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The Anti-Christian Idiocy Of Sarah Silverman And Zionists

Sarah Silverman even lacks respect for herself

"I hope the Jews did kill Christ…I'd Fucking
do it again in a second."

Sarah Silverman

And Zionists want Christians as allies against
Islam ! Let Zionists and Zionist Israel
fight for their own survival. You defame
Christianity and Islam, you consider
both faiths as "Goyim", and you think of us as
below you. I think we have more In common with
our Muslim brothers, than with the manipulative and
hateful Zionists. Besides, If It wasn't for Israel
and Zionists controlling the policies of
America , there would be no Western nation
at war with Islam. You Zionists hate us and mock
our faith , then go fight your wars
by yourselves. The only reason the
Muslim World Is angry with the
West , Is because of the biased support
of Zionist Israel.Forget what the babbling
Western media says. Little does the
the West know, Zionism Is nobodies
friend. Zionism just manipulates and
defames other Races and Faiths, and
even fellow Jews who are not Zionists.

“They try to kill the principle of religions with
the same mentality that they betrayed Jesus Christ and
the same way they tried to betray and kill the
Prophet Mohammed.” -

Syrian President Bashar Assad
at May 5 welcoming ceremony for the Pope
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, May 6, 2001

Please view the link below -

Jewish Intolerance Towards Christians

Also see below -

Zionist American media promotes this train
of thought.

Some American High School degenerate posting
on a website again, probably hates Christianity
because It's the "Cool" thing to do now -

The Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion

It Is amazing that a lot of this "forgeries"
goals have come to fruition.

Read the Protocols and decide for yourself.

Why Unity ?

The Arab World is a loose, yet complex amalgamation of 22 countries in
which a pan-Arab identity is the proclaimed ideal by both leaders
and masses alike.

In the early 20th century, an independent Arab world started emerging
from decades of colonial supremacy in the Middle East and North African
region. In those days, the race for statehood among Arab fledgling
countries was taken over by a hasty struggle for unity.

Although strong divisions existed among Arab leaders, social movements
and intellectuals concerning what unity meant and what practical form
it should take, the consensus was emerging that an Arab association of
some sort was necessary for an Arab revival.

The mix of anticipated independence and Arab nationalism steered efforts
among Arab states toward a new regional order, one which today we call
the Arab World. But was there ever a 'unified' Arab world?

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Stupid Quote Of The Week

"The road to tyranny, we must remember, begins
with the destruction of the truth." -

"King of liars" Bill Clinton , from a speech at the
University of Connecticut, Oct 15, 1997.

Friday, January 25, 2008

The Reason For America's Current State ?

*This Is an explanation why some
American children are more
than their parents, and why some
never grow up !

Originally published Monday, August 07, 2006


What If There Are No Adults?

"The Baby Boomers fought adulthood every step of the way." In
other words, Mathewes-Green points to the parents of this
current generation of young adults as the locus of the
problem. Speaking of her own generation, she remembers: "We
turned blue jeans and T-shirts into the generational uniform. We
stopped remembering the names of world political leaders and
started remembering the names of movie stars' ex-boyfriends. We
stopped participating in fraternal service organizations and
started playing video games. We Boomers identified so strongly
with being 'the younger generation' that now, paunchy and
gray, we're bewildered. We have no idea how to be the older
generation. We'll just have to go on being a cranky, creaky
appendix to the younger one."

Mathewes-Green's analysis pushes back even further than the
baby boomers. She blames the parents of the baby boomers
for trying to protect that generation from the realities of a
cruel world and a hard life. Having fought and survived the
great trial of World War II, they wanted to protect their own
young children. "They wanted their little ones never to
experience the things they had," Mathewes-Green explains,
"never to see such awful sights. Above all, they wanted to
protect their children's innocence."

In her historical analysis, the parents of the baby boomers

attempted to separate childhood and adulthood into two
completely separate compartments of life. Childhood would
be marked by innocence and adulthood by responsibility. As
Mathewes-Green warns: "Be careful what you wish
for." Missing from this picture is a period of urgent transition
that would turn the child into an adult. What we face now is
a generation of children in the bodies of adults.

