Friday, December 28, 2007

American overpopulation Is unsustainable.

By Odessa

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The future ? overcrowded shanty towns or
colonias. On the outskirts of our major
cities !

Do we really need to be adding millions
of people a year to America. Especially
when we as a Nation cannot
even take care of our
own people. How can we bring
In Immigrants to work, when
Americans are unemployed ?

The Black male unemployment
rate Is abysmal, yet employers
will hand Immigrants jobs
first, Same goes for all
Americans. We cannot even take
care of our veterans and
give them decent pensions
and medical care. Our people lack
health care benefits .yet we can
always take care of the rest
of the worlds people
first. What's the point of being an
American anymore ? You
get penalized for being born here, and
get the perks for migrating here
or by sneaking In.

It seems the U.S. gov't loves our
road to a third world banana
republic. They're not gonna
be the losers In the end.

The common American will be.

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