Monday, March 24, 2008

The Zionist War On Germans

Zionists want the German family and
Race destroyed !

The Painfully Silent Genocide Of The German People

There is a strange feeling of despair that is sweeping
Germany, but as with all things that are uniquely
German, or at least address fears that cannot be
articulated lest they betray a cultural peculiarity
incompatible with politically correct European
or American sensibilities (a cancer of the
Zionist Imposed on the West)
, nothing is said that
makes sense to ordinary citizens. It is only
sometimes whispered.

Germany's Banks Are Collapsing

The banks in Germany now stand on the verge of
collapse, and despite the best assurances of the financial
elite, we all know that hard times are soon upon
us. But it's still a whisper. The International Jewish
money power has all but eaten the substance of a
fiat money system that, despite its modicum of
probity based upon the nominal integrity of a
commoditised financial system, had at least promised
an element of surety in a world that placed its
faith in promissory notes and digits on a computer
screen that seemed real. But let's not mention
the Jews. This is Germany.

A Depression Is Setting In On Germany

If your news staple is CNN or the BBC, you
probably won'trealise that hundreds of thousands
of Germans are now suffering a level and degree
of poverty unknown since the time of the Weimar
. You've probably been sold the story that
everything is just swimmingly fine and Germans
are amongst the most affluent people in the world. What
your Jewish journalists, who in any case have a
vested interest in selling the myth of untold
German riches to fill their reparations
coffers, are not telling you, is that vast
numbers of ordinary hard-working Germans
are not only working for a pittance, but are
finding it almost impossible to feed their
families adequately and meet their housing
and energy bills.

German Children Are Beginning To Be Malnourished

Although the official statistics and the astonishing lies that
daily boast of a 'buoyant economic recovery' speak of a
nation adequately inured against the worst ravages of
poverty and its ability to survive any meltdown on the
financial markets, the unspeakable truth never mentioned
in any popular broadsheet is that untold numbers of native
German children are now going to bed hungry, deprived of
even remedial healthcare and a normative standard of
education, simply because parents are no longer able to
pay clinic visitation fees or cover the costs of schools meals.

According to the latest AWO-ISS report, 10 percent more
German children fell below the poverty line in 2006. Wages
in real terms (minus inflation) retain the same purchasing
power they had in 1987. The despised euro has almost all
but decimated consumer purchasing power. Between 2001
and 2005, the cost of most food products increased by
almost 100 percent, despite the bare-faced, criminal
protestations to the contrary on the part of the former
Minister of Finance, Herr Eichel, who was himself found
guilty of tax evasion.

The Older German's Health Is Eroding Daily

Just two weeks ago, an unemployed 58-year-old man, unable
to live with dignity on the paltry Hart IV social security benefits
he claimed after losing his job was found dead in Sollingen. He
had starved to death. On the 19 April 2007, a mother and son,
unable to make ends meet on social security also met the same
fate. Such stories are not isolated cases, for although social
security payments are sufficient to put bread and jam on the
table, there remains little else beyond which a man may claim
for himself a modicum of dignity in life. The government has
now chosen to repress all news reports relating to recipients
if Hartz IV payments who end up committing suicide or dying by
means of anorexia. There a hundreds of such stories.

Alternatives, which are hard to come by, allow recipients to
supplement their meagre handouts with so called 1-euro-per
hour jobs, surely the most demeaning and insulting way to treat
a human being worthy of meaningful and creative work.

German (Zionist Whore)Leader Is A Total Disgrace

Fantastical as that may sound, simply scour the internet
for real life reports on the hardships caused by the post-2002
'Hartz IV' security benefits reforms (which sometimes forces
the unemployed to work for I euro an hour) and verified reports
of families who have been found starved to death, or who have
chosen suicide, as a way out of their financial misery, necessitated
by mass closures of once thriving German concerns expatriated
to cheap-labour east European markets generously subsidized
by the Marxist traitors in Brussels. And, of course, all at the
expense of the German taxpayer.

Zionist German Government Officials

Last week, the German mainstream media, boasted with great
fanfare, the findings of an overpaid German parliamentarian
who apparently gave credence to the fact that an unemployed
German and his family could live reasonably well on discount
food purchased at one of German's cut-price stores. Thillo
Sarrazin, one of Germany's most slippery and overweight
socialist economists and, incidentally, a member of the the
SPD's Friends of Israel, fabricated a dietary plan based on
outdated inflationary figures to prove that a man and his family
without work could afford to feed themselves on the pittance
now extended to Germans unfortunate enough to be born
with white skin and blue eyes and no prospects (Due
to the "Politically Correct" Inspired hatred of White
. His calculations left out necessities such as toothpaste,
soap, disinfectant and toilet paper, and physicians also criticized
the diet as singularly lacking in essential minerals and vitamins.

German Money For Israeli Wars

On the same day, the German Foreign Ministry agreed
to increase its financial commitment to fighting Israel's
war in Afghanistan by spending an extra 1.5 billion euros
in boosting support for its northern and southern flanks
in response to an obscenely aggressive letter written by
an American Mafia thug called Robert Gates, who
superciliously claims to be 'the US Secretary of
Defense'. Extra financial commitments were also
made to Israel in the same week, although they were
not specified: and all this at a time when German banks
are falling like dominoes under the cascading sub-prime
derivative collapse caused by New York's financial
Shylocks, costing German taxpayers untold billions
in increased taxation and inflation; and the state is still
loathe to prosecute pilfering, tax-dodging billionaires,
such as Zumwinkel, for fear of offending their Zionist

Zionists Flood Germany With Multi- Culturalism
(Just the same as with every European nation, due
to the cancer afflicting the West = Zionism )

Vast sums of cash are being channelled into projects to promote
multicultural 'community action programmes', and extortionately
large sums of money on comfortably accommodating immigrants
into Germany's anti-German society are on a roll while foreign
aid to corrupt African and Asian states has been increased for
the third year running(While Germany's native people
). The City of Berlin is pouring unlimited
funds into Gay and Lesbian education projects while parents
are being forced to subject their children to lessons in
'homosexual awareness' in state schools. Yet Germans are
going without work, real nourishing food, properly funded
schools, and security for localities plagued by foreign
gangsters who think nothing of murdering seniors on
subways because "he looked at me the wrong way."

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