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The War Economy

They will keep coming for a Hurdred Years


It has already started, and it may never end. The
politicians in Washington need corporate cash to
continue in office. Our political system is too corrupt
and too big to exist without a War Economy.

The Bush administration fired generals who said
the plans for Iraq were insufficient. They knew
you could not march into another man’s country
and expect him to lie down and welcome you
warmly. Invasion takes overwhelming force. If
overwhelming force had been used the war
would have been over in a hurry. However, fast
wars are not profitable. The war profiteers need
more blood to feed their insatiable appetites and
politicians need war profiteers’ money to get
reelected. To feed their greedy insatiable
appetites they need more troops for the war;
they now want a draft. We have already lost
3,589 of our husbands and wives, brothers and
sisters, sons and daughters, friends and
neighbors. How many more will be more
sacrificed to feed their greed?

Osama Bin Laden has caused a worldwide
systemic war between the West and Islam
by doing nothing…President Bush is doing
it all for him. The current administration
started this war and laid the multinational
foundation for a 100-year war with Islam.

President Bush started this Armageddon
and now believes that God will save him. God
in heaven weeps for his children who are
hurting each other in his name. He wants us
to love and get along with each other and
do no harm.

We must use the good sense that God
has given us. We must remove the corrupt
people from government; please join the
New Revolution.

The Economic Report

"Just shut up and go spend, It's good for
the economy !"
-The U.S. Government

Yeah with what money ? When we are being
laid off, and replaced by Illegals. With what
money when our jobs are outsourced, and
nothing Is made In America anymore.

"The jobs are never coming
back"- John McCain

What planet are the politicians on ? Do
they ever leave the Beltway, or their
exclusive gated communities ?

They are so far removed from
reality. Yet they claim every
four years that they can relate to
us and our problems.

And If you say "America Is the
richest nation In the world ".

Let's have a look at who enjoys this wealth.

One percent of the U.S. population owns sixty
percent of the stock and forty percent of the total wealth.
(Hawken, Paul, The Ecology of Commerce: A Declaration of
. New York: HarperBusiness, 1993).

In 1998 the top 1 percent of the population owned 38 percent
of the wealth, the top 5 percent owned over 60 percent (source:

Now Compare this to to the late 1970's

In the late 1970s, the top one percent of the US
held 13 percent of the wealth; in 1995 it held 38
percent. (Levy, Frank. The New Dollars and Dreams ).

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Entire US Economy Teeters On The Brink

Lenders/Mtge Brokers Pressure Appraisers To Over-Value

Bubble Economics

Merrill Lynch Posts $16B Loss In Third Quarter

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Dow Dives Another 307

Friday, January 18, 2008

Only Three And A Half Months Away !

By Odessa

The annual Mexican Illegal May 1st protest day Is coming

soon ! Some photos of last years highlights !

What the Illegal thinks of White Americans !

Who forced you parasites to come here ?

Go back If you hate White America ! Why
did you flee here If Whites are so "racist"
according to you ?

You bug us, and not even RAID seems
to get rid of you !

See below, these are some lying hypocritical
Anti-White racists.

And they say that they are victims of White racism ???!!!

"This Is are land ese !"

Why didn't the media jump on this ? Why
do they accuse the Minutemen of Intolerance ? When
The Aztlan movement are the Intolerant ones ?

Because the media Is full of politically correct

And they say that the "Reconquista" movement Is
a "Racist" myth.

Then don't come here ! By coming here you
aren't boycotting us.

More tolerance from the Ingrate Illegals.

Tijuana ? No, Mexifornia !

"They just come here for a better life"

Yeah and they disrespect the country, that
supposedly seek their better life In.

Marxist morons who's Leftist parents gave
them permission to attend. After they

finished their homework of course.

I'm guessing that the woman In the white coat
Is their chaperone.

Aren't the majority of you mixed with Spaniard ! You
have European blood as well , will you be leaving too ?

Sorry to break It to you, Aztlan Is a myth.

Stupid Quote Of The Week

"We are going to take things away from you
on behalf of the common good."

Hillary Clinton

Marxist Hypocrites

Ward Churchill one of the biggest Marxist Hypocrites

Pseudo-Marxist Hypocrites

I'm often amused when I see Marxist-wannabe professors
prattling on about the "ruling classes" and their "exploitation"
of the "working classes". In addition to a shallow and vulgar
version of Marxism, these professors display a staggering
unawareness of the hypocrisy of their situation. In the context
of an academic department at a university,these professors
often exercise powers and privileges arbitrarily and
unaccountably. They may grade students according to
the students' adherence to the professors' political views. They
may use similar ideological litmus tests and personal demands
to reward or punish impoverished graduate students under
their control. They may also sit on hiring and tenure committees,
ruthlessly controlling access to the academic job market using
standards that may be completely arbitrary or ideological. Certainly
not all nor even most professors are of this type, but there are
sufficient examples to see a problem. Much has been written
(legitimately) regarding the leftward ideological skew of most
American universities and the brutal application of administrative
power that can be deployed to enforce compliance. Web sites like
The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education and document some of the damage. Less visible are
the thousands of students who feel compelled to avoid speaking
or writing their dissenting opinions for fear of retaliation. Indeed,
while these pseudo-Marxist professors like to preen as defenders
of the working class, in the context of a university they are the
oppressive rulers in the Marxist morality play. And while they
may enjoy parading their love of Foucault, they are usually
shockingly lacking in self-reflection about the chilling panopticon
that pervades their own lives and within which they are thoroughly
complicit. This self-delusional pose is not limited to academia, but
extends into politics and entertainment. Notice that the richest
members of the U.S. Senate (Kennedy, Kerry, Corzine) are the

