Saturday, December 29, 2007

Why do Zionists hate this woman ?

By Odessa

Eva Herman- Proud of her German
heritage. A big no- no to
Zionists. Especially since Whites
aren't supposed to have pride.

Whites are supposed to feel eternally
guilty to the Zionists and the
"oppressed". If a
White person says what they
feel. Zionist are quickly there
demanding and apology !

Where Is freedom of speech ?

There Is none, you get
called a "Racist" or
an "Anti-Semite".

This Zionist tactic to hush
opposition Is pathetic
and old.

If you still do not believe
there Is a Zionist agenda.

Why Is It forbidden to
speak of It. Zionists have
alot to hide. Yet they continue
to play victim and seek
our sympathy.

Jonah B. Kerner's Talk Show

Eva, who was a German television host who was sacked
last month for praising Hitler's family values. Last night
she was kicked off a late night talk show when she refused
to apologize. Her flimsy excuse that she was the victim of
a Zionist media witch-hunt, fell on Jonah's deaf ears.

Heman's Attitude

"If we are not allowed to speak about Nazi
family values, we also can't talk about
highways that were built then and on which
we're still driving," she replied. (The
autobahn was
built under Hitlers

Eva Herman Kicked Off Show

After refusing to apologize to world Jewry, Ms
Herman was shown the door.(I'm sure Abe
Foxman Is pretty pissed, by this Insolence to
Zionist authority.)

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