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Another Incident Of Anti-Christ Harrassment

Stalin would be proud of the "Politically Correct" and
society America has become. Two of the
Soviet Unions dogmas that
currently are American
government de facto policies.

Street preacher claims police harassment
'I got the distinct impression they wanted me to move'

© 2008 WorldNetDaily

A man who wants to spread the word about Jesus in his town
of Alma, Ark., says he was intimidated by officials from the local
school district as well as police officers when they approached him
on a public sidewalk and told him to find another place to preach.

Daniel Guyeski, who told WND he feels called to preach to his
community, said a vice principal from Alma High School first
warned him against speaking on the sidewalk, then two police
officers approached him and made a suggestion.

"I got the distinct impression they wanted me to move," he told
WND. He said he felt intimidated and left, instead of continuing
his gospel message.

Police officials confirmed to WND they contacted Guyeski, but that
he was on a public sidewalk and was doing nothing wrong.

Police Chief Russell White did, however, tell WND that there were
"issues" with Guyeski and his office had been contacted by a nearby
police department in Fort Smith about the preacher.

Guyeski said when police confronted him they also accused him of
having issues with a girlfriend in Fort Smith, but he explained that
that issue must concern someone else because he is married and
lives in Alma.

Guyeski told WND he was preaching on the public sidewalk across
the street of Alma High School when an assistant principal
approached him and told him to move down the road, to a location
near a fire station, and he complied.

Then, however, he told WND that officers from Alma's police
department approached him, demanded his identification and then
after the vice principal approached the group, told him, "You need to
find a better time and place to preach."

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Another example of todays Anti-Christ perversion-

Ex-partner argues in court faith 'is harmful to children'

The State Wants Your Babies DNA !

The state of affairs In the Western world today, are
proving that Orwell's
1984 Is less a work of
fiction, and more of a prophecy.

Newborns' DNA targeted for state research, profiling
'What good is the privacy law if government warehouses data?'

By Bob Unruh
© 2008 WorldNetDaily

The state of Minnesota has advanced a plan to own the DNA of
newborns, preserving it in a warehouse for use in genetic research,
experimentation, manipulation, and profiling, according to an
advocacy organization seeking to protect the privacy of that
individual information.

"Citizen DNA is citizen property. The government should be required
to ask, not allowed to take," said Twila Brase, president of the
Citizens' Council on Health Care, a Minnesota-based organization
familiar with the progress in that state.

"If this bill becomes law, each year 73,000 newborn citizens will not
be protected by the state genetic privacy law. The [state] will take
their DNA and unless the parents figure it out, the government will
keep it," she said.

"Children grow up. Eventually, every citizen will have their DNA
owned by state government and available for government to engage
in genetic research, experimentation, manipulation, and profiling,"
she warned. "What good is the state genetic privacy law if government
warehousing and analysis of every child's DNA from birth is exempt
from its informed consent protections?"

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Photos Of The Zionist Governments Police State In Action

The reason that the Zionist Government wants
"Gun Control". It will make your oppression
much easier. It Is the reason slaves are
not permitted to own firearms. So they will
never have an armed revolt against oppression.

APC used to raid the Mormon compound In Texas 2008.
Daring anyone to cross the blue line.
A run of the mill Rambo thug cop.
Ready to launch tear gas on those who dare to
exercise their 1st Amendment
Police thugs with M-16's

Military select fire rifles for use on the
American people.

The Elian Gonzalez kidnapping by Zionist
government thugs.

Waco 1993 , Zionist Government goons burning the
Branch Davidians alive.

Militarized police- New Orleans under martial law.

Violate evacuation and get shot, detained If you're lucky.

New Orleans 2005

Police officer with what appears to be a
scoped M-14.

New Orleans 2005, A disarmed population
Is an easy to control population. A disarmed
population Is an easy to bully and oppress
What happens to those who dare to protest against
the Zionist government. Soon
It will be bullets.
Police "professionalism".

Cocky and tough with unarmed women.
Another display of Police "professionalism".

Protesters are seen as punching bags to
vent out frustrations.
"Don't Fuck with the police scumbags"= Their
mentality towards
the American people.

Who Really Shot First At Waco ? Zionist Government Goons

To the victims of Waco -R.I.P.

It Is 15 years later, but you are not

Just like what they do to the Palestinians. The corpse
of Shari Doyle after
being executed by Zionist
Government goons.

Young beautiful Shari Doyle ,before her and 80 others
were sentenced to
death by Zionist Government thugs.
Your Government at work. Young Kathrine
Andrade's remains.

Beautiful young Kathrine Andrade before the
Zionist Government goon
squad executed her and 80 others.

