Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Ugly Truth About The ADL

Book Analysis
"The Synagogue Of Satan"
The ugly truth about the ADL


Despite its reputation as a well oiled and effective public
relations organization, many consider the Anti-Defamation
League of B’nai B’rith (ADL) to be one of the most
dangerous organizations in the world.

With a reported average annual budget of a little bit
over 48-million dollars, the ADL has often used its
considerable clout and connections to silence any voices
who dare to stand against their lobbying tactics or tacit
yet active approval of thought repression.

The ADL has repeatedly capitalized on the fact that most
Americans believe what they see and hear at face value
by conducting some of the most vile and reprehensible
smear campaigns ever.

Increasingly, with the use of the Internet many more
scandalous and shocking revelations are being made
known by individuals and organizations that care more
about the principles of truth than they do about being

There aren’t many with in depth knowledge of the
shady formation and unsavory characters involved in
what is the modern representation of the ADL. The editors
of the Executive Intelligence Review (EIR) have delivered
a significant amount of information in a small yet
compelling book titled "The Ugly Truth About the ADL."

The San Francisco Spy Scandal in 1994 showed the public
what many of us have already known and that is that
the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith acts as a spy
organization supplying intelligence data to foreign
governments and delivering damaging information --often
fabricated or intentionally altered -- to enemies of those
deemed to be their opponents.

More often that not, the opponents of the ADL are those
who stand in defense of freedom of speech and are not
afraid to criticize the ADL’s tactics, information gathering
stratagem, or object to what we at the TEI refer to as
specious claims of anti-Semitism hurled so effectively and
indiscriminately by the ADL in defense of their selfish
economic or political interests.

The book begins with a swift yet tidy analysis of the
above-mentioned San Francisco spy scandal in which the
ADL was found to be guilty of spying on hundreds of
political, human rights and religious organizations, maintaining
files and dossiers on their organizational memberships
and leaders.

They were also said to be infiltrating countless law
enforcement agencies, bribing law enforcement officials,
and obtaining classified data on private citizens.

Far from being an isolated incident of impropriety,
further research found the ADL to be guilty of providing
information on anti-Apartheid groups to agents of the
apartheid government of South Africa possibly resulting
in the mysterious disappearance of many anti-Apartheid
activists. The same modus operandi was used to harness
Arab activism in America and abroad. Israeli authorities
have repeatedly shown their propensity for violence
through assassination of their enemies, and in some
cases, their friends, outright either by their military, or
surreptitiously through their Mossad agents and operatives.

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