Full article.....

Anti-Gun Contradictions


January 18th 2008

Not Argument, Just Contradiction

Why is it that the victim disarmament industry -- which cares
so little for human life that they'd rather see a women raped
in an alley and strangled with her own pantyhose than see
her with a gun in her hand -- only pretends to care about
what happens to individual police officers when pretending
to care can do the most damage to the Bill of Rights?

That's what's going on over at the Brady Campaign because
the only way they can think of to use recent mass shootings
to their vulturous political advantage -- it having been
established in the public consciousness by now that these
things happen not because there are too many guns
around, but because there are too few -- was to moan
and whimper that bullets commonly fired from
"sport-utility rifles" can actually go through the flexible
body armor most commonly worn by the cops.

Columnist and author L. Neil Smith, on the other hand
understands why the Founding Fathers wrote the
Second Amendment -- they wanted government
controlled, not guns -- and tries gently to explain it
to the willful misunderstanders in the Brady
compound. You can try, too, using his arguments
in "The Kevlar Klass" which you'll find waiting
for you at along with many
other nifty things to read.

And do!

Only at JPFO!

- The Liberty Crew

The New World Religion

The New World Religion

Rockefeller and the New World Religion
by Daniel Taylor, Dec 02, 2007

Internationalism must first be a state of mind, an ideal, a
chivalry, a religion, before it can be a reality and a system."
Samuel Zane Batten, 1919

The Rockefeller family, while they are by no means the only
major players in world affairs, have contributed large amounts
of resources to the creation of a world government. Utilizing
vast monetary resources which were initially amassed by the
oil empire of John D. Rockefeller Sr., their efforts have gone
into nearly every area of significance. From politics, media,
to education, the Rockefellers are a force to be reckoned
with. One vitally important and often overlooked method
of influence that the Rockefellers have enjoyed is in the realm
of the church and religion.

It comes as little surprise, given their long term goal of world
government, that the Rockefeller family would approve of
and support a societal outlook favorable to globalism. The
use of religion is one method that, in Rockefeller's eyes,
looked to be a promising means of accomplishing this
goal. Early programs such as the Interchurch World Movement
focused on the maintenance of harmonious relations between
people in America's growing industrial society. Later endeavors
such as the World Council of Churches would trend towards
being global in nature with goals moving beyond that of simply
maintaining class stability in America to elimination of national
sovereignty and world governance. While some methods have
been changed over time, and names of organizations have
been altered, the overarching agenda of Rockefeller has
remained the same.

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More "Hate Crime" Baloney

Apparently It Is alright for Blacks to march
with nooses. But It Is a
"Hate Crime" for a
non-Black to display one !

"A Louisiana teen was indicted on federal civil rights
violations for showing nooses to civil rights marchers
in Alexandria, La., the Justice Department said."

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Leftist Thinking On Racism- Only "Whitey" Is Racist !

Racism Is A One- Way Street

Robert Reece, Daily Mississipian
(Univ. of Miss. student paper), January 23, 2008

* Obviously this University Indoctrinated Mr. Reece
to think this way ! Marxist Universities are
renowned for preaching hatred against Whites.

He must've got an A+ for this Anti-White trash
from his Leftist professors. But any sane person
can see this as more Leftist hypocrisy.

Reverse racism is a term that usually means
discrimination against the majority or those
in power based on their race.

For example, some claim that affirmative
action is reverse racism, as it gives blacks
and other minorities an unfair advantage, but
I don’t believe those claims can ever be
considered valid.

For example, if there are two groups of
students, one all black and the other all
white, sitting at separate tables in the
Student Union discussing how much they hate
the other race, would both tables be guilty
of the same degree of racism?

The answer is a resounding no.

If blacks and whites had identical historical
backgrounds, all would be considered bigots.

Diversity Training Gone Wrong - As Usual

When Diversity Training Goes Awry

Jamal Watson, Diverse Issues in Education,
January 24, 2008

Initially, Courtney Halligan, a first-year student at the University
of Delaware, was not opposed to attending a diversity training
session that was required of all incoming freshmen. In fact, the
18-year-old New Jersey native assumed that the experience
would be an opportunity for her to learn more about students
from different backgrounds.