The wounded BATF man has been tentatively identified as BATF
agent who shot himself in the leg while climbing a ladder. Note that
he is being assisted from the area in full view of the upper floor
windows of the church, apparently unconcerned with the
possibility of gunfire from the occupants of the church.

The vehicle at the right is the horse trailer in which the BATF
agents arrived for the raid. The top of it is canvas. It also shows
no signs of any bullet holes, even though the Branch Davidians, had
the been so inclined, would have been well advised to shoot through
it to the BATF agents inside, and later, hiding behind.

The public has been told that the members of the church had .50
caliber rifles. Had they used them, the cars and trucks would have
not stopped the bullets and there would be bullet holes on the sides
of the vehicles facing the cameras where the rounds exited.

In short, there is nothing in these photos to support the suggestion
that the members of the church were actually firing on the BATF at
this point in the raid, let alone that the members of the church
fired first.

To read more and for more pictures -

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There Must Never Be Another Waco!
Chuck Rehearses The Branch Davidian Raid in 1993
Pastor Chuck Baldwin

Friday, April 18, 2008

The Zionist Governments Texas Raid

A Zionist Government goon soldier ready to
murder civilians If ordered to.

Americans that refuse to play ball and
conform to their twisted society are
enemies. The police now have
military APC's to
use on American
citizens. Terrorists aren't the enemy
these clowns, the American people are.

The moron that made the fake "16 year old rape
victim " call. This piece of trash set It all In motion.

Who Made The Initial Call That Provoked The Raid

Flora Jessop, who the FLDS rejected, is the outspoken
critic of polygamist practices, says she thinks she may
have talked to Rozita Swinton on the phone.

The Colorado Springs police arrested 33-year-old
Rozita Swinton at her home on Wednesday on a
charge of false reporting to authorities.

The "Rape Victim Caller" Rozita Swinton

"In her little baby voice, she said, 'If you rescue me, and
I get out of here, do you think the black people will hurt
me?' " Walker said. "She had done her homework. She
knew it was a racist cult (To them anyone that
wants to live outside of this sick society Is
racist = another Zionist media propaganda
stereotype. Racist Is a trigger word. It
gets the brainwashed to
condemn someone or something as evil,
without even bothering to decide for
). We know that these kids are very
frightened of black people (Say the Zionists
media= another example of
their defamation
propaganda. The brainwashed will swallow
this up and condemn FLDS as monsters

"The Texas Rangers told us she was obsessed with
the FLDS. They confiscated tons of material on the
FLDS (in the search of Swinton's home). She even
gave real addresses and real names of FLDS people."

I knew this Bullshit was orchestrated as an excuse
to raid the
Mormon sect. And now some Idiotic Bitch
has been arrested for false
reporting. The "16 year old
rape victim" was fake. Anyone who knows the
Zionist media for what It Is knew this. They are
liars, why do some of you still trust their words ?

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You Are Not Allowed To Live Outside Of The Zionist Jew System

More PC Insanity From Orwellian England

Police charged Down's syndrome boy

with mental age of five

When two police officers came to interview Jamie Bauld, a
polite, friendly Down’s syndrome boy with a mental age of
about 5, he welcomed them with a big smile and a handshake. As
the officers read him his rights and charged him with assault
and racial abuse, he agreed with everything they said, then
thanked them for coming to see him.

Yesterday Jamie’s parents told The Times that they had been
through a seven-month ordeal with the Scottish legal system
over what they described as a minor fracas between two youngsters
with learning difficulties.

Jamie, 18, cannot tie his shoelaces or leave home on his own, nor
can he understand simple verbal concepts such as whether a door
is open or shut. But his parents said that he was charged with
attacking a fellow student, an Asian girl who also had special needs.

Jamie’s parents described as “utterly ridiculous” the actions of the
authorities in bringing adult charges against their son, who they
said was not only innocent, but unable to comprehend why he had
been in trouble.

They believe that he was a victim of the zero-tolerance policy
on racism under which police have to respond to any
complaint, however minor.

Experts in Down’s syndrome say that the case shows
insensitivity and is an example of bureaucracy gone mad.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

R.I.P. Laika

A statue In memory of Laika In Russia

Laika was launched Into space on the Sputnik-2 November 3,
1957. Laika died In space (reasons vary), there was no recovery
plan in place . So Laika was effectively dead upon launch. Sputnik-2
did 2,370 orbits with poor Laikas lifeless body inside. On April
14, 1958 Sputnik-2 fell from orbit and burned up In the Earths
atmoshere. Laikas remains and Sputnik-2 were destroyed. For
her sacrifice, Laika Is remembered as a hero In Russia to this
day. I always feel bad thinking about how she was all alone In
space far above the Earth, In her tiny cabin left to die.

