Friday, January 18, 2008

A Chain Reaction

A Chain Reaction
Jim Kirwan

With the introduction and passage of H.R.1955, this nation
is about to embark upon a course that if implemented cannot
be reversed. All that stands between a Police-state and what
used to be the USA, is the Senate version of this legislation
that will soon come up for a vote.*

Since this originated from the years of hearings conducted
by the House Un-American Activities Committee, chaired
by Joseph McCarthy, a review of the questions raised during
those years can cast new light on this subject. To this end I
reviewed the text of the film "Good Night and Good Luck"
which was scrupulously researched for accuracy by the
producers ­ especially the words of Edward R. Morrow. The
script for the film used programs that were aired on: "See it
Now." I used some of his words below to get a better view
our current situation (*). In only one instance did I quote
Morrow directly (**).

*Government has the solemn obligation to protect the
national security of the United Sates and at the same time
it has the duty to also protect the existing legal rights of all
its citizens. This puts everything done by this government
since Bush took office, into direct violation, of the basic
requirements of many long-standing US laws.

*No nation with the scope and depth that this one had
can exist for long, as a one-party state. The United States
of America has become that one-party system, since the
Supreme Court anointed the appointment of George W.
Bush, to become president on 12-12-2000. The 'party' is
"the party in power." no other designation need be applied.

*Conspiracies cannot become the focus of a nation; without
that nation becoming a mere shadow of its former self. That
is what began to happen to us during the McCarthy era, the
years of the Red Scare. During those years the Joe McCarthy
Hearings attempted to turn the focus of the nation's thoughts
into a national witch hunt that foresaw a communist under
every bed, and behind every shadow. Part of this obsession
ended with censorship, blackmail and the black-listing of
many who wrote, directed, acted, or performed in the arts
in America.

*Dissent must never become confused with disloyalty, and
since accusations are not proof, we must look to the settled
laws of this country for solutions: and not simply capitulate
to the fear and panic that the NWO seeks to
generate. Convictions depend upon evidence and due
process of law. Fear of Fear is the enemy. Free people
must speak now or forever hold their tongues; because
this unthinkable obscenity, this attempted legalization
of 'Thought-Crimes' ­ if it is allowed to become law ­ shall
destroy this nation in a Chain Reaction, with No End
in Sight.

**We can deny our heritage and our history but we cannot
escape our responsibilities for the results. We proclaim
ourselves, as indeed we are,The defenders of freedom
wherever it continues to exist in the world: But we cannot
defend freedom abroad by deserting it at home. Cassius
was right; 'the fault dear Brutus is not within our stars
but in ourselves.'**

In the 1950's no one could have envisioned the degree to
which our technology has now advanced. To "spy" on
another was much more difficult than it is now. Today
our communications companies are paid by us, but they
work directly for the US government insofar as these
corporations send everything we say, by phone or
computer, directly to various government agencies in
the name of National Security ­ and they have been doing
this since two months after Bush took office, which was
seven months before 911.

However the data mining of 2001 is nothing compared to
what is happening now because the new spy systems are
international as well as national."The proposals from
National Intelligence Director Mike McConnell, which
have entered into a draft of US Cyber-Security Policy,
would legitimize data trawling on a scale that would make
the current controversy about warrantless wiretapping
seem like much ado about nothing,"

the Register explains. "Intelligence agencies
have long angled for this kind of surveillance ability. The
infrastructure and computing power needed to tap into
Americans' email and web search history may already
exist. However a change of president, to say nothing of
a Democratic Congress, may represent a block on such
ambitions." (1)

And: "A vast intelligence program is to establish a global
biometric database known as "Server in the Sky" that will
collate and provide an " International Information
Consortium" with access to the biometric measurements
and personal information of citizens of the US, UK, Australia,
Canada and New Zealand in the name of fighting the
"war on terror".

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