Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Immigrants And American Schools

There Goes Your Kid's Future

At the heart of this illegal invasion is the Zionist race
war. A room full of tigers is trouble, but a room full
of cats, dogs, parrots, kangaroos, and chimpanzees,
will just stare at each other, and fight amongst each
other. This 12 million number is probably 20 mil,
and that's in addition to the 40 mill already here.

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What Is Going On?

World Jewry is about to unveil their 3000 yr old plot to control the world,
and the last thing they need is a united people. They have flooded Europe
with Asians, Africans, and Middle-Easterners. Now they have flooded
America with Haitians, Spanish, and Asians.

They dilute the populations, the races fight amongst each other, and
the Zionists are free to plot and plan.

This Is About Fracturing And Diluting A Society

One of the basic tenants of Zionism is that a host country
can't be socially united. So, you import a basket of third
world Mezitos and such, and there goes the unity. It's almost
impossible, and very dangerous, to pull scams in united
homogenous populations. If Ira Schwartz went into 1910
Norstrom, Minnesota, where the town was 10,000
Swedes, and pull a stock scam, he would be hanging from a tree.

Buchanan stresses that the American obligation is to it's
citizens. What we are doing funding Harvard scholarships for
Koreans, Nigerians,Chinese, etc is insanity. Our money should
be going toward better schools for our whites, blacks,
and American Indians, and they should
be getting the
Harvard scholarships.

The 1965 Hart Cellar immigration bill was the start of
this. Zionists fear a revolution, and an American Army of 40%
Mexicans will not listen to a handful of patriots. Then according
to Kevin MacDonald, you have the black white divide, a looming
race war, and you can see the problems.

Mexican Illegals

Pat Buchanan On Destroying America

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