Wednesday, March 26, 2008

On "Political Correctness"

"Political Correctness", I wonder why people follow this stupid
Bolshevik Invention. If you know the reality of the World, speak
up about It. Stop hiding your head In the sand, truthfully what
are you hiding for ?

Is It because you think your thoughts are truly wrong ? Or
because you are afraid of what the Commissars and their
Bolshevik PC foot soldiers may think ? Or Is It the State
Imposed Sanctions you fear for defying the "Politically
Correct " dogmas ? Why even care about being branded a
"Politically Incorrect" heretic by the mindless Leftists
anymore ?

Nothing changes by living like an ostrich. And true change
requires some risk. Common sense and truth always
triumphs over State created fantasies In the end. If It
Isn't unraveling, why are they trying so fiercely to maintain
the facade ?

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