same people who pose as saviors of the "working class". And
the buffoonish Michael Moore concocts an image laden with
blue jeans and ball caps, but reveals at Cannes the reality of the
Hollywood prima donna who insists on the presence of his retinue
of bodyguards, masseuse, and Pilates trainer. For pseudo-Marxists,
love for the masses is a fetish or an affectation, to be worn as a way
to enhance credibility or build one's ego, but certainly not something
that translates into actual respect for persons. Indeed, disagree with
or offend a pseudo-Marxist even in the slightest and you will quickly
learn the short limits of their forebearance for the Great
Unwashed. Academic pseudo-Marxists confronted with their
hypocrisy will use their position to establish dominance or will
lash out, labellin the questioner as a political heretic and social
outcast unworthy of the consociational comradery they supposedly
hold dear. Political pseudo-Marxists will deploy labels of "racist",
"sexist" and "homophobe" to tar and feather dissenters without

actually engaging any of theirarguments. And, as filmmaker
Michael Wilson learned, Michael Moore and his sycophants can
really dish it out but respond violently when asked to take it.

"The closest I got was I did run into him at
the (University of Minnesota) when he was
on his book tour, and he started screaming
at me," says Wilson. The screaming began
when Wilson mentioned the title of his film in
the middle of asking a question. "It was quite
a sight — 7,000 Michael Moore fans, just booing me."

(Full Article from St. Paul Pioneer Press)

Like in Orwell's animal farm, it seems Marxism is
good, provided that everyone is equal, but some
more equal than others.


The Extremist White Hate Of Marxists

Assaulting Whites who are proud of their Race Is
encouraged. Because they think White pride Is
a "Nazi" belief.

That Is what Marxist extremists believe.

Why no encouragement of assaulting Mexicans
and proud Latinos ?

Are you going to attack proud Asians too ?

What about proud Blacks ?

The Marxist belief -

"Fascists on di attack? Don't worry 'bout dat. Fascists
on di attack? We will fight dem back! "

Number 1- Not everyone who looks out for White racial
Interests Is a Fascist. But that Is what your public
school teachers tell you, so you believe them. Stop
It with the pathetic "Nazi" canard. Alot of these
"Neo-Nazi's" you rail against, are just Zionist
stooges. They are paid to defame White Pride, and
to keep "Useful Idiot" Marxists and minorities
paranoid. And they seek to Instill fear Into Whites
that White pride = "Racist Nazi ". They are shill
organizations ! All the while Minority pride is
pushed. The purpose Is to disarm Whites and to
marginalize us. As you see once somebody White
says the slightest thing = RACISM ! A people
without a voice cannot criticize the Zionist
agenda, or look out for their group Interests. That
Is the reason behind the whole Anti- White Race game.

Don't believe me ?

Zionist Jew agent posing as a "White supremacist"

How big is Bill White’s American Nazi Party?

Zionist Jew "Nazi " frauds

Another horrible Neo Nazi

See how they manipulate you ?

Why do they do this ?

See the link below-

To the Zionist, Marxist are just "Useful Idiots".

Number 2- They should have taught you how to
spell correctly. But Instead they just Indoctrinated
you. Such Is life In the West today though.

Number 3- How can you hypocrites denounce White
pride and not any other Racial pride ?

Not all Whites who wish to defend their culture and
heritage, are Skinheads. Not all Whites
who have pride In their race are KKK. That
stereotype needs to die. Every Race Is entitled to
be proud, and to stand for their group Interests.

If you consider that "Racist", I will give no apologies.

Urban Reality Of America

But they'll call you a "Racist" for criticizing these knuckleheads, If
you're White. Or an "Uncle Tom" If you're Black and sick of these
clowns too. One has too wonder when the Black crime
problem will be seriously addressed. Bill Cosby tried to
address this, and was met with hostility. From
White Liberals and Black America.

A Suburb Looks Nervously at Its Urban Neighbor

Christopher Maag, New York Times, January 17, 2008

A week after six black teenagers nearly beat her husband
to death, Marybeth McDermott looked out her big living
room window at the neighborhood she loves, pursed her
lips, then looked away.

She has found great friends here in the Ludlow neighborhood,
one of the first places in suburban America where blacks and
whites came together to live as neighbors. But for the first time
in 19 years, Mrs. McDermott has thoughts of leaving.

“For now, I think we’ll stay put,” Mrs. McDermott said, just
before driving to visit her husband in the hospital. “After that,
I can’t say. We love the diversity here. But we have to weigh
that against our safety.”

