Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Media Censored Hate Crimes

By Odessa

Bet you didn't hear about these hate crimes. One
has to wonder where the wall to wall coverage was ?

Learning From Diversity

Halloween Fun


Knoxville Horror

Not a peep nationwide about these. But to hell and back
about Don Imus. Grow the Fuck up media, do you get
any more pathetic ? Imus said some dumb joke and It's the
sin of "Racism", meanwhile Whites are assaulted for their
skin color and ? Silence.

It would be nice If the media would truly be free and
fair. But as we see, It vilifies White people. Then hushes
up the crimes minorities carry out. Oh ! Is that racist to
say out loud ? Who cares ! Death to Multiculturalism and
Diversity ! It's just more Zionist-Jewish nonsense to get
every race at each others throat. And the more they cover
for minorities, the more hatred grows towards minorities.

What good has Diversity or Multiculturalism ever
accomplished ? Zero. Our nation has gotten worse
and worse the more diverse. Pull your head out Leftists, you
know It's true. Look at America through the years, we
are now a third-World hellhole. All brought to you via the
1965 Zionist Immigration act, and the Civil Rights act (that
exempts some races from civil behavior). This nation Is
reaping what was sown. Balkan style Civil War In 10 years ?

Forcing vastly different peoples from all over the world, who
are culturally Incompatible. And some who carry over tribal
hatreds towards their enemies from war torn regions. Who
are also over here too ! Real smart. Talk about a policy that
enriches the culture. Let's bring everyone here so we can
just slug It out In a racial free for all. But what the hell do
the Zionists care, they like It that way. Their group survival
strategy calls for displacing all hegemony In European founded
nations. The more we hate one another, the better for the
Jews. That Is why they always Incite non-Whites against
Whites, and flood White nations with non-Whites.

*And for the record. Before any of you Leftist Pigs cry and
call me "Racist". Please, I am not moved by such a stupid
childish smear. Don't hate me because I acknowledge the
reality you are afraid to. Besides who's really the racist ?

When minorities can do no wrong In your eyes. And
everything Is Whiteys fault.

You can call me somebody who calls em' how I see em'. I
don't care who Is offended. You will get no apologies here If
this offends you .

I seek the truth, no matter how Inconvenient, and I detest

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