It didn’t take long for Halligan to change her mind

In one-on-one and group sessions conducted in the dormitories
by resident assistants, Halligan and dozens of other White
students complained that they were made to feel like racists. She
adds that they were blamed for the legacy of racism that Blacks
and other minority groups have endured through the years.

“I was personally offended,” says Halligan, who is majoring in
communications. “I was angered when a document was used in
the training that stated that ‘all people of European descent are
racist.’ When I attempted to express my opinion against such
statements, I was silenced.”

In response to complaints by students like Halligan, and pressure
from the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), a
Philadelphia-based civil liberties advocacy group that monitors
freedom of speech issues on campuses across the country, the
university decided last semester to suspend the controversial

“Our concern was not the substance of the program but the way
that it was administered,” says Samantha Harris, director of legal
and public advocacy for FIRE. “It crossed the line from education
to indoctrination.”

Read more.....

Please also see ......

Most Diversity Training Ineffective, Study Finds

Iraq Law Of Survival


Iraq Diary: The law of survival

By Hodel Abdel-Hamid

We just returned from the province of Diyala and it feels good to
be back in the relative safety of Baghdad.

We went with the US military's 3-2 Stryker Brigade Combat Unit to
visit the town of Himbis and the villages of Tahya and Abu Musa
north of Baghdad.

They lie in an area referred to by the Americans as the bread basket
along the Diyala river. The region, which is full of palm trees, is referred
to by the Iraqis as Barwana.

One of our producers is from Diyala and he has never heard nor visited
any of these places. But apparently al-Qaeda has been happily operating
from there.

Northern desert

On a cold, but sunny day we arrived at FOB (forward operating base)
Normandy by military helicopter, which had flown very low as it
departed Baghdad, before heading out to the desert to the north.

The American soldiers here say they have managed to "liberate" a few
of the villages from al-Qaeda's influence. The colonel tells us al-Qaeda
fighters are still lurking around but they are keeping a low profile at the
moment. Others fled further northwards, towards Mosul.

It has been the same pattern for the past five years - the US military
clears one area and al-Qaeda pops up somewhere else.

Soldiers do admit that their enemy is sophisticated. Along the
route, stuck in the back of a Stryker tank, one of them tells me that
they arrested a man who had graduated from the prestigious
Massachusetts Institute of Technology before returning to
Diyala to fight.

He had managed to crack into the US military's local communication system.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


The Hypocrisy of the West and Anti-Semitism

How can this be condemned and vilified In
the West as Anti-Semitic ? How can this
be considered "Hate Speech" ?

But not the defamation of Mohammed and
Islam ! This was called freedom of speech
and expression In the West.

How can this be called Anti-Semitic ?

While this Is openly supported !

What is a "Semite"?...the common definition:

1. A member of a group of Semitic speaking peoples of the
Near East and northern Africa, including the Arabs,
Arameans, Babylonians, Carthaginians, Ethiopians,
Hebrews, and Phoenicians.

What Do Americans Want ?????

What do Americans want regarding the War "on" Terror ? On one hand
they oppose It because they see It as a "Fascist" Imperial War. But on
the other hand support It as a war against "extremist" religion. And
these are the same people speaking !

So what do you want ? I am sick of reading about these anti-religious
Leftists supporting It, because just like Christianity and Judaism, they
oppose Islam. Go browse In any war forum and you'll see what I am
referring to. They have they Idiocy to lump Christianity, Judaism and
Islam together as "extremist" religions. Then these same Leftists
turn around and oppose It because they say It Is a war of "Fascist"
aggression ! Some Americans should stop trying to even understand
things, they know not what they speak of.

The reason the Iraq war Is wrong Is because It had nothing to
do with Bin Laden or 9-11. And It did not have the legality of
the Constitutional process. That Is why I am against America
being there. I also find the use of DU very disturbing, but do
I hate America ? Absolutely not, I just despise the corrupt
*Zionist regime In power. But quite a bit of Americans have
no real Idea why they oppose It.

