Thursday, January 3, 2008

Saddam Husseins Greatest Legacy- Pt 3

Murdered By Bush, Zionism, Greed & Pathological Hypocrisy

"Many Western observers are not aware that Saddam Hussein
was well-regarded in much of the world. Brazilians remembered
that thousands of their countrymen were recruited by Saddam
to build the advanced highway and bridge systems that once
crisscrossed Iraq. Egyptians did not forget that a few million
of their countrymen owned and worked land in Iraq prior to
January 1991. Indians did not forget the reciprocal dealings
with Iraq and how the Ba’athists gave support to Indian
causes. The Lebanese remembered the dozens of Iraqi trucks
that showed up daily at the Lebanese border during that
country’s civil war. They were laden with food and clothing
for any Lebanese person in need. The convoys’ recipients
included all Lebanese, not a certain faction of those battling
in the civil war. Most Palestinians display a picture of Saddam
Hussein on their walls. Over the years, many nations have
temporarily supported the Palestinian cause, only to withdraw
aid once threatened by the U.S. Saddam Hussein, even during
the embargo years, supported the Palestinians with no
exception, while other Arab regimes did not want to get involved
because they did not want to upset their puppeteers in
Washington and Tel Aviv."

"Saddam Hussein knew how his life would end. He never
capitulated, not even at the end when he was offered
chances to be freed from prison. He knew that if he sold
out, he would have sold out Iraq."

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