Mr. McDermott was taking a walk early New Year’s Eve when
a group of young African-Americans attacked him from behind. They
slashed his face, kicked him, and mashed his leg with a lead pipe, the
police said. A neighbor banging on a window scared the teenagers away.

Six suspects, ages 14 to 19 and all Cleveland residents, are in
custody. They have been charged with felonious assault and
attempted murder. “But for the neighbor, he probably would
have been killed,” said Bill Mason, the prosecutor for Cuyahoga
County, which includes Shaker Heights and Cleveland.

Ludlow is a neighborhood of tidy Tudor and colonial homes with
small yards shaded by mature sycamore trees. Part of the neighborhood
lies in the affluent suburb of Shaker Heights and the other part lies in
Cleveland, the fourth-poorest city in the country, according to the
Census Bureau. Children on both sides of the neighborhood attend
Shaker Heights public schools. The only way to know which city you
are in is to look for the street signs, which in Cleveland are blue and
in Shaker Heights are white.

Petty thefts are rising near the edges of Shaker Heights, so two
years ago the city increased its police budget by $50,000 annually
to pay for more patrols along the border, said Mayor Earl M.
Leiken. Since the attack, unmarked police cars circle the Shaker
Heights streets of Ludlow every five minutes. There is no increased
police presence on the Cleveland side, residents say.

Since the beating, Ludlow residents say they pay more attention to
their surroundings as they walk their dogs at night. They make sure
to lock their doors, even when they are at home. Some plan to install
motion-detector lights, alarm systems and security cameras.

“So move,” Dick Feagler, a columnist for The Cleveland Plain
Dealer, wrote after the attack. “But do it like we all have—like the
whole three-county area has—don’t call it racism. Call it reality.”

Underneath this fear of urban decay lies the quiet thread of
resentment. For many years, Shaker Heights was one of the
richest cities in the United States. As presidents of Cleveland’s largest
companies, a few Shaker Heights citizens were bosses to generations
of Clevelanders. In the middle of what the Census Bureau found in
2002 to be America’s third-most-segregated urban area, Shaker
Heights flouts local racial attitudes by actively encouraging
integration. Of the town’s 27,245 residents, 61 percent are
white and 34 percent are black, according to the census.

I wonder how much ‘tolerance’ the ‘progressive,’
snooty, pseudo-intellectual limousine liberal, socialists
of Shaker Heights will show now that the thugs are in
their neighborhood too,”
a reader wrote on a Cleveland Plain
Dealer blog.


A Poll On Illegal Immigration

Poll: Employers Key to Stopping Illegal Immigration

Jimmy DeButts, Birmingham Business Journal, January 11, 2008

A large majority of Americans believe cracking down on
employers who hire illegal immigrants is the key to immigration
reform, according to a poll of participants encompassing most
of the political spectrum.

Regarding immigration, American Solutions [for Winning the
Future, Newt Gingrich, chairman] found:

* 77 percent said banning employers from hiring illegal immigrants
would reduce the number of illegal immigrants.

* 78 percent support heavy monetary fines against employers
who knowingly hire illegal immigrants.

* 83 percent support Internal Revenue Service audits of
companies who knowingly hire illegal immigrants if those
companies have not paid taxes owed.

A Chain Reaction

A Chain Reaction
Jim Kirwan

With the introduction and passage of H.R.1955, this nation
is about to embark upon a course that if implemented cannot
be reversed. All that stands between a Police-state and what
used to be the USA, is the Senate version of this legislation
that will soon come up for a vote.*

Since this originated from the years of hearings conducted
by the House Un-American Activities Committee, chaired
by Joseph McCarthy, a review of the questions raised during
those years can cast new light on this subject. To this end I
reviewed the text of the film "Good Night and Good Luck"
which was scrupulously researched for accuracy by the
producers ­ especially the words of Edward R. Morrow. The
script for the film used programs that were aired on: "See it
Now." I used some of his words below to get a better view
our current situation (*). In only one instance did I quote
Morrow directly (**).

*Government has the solemn obligation to protect the
national security of the United Sates and at the same time
it has the duty to also protect the existing legal rights of all
its citizens. This puts everything done by this government
since Bush took office, into direct violation, of the basic
requirements of many long-standing US laws.

*No nation with the scope and depth that this one had
can exist for long, as a one-party state. The United States
of America has become that one-party system, since the
Supreme Court anointed the appointment of George W.
Bush, to become president on 12-12-2000. The 'party' is
"the party in power." no other designation need be applied.

*Conspiracies cannot become the focus of a nation; without
that nation becoming a mere shadow of its former self. That
is what began to happen to us during the McCarthy era, the
years of the Red Scare. During those years the Joe McCarthy
Hearings attempted to turn the focus of the nation's thoughts
into a national witch hunt that foresaw a communist under
every bed, and behind every shadow. Part of this obsession
ended with censorship, blackmail and the black-listing of
many who wrote, directed, acted, or performed in the arts
in America.