(* Corrupt Zionists are Jews who strayed from the teachings
of Torah, and now control American foreign policy through
AIPAC and other Zionist organizations.Zionists do not represent
all Jews, but they are a major reason behind Anti-Semitism. Also
those who support the Iraq war, because It Is against an Arab
people. They are Anti-Semites as Arabs are a Semitic people !)

Read more on this subject -

Traditional Jews Are Not Zionists

Although there are those who refuse to accept the
teachings of our Rabbis and will continue to support
the Zionist state, there are also many who are totally
unaware of the history of Zionism and its contradiction
to the beliefs of Torah-True Jews.

Anti-Semitism And Zionism

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Zionist Jew Role In The Holocaust

(Picture from

"One Cow in Palestine is worth more than all the Jews in Poland"

Izaak Greenbaum

“. . . what is happening in Poland are exaggerated stories. . .
the way of the Ost Yuden. . .always asking for money.”

Salli Mayer

"If I am asked, "Could you give from the UJA moneys
to rescue Jews, 'I say, NO! and I say again NO!"

Izaak Greenbaum

One has to ask, how could these self-hating Jews not help their
own. But they could march for Black "civil rights". The reason
Is because both were pawns In the Zionists agenda.

Jewish suffering = Zionist political clout !

The "Civil Rights" cause = A way to advance the Zionist
group agenda, without looking obvious.

The Brutal Zionist Role In the Holocaust

Zionist "Civil Rights"Exploitation Of Blacks

American Politicians & Illuminati Want A Third World Banana Republic

Educate yourselves on the "value"
of diversity, and the march to a
third world America.


How the Illuminati is Destroying America!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Effects Of Agent Orange

What authority does the corrupt Zionist U.S.
government have to condemn WMD's, when they
freely use them In warfare.

Badly deformed Vietnamese men.

A Vietnamese woman who was horribly
deformed due to Agent Orange.

It doesn't just affect the people of
Vietnam, the
U.S. Gov't poisoned even It's
own soldiers. The child of a U.S. soldier
who was exposed to Agent
In the jungles of Vietnam.

A child that Is deformed from Agent Orange
and It's
damage to the parents DNA.

During the war in Vietnam more than 18 million gallons
of dioxin-laden Agent Orange and other herbicides were
sprayed over ten per cent of South Vietnam between
1961 and 1971, poisoning and defoliating millions of
hectares of forest and croplands. In neighbouring Laos
about half-a-million gallons of herbicide were sprayed
over 80,000 hectares.

The American "Election" Report

"To cut the root of tyranny in this country, fraudulent
elections in this country must by Boycotted while
demanding 100% Secure Elections. The current
voting sham has nothing to do with issues, caring,
or trying to reform tyranny. To vote in today's
elections is nothing more than buying a lottery
ticket in a fixed lottery."

Voting? Do You Buy Lottery Tix For A Fixed Lottery?

"It is both shocking and depressing to think that
there is still large numbers of average citizens who
still naively think that one of the political charletons
now running for President will be elected by votes
cast by average citizens like themselves. How this
mindset can still prevail after years of political
corruption, secret backroom deals, voter fraud,
assassinations, the outright in your face theft of
the last two Presidential elections, and the
election of a rubber stamp Congress, is
unbelievable. To think that this latest election
will somehow be different, that the politicians
will finally listen to the voice of the people
this time around is ludicrous to say the least."

Why Do People Still Waste Time On National Elections?

Let's see. They were wrong on Hillary Clinton, essentially
nominating her for the presidency months before a primary
was held. In Iowa, they were wrong on Mike Huckabee
and Barack Obama, John Edwards and Clinton (again). In
New Hampshire, wrong on Obama, Clinton (yet again),
and -- at least earlier in the campaign season -- John
McCain. In Michigan, wrong on McCain (again) and
Mitt Romney. Just remind me, in this strange
presidential nomination season in which each
obscure primary is treated as if it were the night
of the presidential election, when have they been right?

