Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Zionist Rat Sarkozy Offended By Minister Speaking Against Israeli Savegry

The rat King of France - Sarkozy

"Thou Shalt not criticize the sacred Zionist state of Israel"
The Zionist commandment to the goy

No Free Speech In France

It seems a minister in a local French province made an angry
comment about Israeli snipers shooting children in front of
their schools, and was quickly canned.

Bruno Guiguen Gets Sacked

A French senior civil servant has been sacked
for publishing a violent anti-Israeli diatribe on a
website, the Interior Ministry said. The article was
published on March 13 on the Oumma.com
website, which serves the Muslim community in
France. Bruno Guigue, deputy prefect of the
southwestern town of Saintes, wrote that Israel
was "the only state where snipers shoot down
little girls outside their school gates."

(Zionists and organized Jewry
will now likely shriek
Anti-semitism as
usual, they will also likely seek

Guiguen be Imprisoned. They
hate freedom of speech and the
questioning of Zionism. Why If
they're such bearers of light to the
nations they occupy?

Israelis Shoots Children

Over the last five years the Jewish soldiers
have killed close to 1000 children.


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