*Dissent must never become confused with disloyalty, and
since accusations are not proof, we must look to the settled
laws of this country for solutions: and not simply capitulate
to the fear and panic that the NWO seeks to
generate. Convictions depend upon evidence and due
process of law. Fear of Fear is the enemy. Free people
must speak now or forever hold their tongues; because
this unthinkable obscenity, this attempted legalization
of 'Thought-Crimes' ­ if it is allowed to become law ­ shall
destroy this nation in a Chain Reaction, with No End
in Sight.

**We can deny our heritage and our history but we cannot
escape our responsibilities for the results. We proclaim
ourselves, as indeed we are,The defenders of freedom
wherever it continues to exist in the world: But we cannot
defend freedom abroad by deserting it at home. Cassius
was right; 'the fault dear Brutus is not within our stars
but in ourselves.'**

In the 1950's no one could have envisioned the degree to
which our technology has now advanced. To "spy" on
another was much more difficult than it is now. Today
our communications companies are paid by us, but they
work directly for the US government insofar as these
corporations send everything we say, by phone or
computer, directly to various government agencies in
the name of National Security ­ and they have been doing
this since two months after Bush took office, which was
seven months before 911.

However the data mining of 2001 is nothing compared to
what is happening now because the new spy systems are
international as well as national."The proposals from
National Intelligence Director Mike McConnell, which
have entered into a draft of US Cyber-Security Policy,
would legitimize data trawling on a scale that would make
the current controversy about warrantless wiretapping
seem like much ado about nothing,"

the Register explains. "Intelligence agencies
have long angled for this kind of surveillance ability. The
infrastructure and computing power needed to tap into
Americans' email and web search history may already
exist. However a change of president, to say nothing of
a Democratic Congress, may represent a block on such
ambitions." (1)

And: "A vast intelligence program is to establish a global
biometric database known as "Server in the Sky" that will
collate and provide an " International Information
Consortium" with access to the biometric measurements
and personal information of citizens of the US, UK, Australia,
Canada and New Zealand in the name of fighting the
"war on terror".

Foreclosures-The Untold Story

Foreclosures - The Untold Story
By Judith Moriarty

While we are being distracted with the theatrics of these
long months of presidential canidates theatrics and hollow
rehtoric, the grave issues in our nation (purposefully) are
being ignored. The latest antics has Michigan (in ecomomic
free fall) ignored by the party (Democratic) that once
represented the working man. This because of rules (?) that
punished Michigan for holding its primary too early. Now
they are told they cannot send delegates to the National
Convention. That's par for the course - why would the
voice of the dispossessed be represented?

Jeffrey, age 49, lost his auto plant job in Aug. He has had to
move in with his mother. Jeffrey says, "I lost everything I
worked for all my life." John McCain's message was, "The
jobs aren't coming back".

I'm not impressed with McCain (having never worked in
the real world) advising the hundreds of thousands laid off
(losing homes) to go back to college. He tells these hundreds
of thousands from his removed affluence - "The jobs are
never coming back". This shows you how detached those
in Foggy Bottom are to the working man/woman. The
arguments in SC - today say it's a race issue. Who loves
Blacks more? Huckabee is still doing his hokum song fest
(guitar) and promising a chicken in every pot (Tyson that
is). His newest delusion is to change the constitution to
line it up with Scripture. On and on it goes - while in the
working man's world millions are losing their homes. There's
an economic meltdown going on in the financial markets. The
canidates say it needs studied. The REAL story has yet to
be told to the American public. The ONE Question that
should have been asked in these forever "Groundhog Day"
debates has yet to be asked? These managed 'debates'
(sniping contests) have yet to touch our domestic carnival
of errors. You'd think we were electing a prom king or
queen. Citizens are being treated like pet gerbils running
round and round on a wheel of partronizing dribble and lies.

Both parties have been complicit over these past decades in
the meltdown we're witnessing. People need to climb down
off their elephants and donkeys. They need to discard their
red - white - and boo attire and enter into the neutral
zone. As long as people can be kept in the arena of elephant
dung and donkey drippings they'll remain ignorant to the
facts that will vitally affect their lives and their children.

REAL ESTATE: This problem began in the early 90s. This
is when the Federal Reserve began lowering the costs of
funds and banks encouraged people to borrow at low
rates. Mortgage rates were lowered in 1991. This is when
credit lines using home equity were created by your friendly
banker. That was when people began going into debt up
to their eyeballs using the inflationary increases in the value
of their primary residence as a personal ATM machine! People
forgot that the only true value in real property is the
equity. Market estimates of home values can drop 50%
in one day.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Think About It

By Odessa

dis·crim·i·na·tion –noun act or instance of discriminating.
2.treatment or consideration of, or making a distinction
in favor
of or against, a person or thing based on the
group, class, or category to which that person or thing
belongs rather than on individual merit:
racial and
religious intolerance and discrimination.
3.the power of making fine distinctions; discriminating
judgment: She chose the colors with great discrimination.
4.Archaic. something that serves to differentiate.

Now compare what was highlighted above to
what Is
highlighted below

Affirmative action refers to policies intended to promote access
to education or employment aimed at a historically socio-politically
non-dominant group (typically, minority men or women of all
races). Motivation for affirmative action policies is to redress the
effects of past and current wrongful discrimination and to encourage
public institutions such as universities, hospitals and police forces to
be more representative of the population.