"The more time passes, the more I'm sorry....
We shouldn't have done it....
We did not learn enough from the mission to justify
the death of the dog." - Soviet Scientist

R.I.P. Laika

Memorial to Laika

Monday, April 14, 2008

The Thought Police Are Watching You

Picture from

This has already been known for a long time by those who
the sheep society Ignorantly call conspiracy nuts. How do
you sheep feel now ? Big Brother Is getting more bolder by
announcing this to all. And this country condemns China
for Internet censorship ! As more truth gets revealed, they
will begin to crackdown on the Internet more Intensely. Still
feel free ?

The Satanic Zionist War On Germans

The Baphomet Conspiracy And
The Laboratory Of Fear

How Satanic Zionists and the German Secret
Service Use Psychological Terror and Assassination
to Silence German Patriots and Prevent the
Restoration of the True German Government
By Michael James in Germany

Martina Pflock was an attractive, middle-aged woman
who had high hopes for her inquisitive and energetic
eight-year-old daughter. She had a remarkable vision
of the future and, having stumbled upon knowledge
legally accessible to ordinary people but deliberately
obscured by the ruling caste, she shared what she knew
with others and gave hope to a town ravaged by government
corruption. The year was 2004.

Martina, who was surprised to find she had a gift for
public speaking, had found herself pushed to the
forefront of a local campaign in Friedrichroda against
municipal price gouging on the treatment of wastewater
and sewage. She discovered something else that is readily
admitted by constitutional lawyers and reluctantly
acknowledged by nervous government officials. The
Federal Republic of Germany (BRD), devised by
the post-war occupying authorities in the western
sector as a corporate settlement agency not designed
to replace the pre-Hitler German Reich of 1918,
had, following re-unification, legally expired on 18
July 1990 by dint of an international treaty, just
three months before the official reunification of West and East
Germany. [1]

She quickly realised that Germans were living in a state
that simply did not exist; that none of the officials she was
fighting had any right to govern; that only the pre-Weimar
German Reich had the legal authority to raise taxes and not
the BRD; that all of the laws of the land were constitutionally
invalid. The German people, if only they learned the
truth, were free. [2]

The more she learned, the more she discovered that
natural-born Germans had been the victims of a cruel
hoax: an 86-year experiment in pre-scripted political
developments, manipulative historiography, and Satanic
mind-control under the auspices of a wealthy and powerful
Judeo-Masonic elite. The more she realised the scale of
the deception, the more determined she was to secure "a
future worth living" for her daughter. And the more she
spoke out about the Jewish power matrix, the more
anxious the government became.

Everyone who met Martina Pflock fell in love with her. Everyone,
that is, except the three men she threatened to expose as
criminals at the centre of a vast web of fraud and deceit:
State Attorney, Andreas Trautvetter, Christean Wagner and the
socialist Mayor, Klaus Henniges.

The political elites in Berlin began to panic. Surreptitious
phone calls were placed on encrypted satellite channels at
the dead of night. Something had to give.

On 2 November 2004, a dispassionate Hessen Radio report
casually mentioned that a woman and her child had died
instantly in a head-on collision with a tree on a remote
country lane. Her name was Martina Pflock. Friedrichroda
went into shock and strangers comforted each other on the
streets as they broke down and cried.

The local newspaper published a brief report. Then a
news blackout ensued. [3]

Nobody knew who had been the first at the scene of the
accident because officials said they didn't know. Nobody
knew exactly how Martina and her daughter had died
because no inquest was held. Nobody knew where the
bodies were kept because nobody was informed; and
nobody got the chance to pay their last respects because
the corpses were hurriedly cremated in Gotha, a town
almost 30 miles away from Friedrichroda.

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The True Dalai Lama Behind The Western Media Fabrication

The West Is shown the Dalai Lama as a kind old wise man. But the
truth Is another matter. Read about what the Western Media doesn't
tell you about Tibet before Chinese Intervention. And to think that
this Is actually a case where a Communist regime actually gave
people more freedom. Tibet was actually a more repressive regime
than any Communist nation ! Free Tibet campaigners where were
you before 1949 ? Compared to the Dalai Lama regime, Tibet
Is free.

