Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Columbine Massacre Revisited

Klebold Was A Time Bomb

He sung this as he killed kids ...."We hate niggers, spicks ...
and let's not forget you white P.O.S. [pieces of expletive]
also. We hate you."
(But according to the media, they were
Neo-Nazi's who idolized Hitler ??!!)

Klebold's Background

17-year-old Dylan Klebold's mother, Susan Yassenoff, was
synagogue-going and shul-trained. She attended Temple
Israel. Her father, Leo
Yassenoff, was a wealthy commercial
real-estate developer in Columbus, Ohio, and a prominent figure
in the Jewish community, and active at the Temple Israel.

Eric Harris's Background

Eric Harris was from New York, he transferred two yrs
before the massacre to Colorado. He was under the influence
of Luvox, an anti-depressant. His friend Seth Tenebaum, a 17
year old senior at Mayo High School in Rochester, Minn. and
Sapel Berg, an 18-year-old senior in Plattsburgh, each knew
Harris, and his mother, when his family lived in New York.

Harris was dating a Jewish girl, Sarah Davis - she said "Eric was
angry when his family moved from New York to Colorado" ...

Harris Jewish background.

They were both Jewish and one was dating
a Jewish girl. But the media claims that
they were Nazi's who idolized Hitler, and
had a hatred of minorities.

Harris Ran A Pro-Jewish Website

"If you recall your history, the Nazis came up with a 'final solution'
to the Jewish problem. Well, in case you haven't figured it out
yet, I say 'Kill mankind. No one should survive.'" Harris, who
raved on the Internet about wanting to "rip the arms off"
racists, and Neo Nazis, persecution of Jews "

Harris's diary said his mother is Jewish"

Why didn't our ever so accurate reporting corporate
media not tell us this ? They just said they did this
due to Nazi Influences !

The Trench Coat Mafia Was Formed To Protect Jewish Kids

Joe Stair, one of the original members of the Trench Coat
Mafia, said the “Trench Coat Mafia“ was organized because
a Gay Jewish kid was picked on by Jocks. Jonathan Greene,
Zach Heckler, Kristen Thiebault, Cory Friesen, Nickie Markham,
Sarah Marsh, Benjamin Sargeant and other members of the
Trench Coat Mafia, were mostly Jewish

As usual the corporate media didn't do It's
homework. But Nazi's are the medias default
scapegoat for all evil ! How could the Jewish
media let It out that Jewish kids did this !

Targets Weren't Random

In the library their targets were a black kid, and a group
called 'Christians for Young Life'. A few of the trench coat
mafia had younger siblings in the library, but they
were untouched.

One girl was shot because she was holding a bible. When
kids put 13 crosses on the Columbine lawn, local Jewish
had them removed.

They had a hatred of Christians.

The Zionist Media never reported this !

Columbine Massacre

Klebold's ADL connection

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