The Mindless Media And The 2008 Election

* I do not agree with not voting at all. If somebody
doesn't show up to vote, they cannot Bitch. You
only have the right to Bitch when they steal
your vote. If you do not vote, they steal
nothing from you. As you elected not to
be heard. If you do not like the
candidates, still go and vote. Vote for
a write In candidate. Because one day
they may use low turnouts , as an excuse
to suspend the election process.


Why Are Americans So Uninformed ?

Americans think that the compromised news
media tells nothing but the truth. Nothing could
be further from the truth, these people are
lying sensationalist morons. They have an
agenda to disinform and distract Americans
from the real Issues of the day. They salivate
for news that is dealing with -celebrities,
husbands murdering wifes, pedophiles, mass
murderers- especially with "assault" rifles,
that portrays all Whites as Racist ,that Portrays
Arabs as terrorists, that glorifies the Illegal
alien movement ,that justifies the Iraq war and
the war (of) terror,that Is against Christianity, that
Is pro gay marriage , etc.

You are being lied to ! Everything
you know and see, Is prefabricated
propaganda and reality !

But most are unaware ! As the false reality
of the Idiot box gives them comfort
and the Illusion that all Is well.

The Zionist media monkeys lie and disinform
the people. The news
media Is a joke ! Most of the
time they sit there and speculate the news,

rather than report It. That Is why most of the
time their facts are wrong, but
then again
news Is now another form of entertainment.

These rejects and their TV show get more
coverage than the American
candidates. And more Americans vote
for the contestants on this
Idiotic show, than
for the President of the United States !

The Zionist government has enough money
to wage war, and sacrifice a generation
of young soldiers.

But no money to maintain our domestic Infrastructure !

America Is In Chaos ! Illegals come In and
defy Immigration law at will. Demanding
arrogantly that Americans change for them.

And they're full of Racial animosity !

American "popular culture" promotes the
degenerate Black "ghetto"
lifestyle. And no
Black America, It's not White Christian media
promoting this. Study
and see who owns
the media conglamorates. Zionist Jew Leftists !

Black thugs - Idols for millions of American
youth ! The role
models of Self-Hating White
youths, and Black youths who have
no respect
for their people.

Our once glorious cities now look like something
out of a Mad Max movie.

Historic buildings are abandoned and trashed, In
the third world ghettos that
our major cities have become.

The ruins of Detroit

The ruins of New York

Don't worry, The politicians promise
"Change". Same thing as four

years ago, and four years before
that, and four years before that.

As long as Americans sit idle, It will
get a lot worse, before It gets any better.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Red Rosa Parks

The truth about the Communist Rosa Parks

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
Notice how Red Rosa doesn't look too
upset In this mugshot. Obviously
she was planning the event before
hand. She looks rather relaxed and
proud. Red Rosa was expecting to be

Rosa Parks was not a simple seamstress whose
lonely act of defiance in 1955 sparked the Civil Rights
Movement. In fact, she was a trained Communist
Party (CPUSA) activist.

Her refusal to move to the back of the bus wasn't a
spontaneous gesture, but a provocation organized by
her longtime employer, the National Association for
the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).

In July 1955, five months before the famous incident
in December, she attended "Highlander Folk School" in
Monteagle Tennessee. Myles Horton and James Dombroski,
both Communist Party members, started this school
in 1932 to train Communist activists. Betty Friedan
was another alumnus.

Red Rosa Parks : Fabricating An American Icon

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Why Gang Members Always Hit Innocent Bystanders

This Is why everyone but their target gets shot !

It Seems Even Zionist Jews Are Seeing The Reality Of Black Racism !

By Odessa

Even the Zionist JTF talks about this ! It seems the Jews
are starting to realize that Blacks, do not care If you
are Jewish or not. Only If your skin Is White !

It Is Ironic, especially since the Zionist played such
a prominent role In the "Civil Rights" cause. A cause
they used to further the Jewish group agenda.Blacks
were just pawns used by the Jews. But I guess
the Blacks are getting too out of control for them ! They
are the ones who taught Blacks to despise Whites, and
now the chickens are coming home to roost !

