Friday, December 21, 2007

Zionist Jew agent posing as a "White supremacist" attacks Ron Paul

Bill White- Zionist "Nazi"
agent and agitator

Is Bill White A Real Nazi, Or Just A Zionist Poodle?

It just seems that every time we get a dyed-in-the-wool
second coming of Adolf Hitler, the beast turns out to be
Jewish.. Bill White stands out because of the enormous
publicity he gets from the ADL, SPLC, NY Post,
Zionist-controlled newspapers, etc.

His connection to obvious Zionist schemes, such as
The Red Lake Massacre, and the Toledo race riot, also
makes one question Mr. White's real foundation.

White's History

Bill White was born 1977, attends predominately Jewish
schools, and became a columnist for Pravda. In 1999, he
becomes noticed for praising the Columbine killers. He
changes from a Communist to a Neo-Nazi, and
Oddly, his present occupation is that
of a slum landlord, a field reserved for Jews.

Bill White's Roots

White grew up in the exclusive Jewish neighborhood
of Horizon Hill, in Rockville, Maryland. This is an area
dotted with synagogues, Jewish restaurants, and
$2,000,000 homes.

White Is Always 'Johnny On The Spot'

White organizes an anti-black rally in Toledo, and
conveniently a number of Zionist left-wing groups
show up. He also has ancillary ties to the Red Lake
Massacre, Judge Lefkow killings,Matt Hale's group,
Columbine massacre, etc.

Zionist Organizations Salted The Field

These phony Nazis have been a mainstay of the Zionists
since 1932, when they first marched out Fritz Kuhn,
George Rockwell, Frank Collin (Cohen), and half of the
KKK leadership.

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