Friday, January 4, 2008

American Intifada ?

American Intifada Or
Democratic Revolution?

By Peter Chamberlin

Our government's plans to finish the police state are
very similar to those used by the Israeli government
in the pre-Intifada days of September 2001, where
the making of aggressive preparations to create a
defensible position served as the final spark needed
to start the uprising which they then planned to
repel. In other words, the provocative preparations
that have been made in the name of fighting "terror"
will, at some critical point, trigger the conflagration. Like
the Israelis, the Bush government cannot know
beforehand what the "last straw" will be, but it can
reasonably assume that there will be some violent
reaction to open government preparations for
violence, which will serve as legitimate provocation
for the total police state transformation of
our "democracy."

According to retired Israeli Brigadier General Zvika
Fogel (chief of staff of Southern Command
headquarters in February 2000), in "Collision
Course," By Yotam Feldman:

"The constellation of preparations we made actually
led to the confrontation - there was no other choice...
the conceptual sequence is that we [were] creating the
conditions for a confrontation by the very fact of our

The Israelis prepared for the event by planning for the
day after, much like America's rulers did in the Patriot
Act and the neocon Project for a New American Century
plots against freedom. They were plans for a police
state, awaiting the "catastrophic event" that would
trigger them. These coups were planned to begin the
day after the next random terrorist attack set it in motion.

"It is clear to everyone that this is a self-fulfilling
prophecy. We want to decide which event would
foment the explosion."

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