Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The assault on Christianity targets 80 % of America.

By Odessa

America Is 80 % Christian. Yet Anti-Christian
activist, who are a minority never cease to
assault Christianity. These people never cease to
Insult 80 % of America, and attempt to force their
beliefs on the majority. Here Is what an American
Christian can expect to deal with. An obnoxious
and belligerent minority, who never cease to
repulse. These clowns claim Christianity Is
bigoted and Intolerant. Yet these "Enlightened
ones" never cease to Insult us or our
savior- Jesus Christ. And they never cease
to force their views on our society. Confused and
hypocritical to say the least.

80% Of Americans Identify As Christians

A bigoted Anti-Christ.

He must've found materialism. I'm
sure It makes him whole.

A religion that stands for peace and
love irritates them this bad ! Who Is
being the "Asshole" ? Not
the Christians you Insult.

How lovely and enlightened.

Another Insult to Christ.

Says some stupid poster.

Says Richard Dawkins who
writes blasphemy for $$$.

An Anti-Christian poster. The upside down
cross Is the give away to It being a
Satanic organization.

An Insult to Christ and his suffering on
the cross.

A homosexual Insult of the last supper.


More extremist homosexuals Insulting
Catholic nuns.

This Is rather tolerant !

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
Some more fanatical Intolerance.

Another Anti-Religious book. And
how has Atheism, materialism,and
self-worship, enlightened
anything ?

Now we can truly see who the Intolerant ones are. In
America today It Is In vogue to belittle religion. And
Christians In particular. These people bitch and moan
about Christmas and Nativity scenes, they bitch and
moan about God being In the public sphere. Yet as we
see how they conduct themselves In all of their hatred. To
quote the poster above, who truly Is " A narrow bigoted
minded Asshole". The Anti-Christian movement ! These
Anti-Christs are more "Useful Idiots" being used as pawns
by the elites. The NWO Elites seek to destroy the
concepts of Family,Race, Nation and Religion. So they
can usher In the age of a one world government,Under
a new Religion !

Please see the link below.

Global Religion for Global Governance

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