This is commonly achieved through targeted recruitment
programs, by preferential treatment given
to applicants
from socio-politically
disadvantaged groups and in

some cases through the use of

Diversity frequently encompasses differences in racial or
ethnic classifications, age, gender, religion, philosophy, physical
, socioeconomic background, sexual orientation, gender
, intelligence, mental health, physical health, genetic
attributes, behavior, attractiveness, cultural values and politics.

This use of diversity in this sense also extends to American
academia, wherein an attempt to create a "diverse student
body" typically supports the recruitment
of students From historically excluded
populations, such as students of African-American
or Latina/o background as well as women in
such historically underrepresented fields as the sciences.

You can find still the truth by reading between the
lines of propaganda. How Is preferential treatment to
group B more tolerable than preferential treatment
to group A. Because of suffering ? Every Race has
been oppressed by another at some time In
history. Blaming
Whites and complaning
of oppression, Is just a scapegoat
for preferential
treatment .

Are Eastern European Whites
complaining of the Hun and Mongol
Invasions and occupations !

Are The Spaniards complaining
about the Muslim occupation !

What about Greece and the Balkan
states under the Ottoman Empires

Has anyone noticed the Anti-White
policies of Zimbabwe and South
Africa ? No, they don't tell you
that.They tell you that Whites are Invincible
Demons from Hell. Who just sit around, and think
of ways to torment Non-Whites all day.

Every race suffers, and so did the
White Race. Too bad the
Anti-White crowd doesn't study
history much, or World affairs. But then
again public schools In the West,have become
a Worldwide laughingstock.

Pick up some books and study for
yourselves. You will learn more than you
will ever be taught In public schools. They are
just Indoctrination centers now. They no
longer teach facts and academics.

Arabs Not Buying The U.S. Anti-Iran Propaganda

U.S. fails to isolate Iran from Arabs
By Pakinam Amer in Cairo

George Bush, the US president, has urged Arab states to think of Iran as
the greatest threat to their security, but his warnings are likely to fall on
deaf ears in the Middle East.

During a stop in the United Arab Emirates on his Middle East tour
on Sunday, Bush called Tehran a "sponsor of terror" and urged Arab
allies to confront Iranian "extremism".

But Middle East analysts say the US president is too late as key
American allies in the Arab world have thrown their weight behind
a growing rapprochement with Iran.

Seyed Mohammad Marandi, a political analyst and professor of political
science at Tehran University, said American fumbling in the Middle East
has pushed Arabs to adopt dialogue with the Islamic Republic.

He said: "America's wrong policies in the Middle East have ironically
helped Iran's voice be heard more clearly, as well as Iran's political
prudence that has kept it away from the conflicts in the area.

"At this moment in time, the United States' popularity is at its lowest level
among the people all over the Arab world, and Iran's popularity has grown
immensely as the only regional power standing against the United States
in the same region."

Full Article:

More Federal Anti-Gun Insanity

January 16th 2008

Another Shocking Miscarriage

There's no way to put this gently.

Under brand new ruling by a federal judge, U.S. v. Olofson held
in Milwaukee Wisconsin, if you take your great-granddaddy's
double barrel shotgun out, pull just one trigger, and both barrels
go off, it's a machinegun.


Yes, that's exactly what we said. Your great-grandfather's
ancient side-by-side damascus-barreled blackpowder-only
smokepole becomes a machinegun -- and you become a
felon -- if it just gets worn or broken enough.

Is this legal and proper? Is it even remotely decent in what's
left of what was supposed to be a free society? Can't anybody in
authority -- judges, for example -- read the simple language of
the Second Amendment and deal with the armed and armored
miscreants who make a living, at our involuntary expense, enforcing
unconstitutional laws?

Why do the wrong people keep getting sent to jail?

That's what author and essayist L. Neil Smith wants to know
in his latest article for Jews for the Preservation of Firearms
Ownership, "U.S. v. Olofson: a Pseudolegal Travesty", and
you ought to be asking the same questions yourself. How did we
get here, and how do we get out?

See it now at

Catch a glimmer - Only at JPFO!

- The Liberty Crew


Mystery Space Machines- Pt 5

The NWO's Ultimate Aim

Photo from

"The Technocratic Age is slowly designing an every day more
controlled society. The society will be dominated by an elite of
persons free from traditional values (!) who will have no doubt
in fulfilling their objectives by means of purged techniques with
which they will influence the behavior of people and will control
and watch the society in all details". "... it will become possible to
exert a practically permanent watch on each citizen of the
world". - Zbigniew Brzezinski, Illuminati and
of Trilateral Commission

Living Through Television

Photo from-

Life through a lens: how Britain's children

eat, sleep and breathe TV

· 'Multitasking' youngsters surf net while watching TV
· 63% watch programmes in bed before going to sleep

A generation of "multitasking" children are living their daily
lives - including eating and falling asleep - to the accompaniment
of television, according to a survey of youngsters' media habits.

The flickering of the screen accompanies most of them before
they go to school, when they return home, as they consume
their evening meal and then - for 63%, far more than read a
book each day - in bed at night. The study of five- to 16-year
-olds shows that four out of five children now have a TV set in
their bedroom.

