Saturday, January 5, 2008

Ron Paul Won't Be Allowed To Win !

Ron Paul, Our Last Hope,
Won't Be Allowed To Win

Meanwhile, Bush Regime Further
Isolates Concerned Americans

By Ted Lang


Let US be perfectly clear on just one thing going
into 2008: Congressman Ron Paul of the 14th
District in Texas will NOT be allowed to win. Period ­
end of discussion.

I have previously written that Congressman Ron
Paul is America's last hope of restoring the
constitutionally limited republican form of government
envisioned by BOTH our Federalist and anti-Federalist
Founding Fathers. And both Federalists and
anti-Federalists abhorred cash-raising and
lobby-dominated political parties that catered
to pay-offs from big money. For it is the political
parties and their supportive cash-bearing lobbies
and big corporate benefactors that comprise The
Establishment which has replaced the will of the people.

Ron Paul is the only candidate with not only a
rock-solid political campaign platform to rescue
and restore constitutionally limited government in
the United States; he is the ONLY candidate offering
such a vital platform! The informed and adamantly
dedicated patriots of American constitutionality and
the American tradition of noble leadership, as well
as an exemplary national moral code that served US
and the world so well as the desirable, perfected model
of responsible government envied throughout the
world, has been reduced to smoke and ashes by our
political class harlots in both the White House and the
Congress. They serve only The Establishment and its
untold wealth. And as Congress is unable to
impeach, and is unable to investigate the deliberate
assault on the American people on 9/11, they are more
than able and willing to pass "legislation" that
unconstitutionally bans firearms ownership for
war veterans and to launch investigations of drug
improprieties in professional baseball.

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