Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Abe Foxman And The ADL Want Our Guns Taken

Zionist ADL clown Abe Foxman

he ADL Is Fighting For Gun Control-

This case, District of Columbia v Heller, will
determine – for the first time in over 60
years – whether the Second Amendment
guarantees an individual the right to
firearms for private use.

ADL joined a coalition in filing a "friend-of-the-court"
brief to the Court, contending that the Second Amendment
should not be interpreted as limiting a state's
authority to regulate firearms when it seeks to
protect the life, liberty and property of its
citizens. Rather, the brief argues, the language of
the Amendment can only be reasonably read to
prohibit the federal government from interfering
with such state regulation.


ADL Has Big Gun Control Case In Front Of Supreme Court

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