Friday, December 28, 2007

Media and Censorship

"The video also documented how Jews in Germany had declared
war on the Germans, which made them viewed as insurgents, which
was also the reason for their detainment (similar as to why
Japanese were locked up in America). It is controversial
documentary, no doubt, but so is the truth when we pull away
years of propaganda, used to justify a senseless war and why
we sided with the communists who murdered more of their
own people in peace-time than died during all of WWII."

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Honest Media - The Kind Of People Who Censor TV

"Today, of course, Jewish supremacists are working quickly
to suppress anyone who doubts their propaganda. Take, for
example, Ernst Zundel, who was ripped away from his wife
Dr. Ingrid Zundel in the hills of Tennessee, when he was sent
to Germany for doubting the Holocaust (with a capital
"H"). Similarly, Germar Rudolf was taken from his wife
and children in Illinois and deported to Germany, where
he stood trial and had to go to prison for doubting the
Jewish version of history. "

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