It Is the Zionists like Abe Foxman and the Zionist media
that also entitle the Black thugs. They are the ones who
give them sacred cow status. The Zionist ADL Is the one
fighting for "Hate Crime"and "Hate Speech" protections
for the Black race.Which basically seeks to shield them
from criticism. Especially If your skin Is White, the
ADL seeks to classify that as a "Hate Crime" or "Hate
Speech". It excuses Anti-White behavior, and Zionists
cannot have It both ways !

Please click the pictures for the links:

When whites go to school with blacks

"Ken and Lisa Brown relocated their family from a small
Oklahoma town to Brooklyn, New York because they
wanted their children to experience "racial
diversity." What their two young sons experienced
was vicious black racism, jealousy and violence."

What happens when whites
fight for blacks

"In 1960, self-hating white college students joined with
students in forming the Student Non-Violent
Committee (SNCC), which eventually played
a major role
in the Communist "civil rights" movement
that radically
changed America."

(Pictures from

The NWO American Election Dog And Pony Show

Brzezinski Clan Color Revolution
Vs Diebold Vote Fraud In New Hampshire
By Webster G. Tarpley


"The Bush operation in Iowa had all the smell of

a CIA covert operation." --William Loeb,
Manchester Union Leader, February 24, 1980.

The New Hampshire Democratic primary was no
exercise in grass roots retail politics, but rather a
clash between two cynical covert operations run
by contending factions of intelligence community
professionals. On the one side was an attempt to
replicate here in the United States on behalf of
Obama the sort of "color revolution" or "CIA people
power coup" which the National Endowment for
Democracy and the Brzezinski intelligence faction
have carried out in such countries as Serbia, Georgia,
and Ukraine. On the other hand, an opposed
intelligence faction was able to win the day by a
more traditional type of Diebold voting machine
pattern fraud in favor of Mrs. Clinton. The people
power coup in particular was designed to abort the
entire Democratic primary season, prevent further
radicalization of the Democratic base on economic
issues, and submerge the issues raised by John
Edwards, the wild card in this race and the Democratic
candidate Wall Street organized money hates for his
introduction of the rhetoric of economic populism
into the campaigns of both parties.

Mrs. Clinton came into New Hampshire as the
candidate of the machine bosses of what remains
of the Democratic Party, the Shaheen machine of
New Hampshire, of much of the trade union
bureaucracy, of Washington lobbyists, and of
large sectors of Wall Street. Barack Obama came in
as the candidate of the Brzezinski-Soros machine,
overwhelmingly focused on the need to assert
Anglo-American world domination over Russia
and smash the Shanghai Cooperation Organization
during the next presidential term. Obama's appeal
was primarily to independents, many of them
well-heeled elitists and good government types
of the chablis and brie set. Edwards represented a
new variable, with significant trade union backing
and a broad potential appeal to the traditional
"Joe Sixpack" blue collar Democratic base.

The outstanding lesson of the Iowa caucuses had
been the ascendancy of anti-Wall Street economic
populism, a theme pioneered by Edwards. This had
been shown by Obama's tendency to appropriate as
his own the basic themes of the Edwards campaign:
poverty, the Two Americas of rich and poor, the
horrors faced by 50 million people who lack medical
insurance, and the criminal practices of insurance
companies and pharmaceutical firms. This approach
had been successfully copied on the Republican side
by the clever evangelical demagogue Mike Huckabee,
who had used it to defeat the most plutocratic
Republican, the stockjobber and asset-stripper
Mitt Romney, a man who wanted to conquer Iowa
with his all-powerful checkbook. Many reactionary
commentators, including the Wall Street Journal
and George Will, had savagely attacked Huckabee
and Edwards for their verbal attacks on the
finance oligarchs.

Read more .....

Zionist Media Censored Photos Of DU's Effects

The Zionists In charge of The America government and the Iraq
and Afghan Wars have no honor. They condemn the use of
but they use DU knowing full well the effect It has.

DU Is a WMD ! But not according to the
Zionist liars.

Here are some more photos of children who are suffering
from Depleted Uraniums effects. Are you Zionist Pigs proud ? How
would you like your children to be born like this ?! May you enjoy all
of your power and false glory now, For when you die Satan has a
special place In hell for you Zionist pigs !