Thursday, January 17, 2008

Do You Think "Our Leaders" Care ?

George W. - net worth between $ 8,120,544 and $ 21,524,489

Hillary - net worth between $10,080,005 and $ 50,200,000

While they laugh and live the high life, Americans suffer. While they
enjoy living In exclusive gated communities, Americans are losing
their homes. While they enjoy vast fortunes, The American populace
loses what little money It has. While they have enough money to
never have to work again, you cannot find employment. And If your
lucky you'll get a job at Wal-Mart or Mcdonald's. We have a job
shortage, yet we Import more Immigrants to work here . Think an
elections gonna change a thing ? Do you think the Elites they
represent care about us ? Do you really think they
feel your pain ?

From The NY Times-

"Middle-aged men moving in with parents, wives taking two
jobs, veteran workers taking overnight shifts at half their
former pay, families moving West — these are signs of the
turmoil and stresses emerging in the little towns and backwoods
mobile homes of southeast Ohio( This Is MSM propaganda,It's
happening everywhere. Not just backwoods mobile home
communities. Look at our glorious Metropolises and the
poverty), where dozens of factories and several coal mines have
closed over the last decade, and small businesses are giving way
to big-box retailers and fast-food outlets."

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