So ubiquitous has television become that many children now
combine it with other activities, including social networking
online, flicking their eyes from laptop to TV screen and back
again. Even if they are focusing on the television, young people
are now reluctant to commit to one programme, with boys in
particular often flipping between channels to keep up with two
simultaneous shows at once.

Full Article:

Biochipping The "Human Cattle"

Doctor alleges plans underway to "Microchip"

Newborns in U.S. and Europe

Compiled by Lucien Desjardins

Regarding plans to microchip newborns, Dr. Kilde said the U.S.
has been moving in this direction "in secrecy."

She added that in Sweden, Prime Minister Olof Palme gave
permission in 1973 to implant prisoners, and Data Inspection's
ex-Director General Jan Freese revealed that nursing-home
patients were implanted in the mid-1980s. The technology is
revealed in the 1972:47 Swedish state report, Statens Officiella

Are you prepared to live in a world in which every newborn
baby is micro-chipped? And finally are you ready to have your
every move tracked, recorded and placed in Big Brother's data
bank? According to the Finnish article, distributed to doctors and
medical students, time is running out for changing the direction
of military medicine and mind control technology, ensuring the
future of human freedom.

"Implanted human beings can be followed anywhere. Their brain
functions can be remotely monitored by supercomputers and even
altered through the changing of frequencies," wrote Dr.
Kilde. "Guinea pigs in secret experiments have included prisoners,
soldiers, mental patients,handicapped children, deaf and blind
people, homosexuals, single women, the elderly, school children,
and any group of people considered "marginal" by the elite
experimenters. The published experiences of prisoners in Utah
State Prison, for example, are shocking to the conscience.

"Today's microchips operate by means of low-frequency radio
waves that target them. With the help of satellites, the implanted
person can be tracked anywhere on the globe. Such a technique
was among a number tested in the Iraq war, according to Dr. Carl
Sanders, who invented the intelligence-manned interface (IMI)
biotic, which is injected into people. (Earlier during the Vietnam
War, soldiers were injected with the Rambo chip, designed to
increase adrenaline flow into the bloodstream.) The 20-billion-bit/
second supercomputers at the U.S. National Security Agency
(NSA) could now "see and hear" what soldiers experience in
the battlefield with a remote monitoring system (RMS).

"When a 5-micromillimeter microchip (the diameter of a strand
of hair is 50 micromillimeters) is placed into optical nerve of the
eye,", Dr. Kilde indicates "it draws neuro-impulses from the brain
that embody the experiences, smells, sights, and voice of the
implanted person. Once transferred and stored in a
computer, these neuro-impulses can be projected back to the
person's brain via the microchip to be re-experienced. Using a
RMS, a land-based computer operator can send electromagnetic
messages (encoded as signals) to the nervous system, affecting
the target's performance. With RMS, healthy persons can be
induced to see hallucinations and to hear voices in their heads. "

"Every thought, reaction, hearing, and visual observation causes
a certain neurological potential, spikes, and patterns in the brain
and its electromagnetic fields, which can now be decoded into
thoughts, pictures, and voices, " Dr. Kilde adds. "Electromagnetic
stimulation can therefore change a person's brainwaves and
affect muscular activity, causing painful muscular cramps
experienced as torture."


Diebold Vote Fraud

LATEST OUT OF NH: Disparities being found during
hand-counts of ballots, in many wards, many
candidates. Diebold op-scan memory cards unaccounted for at
the moment, Secretary of State (SoS) doesn't track them after
elections, doesn't track error reports during elections. LHS
Associates (see below) handles all of it instead, according
to reports on the ground. Public records request reveals
hundreds of ballots in one area scanned as blank due
to incorrect ink used on ballots, and other problems
on LHS problem report forms.

For Full Story:

Do You Think "Our Leaders" Care ?

George W. - net worth between $ 8,120,544 and $ 21,524,489

Hillary - net worth between $10,080,005 and $ 50,200,000

While they laugh and live the high life, Americans suffer. While they
enjoy living In exclusive gated communities, Americans are losing
their homes. While they enjoy vast fortunes, The American populace
loses what little money It has. While they have enough money to
never have to work again, you cannot find employment. And If your
lucky you'll get a job at Wal-Mart or Mcdonald's. We have a job
shortage, yet we Import more Immigrants to work here . Think an
elections gonna change a thing ? Do you think the Elites they
represent care about us ? Do you really think they
feel your pain ?

From The NY Times-

"Middle-aged men moving in with parents, wives taking two
jobs, veteran workers taking overnight shifts at half their
former pay, families moving West — these are signs of the
turmoil and stresses emerging in the little towns and backwoods
mobile homes of southeast Ohio( This Is MSM propaganda,It's
happening everywhere. Not just backwoods mobile home
communities. Look at our glorious Metropolises and the
poverty), where dozens of factories and several coal mines have
closed over the last decade, and small businesses are giving way
to big-box retailers and fast-food outlets."