The True Face Of
The Dalai Lama

by Kalovski at

This is a backgrounder of the struggle in Tibet and
how the US has been building up Dalai Lama to
pursue their ideological struggle. In the US many
uninformed people had been awed by his philosophy
on "peace" and "non-violence". This article will
bare facts to the real color and intent of the Lama,
why the US had given him a Nobel Prize and many
more. - Kalovski Itim, The True Story of Maoist
Revolution in Tibet, When the Dalai Lamas
Ruled: Hell on Earth

Revolutionary Worker #944, February 15, 1998

Hard Climate, Heartless Society

Tibet is one of the most remote places in the
world. It is centered on a high mountain plateau
deep in the heart of Asia. It is cut off from South
Asia by the Himalayas, the highest mountains in
the world. Countless river gorges and at least six
different mountain ranges carve this region into
isolated valleys. Before all the changes brought
about after the Chinese revolution of 1949, there
were no roads in Tibet that wheeled vehicles could
travel. All travel was over winding, dangerous
mountain trails­by mule, by foot or by yaks which
are hairy cow-like mountain animals. Trade,
communications and centralized government
were almost impossible to maintain.

Most of Tibet is above the tree-line. The air is very
thin. Most crops and trees won't grow there. It was
a struggle to grow food and even find fuel for fires.

At the time of the revolution, the population of Tibet
was extremely spread out. About two or three million
Tibetans lived in an area half the size of the United
States­about 1.5 million square miles. Villages,
monasteries and nomad encampments were often
separated by many days of difficult travel.

Maoist revolutionaries saw there were "Three Great
Lacks" in old Tibet: lack of fuel, lack of communications,
and lack of people. The revolutionaries analyzed that
these "Three Great Lacks" were not mainly caused by
the physical conditions, but by the social system. The
Maoists said that the "Three Great Lacks" were caused
by the "Three Abundances" in Tibetan society:
"Abundant poverty, abundant oppression and
abundant fear of the supernatural."

Class Society in Old Tibet

Tibet was a feudal society before the revolutionary
changes that started in 1949. There were two main
classes: the serfs and the aristocratic serf owners.
The people lived like serfs in Europe's "Dark Ages,"
or like African slaves and sharecroppers of the U.S.

Tibetan serfs scratched barley harvest from the hard
earth with wooden plows and sickles. Goats, sheep
and yaks were raised for milk, butter, cheese and
meat. The aristocratic and monastery masters owned
the people, the land and most of the animals. They
forced the serfs to hand over most grain and demanded
all kinds of forced labor (called ulag). Among the
serfs, both men and women participated in hard
labor, including ulag. The scattered nomadic peoples
of Tibet's barren western highlands were also owned
by lords and lamas.

The Dalai Lama's older brother Thubten Jigme Norbu
claims that in the lamaist social order, "There is no
class system and the mobility from class to class
makes any class prejudice impossible." But the
whole existence of this religious order was based
on a rigid and brutal class system.

Serfs were treated like despised "inferiors"­the way
Black people were treated in the Jim Crow South.
Serfs could not use the same seats, vocabulary or
eating utensils as serf owners. Even touching one
of the master's belongings could be punished by
whipping. The masters and serfs were so distant
from each other that in much of Tibet they spoke
different languages.

It was the custom for a serf to kneel on all fours so
his master could step on his back to mount a horse.
Tibet scholar A. Tom Grunfeld describes how one
ruling class girl routinely had servants carry her up
and down stairs just because she was lazy. Masters
often rode on their serfs' backs across streams.

The only thing worse than a serf in Tibet was a
"chattel slave," who had no right to even grow a
few crops for themselves. These slaves were often
starved, beaten and worked to death. A master could
turn a serf into a slave any time he wanted. Children
were routinely bought and sold in Tibet's capital,
Lhasa. About 5 percent of the Tibetan people were
counted as chattel slaves. And at least another 10
percent were poor monks who were really "slaves
in robes."

The lamaist system tried to prevent any escape.
Runaway slaves couldn't just set up free farms
in the vast empty lands. Former serfs explained
to revolutionary writer Anna Louise Strong that
before liberation, "You could not live in Tibet
without a master. Anyone might pick you up as an
outlaw unless you had a legal owner."

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Night Of The Living Goyim

Self appointed "Gods chosen ones" .In their
Zionist beliefs, you are considered as
an Inferior "animal" to serve

Straight from the Zionist Jews mouth-

"Our race is the Master Race. We are divine gods
on this planet. We are as different from the inferior
races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our
race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at
best. Other races are considered as human
excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior
races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our
leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our
feet and serve us as our slaves." — Menachem Begin
- Israeli Prime Minister 1977–1983

Night Of The Living Goyim
Ending How Zionists View The Nations
By Dick Eastman


Zionist Jews believe they are God's Chosen, although
the question of whether the 'God' doing the choosing
is the biblical Almighty Creator, the God of Abraham
or a mere symbol standing for the existence and
self-selected Zionist destiny of the Jews themselves
is debated among them. Either way, being the
Chosen means they are favored to obtain the
inheritance of the genitles and to rule over them
-- and that as the pre-destined masters of the
gentiles they have no obligation to deal fairly
with non-Jewish people or to look out for their
interests. The notion that every man is responsible
to every other man is exactly the opposite of
viewpoint of the Zionist when it comes to the
goyim. Putting gentiles on an equal footing in
ethics and social standing -- genuine friendship
or counting their loss as equal to the loss of a
Jew -- is systematically discouraged, even punished.

