Monday, March 24, 2008

Zionist Orchestrated Nazi's In Chile - Another Kosher Scheme

Oh no ! Nazi's are rising up In Chile say Zionists !

Their Jewish Fuhrer

Not your "typical'' Nazi's -His army of mestizos (White
Native Indian mixed )

When Economies Fail The Zionists Create Diversions

Chile is run by an elite Jewish group who control
the coppermines, the major agricultural output, the
professions, thegovernment, and the Universities. In the
1990s theMestizos became restless, and wanted a piece
oftheir own country. Naturally the Chosen Ones had
to regain control, and suddenly secret Death Squads

Today we have the Neo Nazis, and a pending race war.

Something Odd Happened

Chileans actually started to organize. In the
mid 1990stherewas a group that called for
'Chile for the Chileans' and in protest against
a 'Jewish control of everything'. They
were fed up with Zionists dominating
the wealth.

Israeli Troops Sent In

The Chilean movement started in the countryside south of Santiago, and was becoming a Zorro like hero. Chile's ruling Zionists feared a revolution and actually brought in Israeli troops. The first leader disappears.

Chile's Racial Make-up

Chile's ethnic structure can be classified as 30% white, 5% Native American and 65% predominantly white mestizos. Whites are mostly Spanish in origin (mainly Castilians, Andalusians and Basques), and to a much lesser degree from Chile's various waves of immigrants.

What Is It All About?

If Chile goes into an economic downturn, then even the middle class will be effected. You could have the white Castilian unite with the mestizos, and their focus becomes the rape of Chile, and then the Zionists are in for a neck-tie-party. What these Nazis; mission is to do is unite the Mestizos, then blame the Castilians for their economic woes, and there lies the fight. The brown Mestizos fight the white Castilians.

The Zionists sit safely in their gated communities, and let everyone kill each other. Whether it's Shiite against Sunni, American against Hispanic, or the French white grands blancs against the black Muslim, the Zionists have their fall guys.

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