Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Multiculturalism Creates Some Confused White Youths

The White 2pac Shakur. Do these bozos
realize how retarded they look ? Guess what
loser, Blacks laugh at you for
emulating them !

"I gots muh bling goin on an shit"

"Keepin' It real yo !"

"Wha set jou claimin''

Look at the moron throwing up a Bloods sign while
wearing some blue
- Crips colors. You morons
are asking to get shot !

Put down the pellet pistols before you get hurt Wiggers !

Before some real gangsta's show up !

Like this !

"3 + 3 be 6 an Shit Nigga" !

These morons are some of the
biggest clowns !

Who Is one of the biggest promoters

of this degeneracy -

Sumner Redstone, AKA
Sumner Murray Rothstein -
Chairman and CEO of

A Leftist and a Zionist !

MTV Networks Is a division of
Viacom. And It Is the biggest
promoter of degenerate
"thug life" Rap music.

A look at Viacoms Executives
and board members. They
have quite a bit of Jews.

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