Friday, March 28, 2008

America's Politicians Photographed In Their Finest Moments

America , a land where the patients run the asylum !

George Bush during an uncomfortable moment
"I'll just close my eyes and pretend I'm somewhere else"
Who said Bush wasn't particularly Intelligent ?
Who said Bush wasn't articulate ?
"Hail Satan"
Hillary enraged she may not get the
Democratic nomination

" I wanted to be President, It's my
birthright Dammit !"
Hillary experiencing some unexplainable
"technical difficulties"

A joyous Barack Obama
"American's actually believe the
change ride I'm taking them on "

John McCain photographed during
an "accident"

Nancy Pelosi - Possessed by Satan ?
Obviously suffering from psychiatric problems
Who the Hell would vote for this demented clown ?
Dick Cheney In a relatively cheerful mood as usual
"Kill, Kill, Kill, I Must Kill !"
Condeleeza upset over being Affirmative-Action
window dressing

"It just Isn't fair !"

She wanted to be Vice-President and
AA let her down

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