Full Article:

The Frankfurt School And Political Correctness

The people of North America and Western Europe now accept a level
of ugliness in their daily lives which is almost without precedent in the
history of Western civilization. Most of us have become so inured, that the
death of millions from starvation and disease draws from us no more than
a sigh, or a murmur of protest. Our own city streets, home to legions of
the homeless, are ruled by Dope, Inc., the largest industry in the world, and
on those streets Americans now murder each other at a rate not seen since
the Dark Ages.

At the same time, a thousand smaller horrors are so commonplace as to go
unnoticed. Our children spend as much time sitting in front of television sets
as they do in school, watching with glee, scenes of torture and death which
might have shocked an audience in the Roman Coliseum. Music is
everywhere, almost unavoidable—but it does not uplift, nor even
tranquilize—it claws at the ears, sometimes spitting out an obscenity. Our
plastic arts are ugly, our architecture is ugly, our clothes are ugly. There
have certainly been periods in history where mankind has lived through similar
kinds of brutishness, but our time is crucially different. Our post-World War II
era is the first in history in which these horrors are completely avoidable. Our
time is the first to have the technology and resources to feed, house, educate,
and humanely employ every person on earth, no matter what the growth of
population. Yet, when shown the ideas and proven technologies that can solve
the most horrendous problems, most people retreat into implacable
passivity. We have become not only ugly, but impotent.

Nonetheless, there is no reason why our current moral-cultural situation
had to lawfully or naturally turn out as it has; and there is no reason why
this tyranny of ugliness should continue one instant longer.

Consider the situation just one hundred years ago, in the early 1890's. In
music, Claude Debussy was completing his Prelude to the Afternoon of
a Faun,
and Arnold Schönberg was beginning to experiment with
atonalism; at the same time, Dvorak was working on his Ninth
Symphony, while Brahms and Verdi still lived. Edvard Munch was showing
The Scream, and Paul Gauguin his Self-Portrait with Halo, but in
America, Thomas Eakins was still painting and teaching. Mechanists like
Helmholtz and Mach held major university chairs of science, alongside the
students of Riemann and Cantor. Pope Leo XIII's De Rerum Novarum
was being promulgated, even as sections of the Socialist Second International
were turning terrorist, and preparing for class war.

The optimistic belief that one could compose music like Beethoven, paint
like Rembrandt, study the universe like Plato and Nicolaus of Cusa, and
change world society without violence, was alive in the 1890's—admittedly, it
was weak, and under siege, but it was hardly dead. Yet, within twenty short
years, these Classical traditions of human civilization had been all but swept
away, and the West had committed itself to a series of wars of inconceivable

What started about a hundred years ago, was what might be called a
counter-Renaissance. The Renaissance of the fifteenth and sixteenth
centuries was a religious celebration of the human soul and mankind's
potential for growth. Beauty in art could not be conceived of as anything
less than the expression of the most-advanced scientific principles, as
demonstrated by the geometry upon which Leonardo's perspective and
Brunelleschi's great Dome of Florence Cathedral are based. The finest minds
of the day turned their thoughts to the heavens and the mighty waters, and
mapped the solar system and the route to the New World, planning great
projects to turn the course of rivers for the betterment of mankind. About a
hundred years ago, it was as though a long checklist had been drawn up, with
all of the wonderful achievements of the Renaissance itemized—each
to be reversed. As part of this "New Age" movement, as it was then called, the
concept of the human soul was undermined by the most vociferous intellectual
campaign in history; art was forcibly separated from science, and science itself
was made the object of deep suspicion. Art was made ugly because, it was
said, life had become ugly.

The cultural shift away from the Renaissance ideas that built the modern
world, was due to a kind of freemasonry of ugliness. In the beginning, it
was a formal political conspiracy to popularize theories that were
specifically designed to weaken the soul of Judeo-Christian civilization in
such a way as to make people believe that creativity was not possible, that
adherence to universal truth was evidence of authoritarianism, and that
reason itself was suspect. This conspiracy was decisive in planning and
developing, as means of social manipulation, the vast new sister industries
of radio, television, film, recorded music, advertising, and public opinion
polling. The pervasive psychological hold of the media was purposely
fostered to create the passivity and pessimism which afflict our populations
today. So successful was this conspiracy, that it has become embedded in
our culture; it no longer needs to be a "conspiracy," for it has taken on a life
of its own. Its successes are not debatable—you need only turn on the radio
or television. Even the nomination of a Supreme Court Justice is deformed
into an erotic soap opera, with the audience rooting from the sidelines for
their favorite character.

Our universities, the cradle of our technological and intellectual
future, have become overwhelmed by Comintern-style New Age
"Political Correctness." With the collapse of the Soviet Union, our
campuses now represent the largest concentration of Marxist dogma
in the world. The irrational adolescent outbursts of the 1960's have
become institutionalized into a "permanent revolution." Our professors
glance over their shoulders, hoping the current mode will blow over
before a student's denunciation obliterates a life's work; some
audio-tape their lectures, fearing accusations of "insensitivity" by
some enraged "Red Guard." Students at the University of Virginia
recently petitioned successfully to drop the requirement to read
Homer, Chaucer, and other DEMS ("Dead European Males") because
such writings are considered ethnocentric, phallocentric, and generally
inferior to the "more relevant" Third World, female, or
homosexual authors.

