

video- mexicans and blacks trash korean store

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