Friday, January 4, 2008

The Establishment Will Hijack The 2008 Election !

By Odessa

Same story, different election. The establishment
appoints our presidents regardless of
who the people elect. I truly wish for Ron Paul
to win too. But the Establishment will never
ever allow that to happen. American
elections have become such a farce. And
to think our government demands that
overseas elections are supervised
to prevent fraud. Ron Paul would
win the popular vote, then they
will change the votes around. Seriously, electronic
voting machines ??!! What a way to
hijack an election with no paper trail.

And to top It off the Diebold voting machines
software Is privately owned. Meaning
It Is Immune from government
examination. This Is not a
Democracy (never was) or the
Constitutional Republic we once
had. This Is Elitist cronyism !

The Establishment's Voting Machines

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