For the Zionist Jew, living in America is living "The
Night of the Living Goyim" -- where they are
surrounded by these inferiors whose brute minds,
they insist, are less than human and only know
hate, but who, on the up side, are stupid and can,
by superior cunning, be finagled to do all the work
and all the fighting to sustain the Chosen in the
attainment of their God-ordained position. The
Zionist Jew advances himself by engineering
conflict, be it civil strife or war, in order to keep
the gentiles weak, divided and disorganized and
themselves profiting from that strife in every way
they can contrive.

The "war on terrorism" is a complete fabrication
based on the mass-conditioned delusion that one
man, Osama bin Laden, outwitted the $40 billion
-a-year American intelligence apparatus. The "war
on terrorism" is a war of conquest. Globalisation is
the final march to the "New World Order", not
dominated by Wall Street and the U.S. military-
industrial complex, but used by them by international
finance that is acually in the process of shutting
down Wall Street and the nation -- they enemy to
be destroyed by the Zionists controlling American
"governance" is the American gentile power (talking
about the melting pot here, the people) as the
soi-disant masters of the world scatter to the most
desirable real estate on the planet which has become
these by our default which they planned and
executed -- your default and mine.

So maybe if they are on top it means they have won
the survival-of-the-fittest struggle for place, proving
by virtue of survival in conflict, that they deserve to
be masters. That is certainly what they think. That is
certainly how they congratulate each other. But it is
wrong. Stabbing a great man in the back does not
make the murderer a greater man. Destroying the
efforts of others by sabotage and conspiracy as a
global mafia that has gotten control of the money
and credit system in order to profit from economic
catastrophe and war and to destroy family transmission
of values and responsibility and to dumb-down the
schools and to fill the media with horror and sadism
and pornography, not to mention drugs and the
complete removal of any opportunity to invent and
create. ....

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You Are Not Allowed To Live Outside Of The Zionist Jew System

Jew employed police thugs detaining and bullying
women and children. The story of the 16 year old
"rape" victim Is horse Shit. Zionists pull this same
Shit with everyone that wants to live outside of their
system of oppression. The Jewish media has
already set the stage defaming the Mormon
settlement. So most Americans now think that they
are evil.

How did the 16 year old get the number to the
family crisis center ? The media portrays
the Women of the compound of having no
means of leaving or comunicating with
the outside world. How would she know of
a local family crisis center If according to the
media, she knew nothing of the outside world. As
usual It Just doesn't add up. And also take
Into consideration that the ZIO-PIGS were
itching for four years to find a reason to raid
them. They manufactured one, because you are
not allowed to live outside of the Zionist Jew caste
system of "Chosen One"(Jews) and "Human
Chattel"(Non-Jews). That Is why every group that
tries Is raided, murdered, or slandered In their
media. So the rest of the" Chattel "stays
In line out of fear and the media induced
propaganda ,that those who want to live outside
of the grid are demented mentally and sexually . Same
Shit as Ruby Ridge and Waco, just a different group.
They portrayed Weaver as and his family
as homicidal racists, they portrayed Koresh as a
delusional Messiah and rapist, and
now they slander the Mormons as rapists.

Zionist Jew media reporting again, 1st
rule = slander any enemy or threat
to our agenda.

Please view the link below-

Who The Fuck Do These People Think They Are?

What gives them the right to send in Rangers,
ATF, and FBI to arrest 412 children, and their
mothers? Then they stick them in a
warehouse, while some token Jewess
judge decides who they can live with.

These are the same 'Human Garbage',
the ADL,General Jakob Nemerovsky Clark,
and the Yenta Hillary,
that incinerated the kids
at Waco. Which was really a gun thing, not
just religious, and was seed work
for the OKC bombing.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

What Obama Really Thinks Of You America

The Democratic Clown Hopeful

"It's not surprising, then, they get bitter, they cling to
guns or religion or anti-pathy to people who aren't like them
or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as
away to explain their frustrations." - Obama

Why would
anyone support this Elitist swine ?

The background of the media "Boy Wonder" -

Obama's Background