Friday, January 18, 2008

Only Three And A Half Months Away !

By Odessa

The annual Mexican Illegal May 1st protest day Is coming

soon ! Some photos of last years highlights !

What the Illegal thinks of White Americans !

Who forced you parasites to come here ?

Go back If you hate White America ! Why
did you flee here If Whites are so "racist"
according to you ?

You bug us, and not even RAID seems
to get rid of you !

See below, these are some lying hypocritical
Anti-White racists.

And they say that they are victims of White racism ???!!!

"This Is are land ese !"

Why didn't the media jump on this ? Why
do they accuse the Minutemen of Intolerance ? When
The Aztlan movement are the Intolerant ones ?

Because the media Is full of politically correct

And they say that the "Reconquista" movement Is
a "Racist" myth.

Then don't come here ! By coming here you
aren't boycotting us.

More tolerance from the Ingrate Illegals.

Tijuana ? No, Mexifornia !

"They just come here for a better life"

Yeah and they disrespect the country, that
supposedly seek their better life In.

Marxist morons who's Leftist parents gave
them permission to attend. After they

finished their homework of course.

I'm guessing that the woman In the white coat
Is their chaperone.

Aren't the majority of you mixed with Spaniard ! You
have European blood as well , will you be leaving too ?

Sorry to break It to you, Aztlan Is a myth.

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