Thursday, January 17, 2008

Arabs Not Buying The U.S. Anti-Iran Propaganda

U.S. fails to isolate Iran from Arabs
By Pakinam Amer in Cairo

George Bush, the US president, has urged Arab states to think of Iran as
the greatest threat to their security, but his warnings are likely to fall on
deaf ears in the Middle East.

During a stop in the United Arab Emirates on his Middle East tour
on Sunday, Bush called Tehran a "sponsor of terror" and urged Arab
allies to confront Iranian "extremism".

But Middle East analysts say the US president is too late as key
American allies in the Arab world have thrown their weight behind
a growing rapprochement with Iran.

Seyed Mohammad Marandi, a political analyst and professor of political
science at Tehran University, said American fumbling in the Middle East
has pushed Arabs to adopt dialogue with the Islamic Republic.

He said: "America's wrong policies in the Middle East have ironically
helped Iran's voice be heard more clearly, as well as Iran's political
prudence that has kept it away from the conflicts in the area.

"At this moment in time, the United States' popularity is at its lowest level
among the people all over the Arab world, and Iran's popularity has grown
immensely as the only regional power standing against the United States
in the same region."

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