Thursday, December 27, 2007

We Are All Prisoners Now

"Freedom and democracy in America have been reduced
to no-fly lists, spying without warrants, arrests without
warrants or evidence, permanent detention despite the
constitutional protection of habeas corpus, torture
despite the prohibition against self-incrimination--the
list goes on and on."

"Elderly American citizens with walkers and young
mothers with children are meticulously searched
because US Homeland Security cannot tell the
difference between an American citizen and a terrorist."

"All Americans should note the ominous implications
of the inability of Homeland Security to distinguish
an American citizen from a terrorist. "

"When Airport Security cannot differentiate a US Marine
General recipient of the Medal of Honor from a
terrorist, Americans have all the information they
need to know. "

"Any and every American can be arrested by unaccountable
authority, held indefinitely without charges and tortured
until he or she can no longer stand the abuse and confesses. "

"This predicament, which can now befall any American, is
our reward for our stupidity, our indifference, our gullibility,
and our lack of compassion for anyone but ourselves."
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We Are All Prisoners Now

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