Tuesday, January 1, 2008

More Zio-Media Manipulation

The Media Calls him Al Qaeda, but his Jewish Father
calls him Adam Pearlman

By Curt Maynard

The CNN article[1] is entitled “American al Qaeda: U.S.
should convert to Islam,” and if that wasn’t scary enough
the article then quotes one of the speakers on the alleged
“Al Qaeda” tape, a Jew named Adam Pearlman, “We
invite all Americans and believers to Islam, whatever their
role and status in Bush and Blair's world order…Decide
today, because today could be your last day.” The article
then quotes an alleged “expert,” on Al Qaeda and terrorism,
a woman named Laura Mansfield, who says, “the time
reference could indicate an attack is near. Muslims
believe that non-believers should be given a chance
to convert before they are attacked.” Booga booga!

What the CNN article never mentions is that Adam
Gadhn, or “Azzam the American,” as the media likes
to refer to him, is in reality a Jew from California named
Adam Pearlman. I’m not kidding reader, I’m as serious
as a heart attack, Azzam the American is a Jew. CNN isn’t
the only negligent news agency, not a single one of the
television networks have mentioned Gadahn’s/Pearlman’s
pedigree, not one. The only news source I am aware of that
has mentioned the fact that “Azzam the American” is
Jewish, was the LA Times and the Washington
Post, and then only in the most cryptic manner.

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