Monday, March 24, 2008

The Death Of America And The Birth Of The Overt Totilitarian Police State

Don't think It Is possible ? Think It Is a paranoid
conspiracy theory ? Ignorance Is bliss until
reality bites you In the Ass. The signs are
all around us, If you haven't noticed, you
haven't been paying attention.


By Greg Evensen

March 15, 2008

For thirty years, I have been writing, speaking, imploring,
and begging others to make rational, concrete plans for a time
in life that would offer no quarter, give no mercy, and that
would in a word be--catastrophic. We are coming face to face
with that moment. You have so little time left to do anything
that will give you a fighting chance. What are you doing?

National Guard units are training and preparing for urban
combat. The United States has just reached an agreement
with Canada’s armed forces to come in to this country and
assume combat roles should they be needed in American
cities and towns. The Federal Reserve’s last ditch effort to
stem the “blood loss” in the sub-prime and other currency
markets has failed. The dollar has been abandoned for
Euros. The stock market can’t find its ass with both hands
and a Chinese made, Wal-Mart sold ass finder. Israel has
demanded that all of the financial aid it receives from
Washington (that’s us) be paid for in Euros. The ultimate
irony and slap in the face. Oil, dairy, wheat, wheat
products, gold, silver, copper prices, the list goes on and
on, are racing for the stratosphere with no end in sight. An
implosion has begun and it has no known method of stopping
or reversing until critical mass is reached. It will be followed
by an explosion in the economy and the political realm
unseen since the founding of this nation.

The ultimate tragedy is, this was preventable. It could have
been slowed or reversed at any time if a courageous and
morally upright Congress had revealed the root causes for
the disaster. If the socialist “generals” in Congress had been
defeated or at least their programs thrown out at the time of
their introduction, billions would have been saved. If the truth
and our first president, General George Washington’s advice
had been followed, every conflict since WWII would have been
avoided. During the past 60 years, 120,000 American soldiers
would have survived, 500,000 would have been physically
uninjured, and two trillion in direct costs and the rehabilitation
money grants to former enemies would have been saved.

The size of the federal government would be less than half of
what it is today, the budget of the US government would be
about 500 billion as opposed to two and one half trillion on a
yearly basis and we would most likely be at relative peace. Lack
of foolish and unnecessary regulations, taxes, and frivolous
lawsuits, would have allowed an explosion of small businesses
to thrive. The lack of a Federal Reserve System would have
allowed the United States to remain a creditor nation based
on assets rather than suffering under a crushing debt imposed
by the feds dictatorial control over the people’s treasury. There
are so many reasons why we could have avoided all of
this. Thousands of perfectly good reasons IF employed by
thousands of honest, moral, representatives who simply could
have done the citizen’s business the way God and sound
governmental practices demanded ---would have, should
have, and could have made the critical difference.

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