This is not the academy of a republic; this is Hitler's Gestapo and Stalin's
NKVD rooting out "deviationists," and banning books—the only thing
missing is the public bonfire.

We will have to face the fact that the ugliness we see around us has been
consciously fostered and organized in such a way, that a majority of the
population is losing the cognitive ability to transmit to the next
generation, the ideas and methods upon which our civilization was
built. The loss of that ability is the primary indicator of a Dark Age. And,
a new Dark Age is exactly what we are in. In such situations, the record
of history is unequivocal: either we create a Renaissance—a rebirth of
the fundamental principles upon which civilization originated—or, our
civilization dies.

I. The Frankfurt School: Bolshevik Intelligentsia

Continues At The Link Below:

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

This Is A Hate Crime ???

This was called a "Hate Crime" !


They Have No Decency, Just Hypocrisy

By Odessa

Counter protesters at the protest of
the Channon Christian and Christopher
Newsom murders. As you know the media
covered this crime up. And Whites were
called racist for protesting this fact.

Have they no decency ! They could
give two shits that two White youth
were brutally murdered. But as
we get more Multicultural , the
more their ranks shrink. Nobody
Is buying the tolerance scam
anymore. Especially when It only
works one way, for Non-Whites
only !

Homosexual drag queens, pretty mentally deranged.

They could care less about the murder victims. They were
evil Whites anyway !

How Is It exploiting tragedy ? Blacks
march for Black causes and Mexicans
on May 1st every year. Why are Whites
forbidden to look out for theirs ? How
Is It racist for Whites to look
out for theirs ? You trash create
"Nazi's "with your PC double standards.

Ever notice how all of these
Anti-"Nazi" protesters
are mostly White ! Talk
about Zionist brainwashing .

Suspects Eric Boyd, George Thomas, Lemaricus Davidson, Letalvis Cobbins and Vanessa Coleman

The "poor oppressed" Blacks they defended.

The young couple murdered In
the prime of their youth.

The details of the crime -

Once back at Davidson's apartment, several people
allegedly raped Christopher in front of his girlfriend. Afterwards, he
was shot multiple times. His body was then set on fire, in an
apparent attempt to cover up evidence, and dumped near
the railroad tracks.

When the perpetrators were finished with Christopher, they
allegedly turned their attention to Channon. For two days, she
was beaten, gang raped and at times urinated upon. When her killers
finally had their fill of her, they poured bleach down her throat, in
an attempt to cover up evidence, and shot her multiple times. As
with Christopher, they set her body on fire; however, for unknown
reasons, they did not dump her body but instead placed it
in a trashcan inside the apartment.

Jena, La

Is this racist ? It has to be If the above march
was to you. I mean Blacks marching for
Black causes. How can you hypocrites
condemn Whites ?

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

I only see one non-Black ! This has to be
considered racist by the all enlightened PC crowd.

Where are all of the PC counter protesters ?

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

A sea of all Black faces, still no PC Anti-Racist
counter protesters ! My how they would
whine of a sea of all White faces !

An illegal immigrant protsting. Via

The annual May 1st Mexican protest day

Hey he's Anti-White, any PC people care to
correct his behavior ?

They look pretty ethnocentric. Still no useful
Idiots crying racism!

I only see Mexicans marching. Isn't looking out
for your race a racist thing ? Oh , Only
for White people you say.

Where Is the Diversity amongst
these marchers. And where are all
of the Anti-Racist police ?
Hypocrites !

You make me sick. Either stand
for something and deal with
everyone consistently. Or don't
claim to stand for anything at all.

You are all just a bunch of PC
clowns looking for a cause celeb !

Zionist Jew Agitator Seeking To Republish Anti-Mohammed Cartoons

Zionists bitch of Anti-Semitism yet they enjoy
defaming other Races, Ethnicities and

Western Standard publisher Ezra Levant holds a copy of the magazine that contained cartoons depicting Prophet Mohammad, in his office in Calgary, Feb. 13, 2006.

Patrick Price/ReutersWestern Standard publisher Ezra Levant
holds a copy of the magazine that contained cartoons depicting
Prophet Mohammad, in his office in Calgary, Feb. 13, 2006.

Full Story:

The Hearst Corporation Thought Police

Hearst Corp Blocks Own
Reporters From News Website
From Dick Allgire

I heard an interesting fellow on the Jeff Rense program
recently. His name was Clay Douglas and he kept talking
about the U.S. Constitution and how those in control of
things are subverting it.

I work for the Hearst Corporation as a TV journalist. Now
the computer provided to me at work is owned by Hearst
and I understand that the internet service they give me in
their office is a privilege and not a right, so the company
can tell me what I may or may not look at while I'm on
their payroll. But as a journalist I'm interested in the First
Amendment and wanted to read and consider what Mr.
Douglas has to say. I'm a grown man and fairly astute
after 34 years of being a reporter.

Hearst denied me access to the site
because of what they call 'HATE SPEECH.'

This raised some questions in my mind. Why would a
major media corporation prohibit journalists from reading
this site? What is hate speech? And why should it be blocked?
Dick Allgire