Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Illegal Alien movement's hatred of White America exposed.

By Odessa

Please click the links below to see the
video footage of these racists In action.

Mere hypocrites who practice hate, while
pleading for tolerance. I wonder If the
Elites are happy ? We are heading towards
the civil war that they desire.

The Nation Of Aztlan

Aztlan Rising

Aztlan The Cancer Of Racial Hatred

And also see the link below. This Is how
America "Benefits" from the Illegal Invasion.

LA Or Mexico? Third World Trashing America

The time has passed to expel these vile racist
pigs. But our government doesn't want to
do that. They like having cheap and exploitable
labor, that Is also

Antagonistic !

The Elites love Racial warfare, just like they love
class warfare. These people are obviously hostile
to Americans-and White Americans In particular.

How does bringing In antagonists help unify
and bring harmony to America ?

Just remember these videos when Illegals try
to get your sympathy. No you are not the bad
guy for refusing to give It. They make It quite
clear who they want dead. Thank you elites !

You have lead us down the road toward a
second civil war. But as usual you will be
arming and supplying both sides for $$$

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