Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year ?

By Odessa

We can only wonder what the future holds.

Will the citizenry get more vigilant In
standing up for our rights ? Or will
we continue the path toward
total Zionist NWO Corporate Fascism ?

Will the police state continue to
grow unchecked ? Will citizens
get fed up with the police
raids (of the wrong house) that
murder Innocents ? And the murder
of citizens at will for "Resisting" ?

Will Israel get It's wish for WW III
with a U.S. attack on Iran ? Will
the Zionist lobby finally push through
their "Hate Speech" censorship
law, that seeks to silence
the opposition ?

Will the border situation ever get
fixed ? Or Is It just part of
the North American Union scheme
of the Elites ? Are the Mexicans
to keep coming to be the NAU
slave class ?

How much poorer will our
Poor and Middle Classes
get this year ? How bad will
the housing collapse be ? Does
the government even care ?

Will Washington play the emotions
of the people to try and ban our
firearms In 2008 ? Especially
If corporate clown Hillary gets
elected ? Will the people defy
the gov't and remain armed or
surrender like "Sheeple" ?

We'll have to see.

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