Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Pre-Historic Nuclear War

Numerous evidence of Pre-Historic Nuclear War

exists: Columns of Smoke Rose as if from a Mighty Furnace

by Brad Steiger

“Then the Lord rained down fire and tar from heaven upon Sodom
and Gomorrah, and utterly destroyed them….” Genesis 19:24.

My previous article in The Canadian , in which I reflected upon my
book Worlds Before Our Own, provoked dozens of inquiries from
readers. LINK Some stated that one of the cable channels -- some
thought it was the History Channel; others, Discovery; still
others, National Geographic -- had presented “proof” that the
“fused green glass” to be found in various areas had been created
by meteoric air blasts rather than prehistoric nuclear wars.

I remain open to many theories of Earth‘s prehistory. One of those
individuals prompted to write to me, who had the advantage of
having actually read Worlds Before Our Own, stated that I present
“in a clear and lucid style, information concerning anomalous
archeological finds without the hyperbole usually associated with
this type of material.”

While patches of “fused green glass” may in certain instances
have been caused by air blasts from meteors, I wonder if such a
natural phenomenon could have created all twenty-eight fields of
blackened and shattered stones that cover as many as 7000 miles
each in western Arabia. The stones are densely grouped, as if they
might be the remains of cities, sharp-edged, and burned
black. Experts have decreed that they are not volcanic in origin, but
appear to date from the period when Arabia was thought to be a
lush and fruitful land that suddenly became scorched into an
instant desert.

What we know today as the Sahara Desert was once a tropical
region of heavy vegetation, abundant rainfall, and several large
rivers. Scientists have discovered areas of the desert in which soils
which once knew the cultivated influence of plow and farmer are
now covered by a thin layer of sand. Researchers have also found
an enormous reservoir of water below the parched desert area. The
source of such a large deposit of water could only have been the
heavy rains from the period of time before a fiery devastation
consumed the lush vegetation of the area.

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